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The CDV Collection - 13th

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About This Set: This was the first set I put together and made many lifetime friends thru building this set. This set sent me on to the proof set Thanks to all the Type B guys on this forum

The CDV Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1956 Type B Rev FS-901 145647 1956 25C MS65 56 9
I got this coin from a fellow collector.
1957 Type B Rev FS-901 145024 1957 25C MS66 80 23
Another collector GAVE me this one for free as he upgraded his.
1958 Type B Rev FS-901 146067 1958 25C MS65 150 29
1959 Type B Rev FS-901 146068 1959 25C MS65 276 25
1960 Type B Rev FS-901 145643 1960 25C MS65 189 61
1961 Type B Rev FS-901 146069 1961 25C MS66 28 1
1962 Type B Rev FS-901 146070 1962 25C MS65 69 14
1963 Type B Rev FS-901 146071 1963 25C MS65 69 21
1964 Type B Rev FS-901 145654 1964 25C MS65 72 11
This coin was given to me by David(dimtorts)It was the last coin I was searching for and we were both greatly surprised to see it come back a 65 to complete my set. Members helping new members priceless..........
1964-D Type C Rev FS-901 145423 1964-D 25C MS63 20 65
I bought this one from another collector and it was first in a anacs slab ms63 crossed over to a Au58 he sold me and we both decided to crack it out and resubmit and it came back MS63.