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Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
171261 1712 Guinea S-3574 MS62 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Guinea of Queen Anne, Ex Terner, May 2003, Lot 150, after union type, 3rd Bust, S-3574, FR 320, KM-534, Described in the Terner auction as "a seldom seen date, superb surfaces, sharp strike, glowing luster, old time gold toning". Slightly oversized flan, High Rims and Amazing Denticles. Finest
618097 1723 Guinea S-3631 4th Bust AU58 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George I, Ex Terner, May 2003, Lot 160, 5th Bust, S-3633, FR 327, KM-559.1, Described in the Terner auction as "Fine Portrait, Pleasing & Lustrous, Very Rare", Best seen in over 20 years of searching. Finest Known
618026 1725 1/2 G MS63 4 2 Great Britain Gold 1/2 Guinea of George I, Ex Terner, Second Laureate Head Right. Gorgeous detail with virtually no "chatter". Purchased from Spink out of holder and then reholdered without pedigree on slab. (Lot 162 in Terner I)
171222 1732 Guinea S-3672 Smaller Lettering MS63 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George II, Ex Terner, May 2003, Lot 172, 2nd Young Head, S-3674, FR 339, KM-573.1. Described in the Terner auction as "A truly beautiful coin, boldly struck & exceptionally choice, Very Rare". Finest Known
611031 1745 Guinea S-3678 MS64 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George II, 1745, Ex Terner, May 2003, Truly Rare in this State of Preservation, Exceptional Eye-Appeal, Finest Known.
171221 1746 1/2 G AU55 1 0 Great Britain, Gold 1/2 Guinea, Ex Terner, Much Nicer Than Assigned Grade. Intermediate Laureate Head Left. Ex CNG June 2005, Lot 2175. Finest
618112 1746 Guinea S-3678A MS63 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George II, Ex Terner, May 2003, Lot 184, Intermediate Head, S-3678A, FR 347, KM-577.3, Described in the Terner auction as "Last Year of this Head Style, Truly Rare, Exceptional Eye-Appeal, Purchased in 1989 and a better example never seen". Finest Known
618047 1759 Guinea S-3680 MS63 3 0 Great Britain, Guinea, Ex Terner, Finest Known. George II, Older Head to left. KM-588.
618036 1762 1/4 G S-3741 AU55 3 14 Great Britain, 1/4 Guinea, Ex Eliasberg Collection, and earlier from the Stack's sale of the Col. James Flanagan Collection, March 1944, Lot 59. Crossed from NGC AU58
171209 1762 P1/2 G WR-125 PE PR63 1 0 Great Britain, Pattern Proof Gold 1/2 Guinea, WR 125, R4, Ex Selig Collection and more recently, Ex Terner. Dated 1762. By Yeo. George III, young laureate head. WR-125. DM-82. The style of the coin later made as S-3731 with exquisite, long curls beneath the king's bust. Plain edge. Extremely rare R4, A most lovely brilliant Proof. A major rarity in this series. PCGS PR-63 CAM. Finest Known. Ex Selig Collection, & Ex Terner (5-2003, lot 197.)
164360 1764 1/2 G PR62 1 0 Great Britain 1/2 Guinea Proof / Pattern, WR 128, R5, Almost certainly Ex Douglas-Morris; Plain Edge, Gorgeous Rose Gold Color. “Pattern” PROOF Half Guinea, 1764. By Yeo. George III, laureate head. WR-128. DM-85 (possibly this coin). Plain edge. Extremely rare R5, and really lovely. Among the finest known, and one of only a few pieces known in all grades. PCGS PR-62. Provenance: Possible Ex Nobleman and Ex Captain Hewitt.
1768 P2 G WR-79 PR631768 P2 G WR-79 PR63 160746 1768 P2 G WR-79 PR63 1 0 Great Britain, 1768, Gold Pattern 2 Guinea, WR 79, R4, Ex Slaney Collection, (Spink 5/15/2003, Lot 100), Ex Baldwin 1945. A Wow Coin, photo used (with permission) by major numismatic dealer in magazine advertisements 2005. Tied for Finest Known. Coin is part of a type set that won PCGS best British Set of the Year 2005. cf. St. James Auction No. 15, Lot 505, a lower grade example sold for $34,000 GBP; cf. StacksBowers, NYINC Sale#182, Lot 1004, Same Grade, Realized $199,750 with BP, 1/11/2014.
168078 1775 P1/2 G WR-129 PR64 1 0 Great Britain, Pattern Proof Gold 1/2 Guinea, WR 129, R3, Ex Terner, Finest Known, Plain Edge, Third Laureate Head, dated 1775. George III, 3rd Head. Type of S-3733. DM-87. This is a very rare (R3) Proof of Record showing the late bust of the king (portrait by Yeo) with long curls draped beneath the bust and a sort of melon-shaped head. Over the years, Terner acquired two of these proofs, one in PR63 and one in PR64, This is the best of the two and Finest Known. PCGS PR-64. Provenance: Ex Terner II (5/2004, lot 1207)
618028 1798 1/3 G S-3738 AU55 4 5 Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, Fr-365, Laureated Head of Geo III to Right, legends around, Rv. Central Crown, date and legends around. Bright lustrous yellow gold. Provenance: Eliasberg Lot 418, originally purchased by Eliasberg from John Zug in December, 1943. Crossed from NGC AU58
1820 P1/2 S WR-206 PR641820 P1/2 S WR-206 PR64 171229 1820 P1/2 S WR-206 PR64 1 0 Great Britain, Famed "Shamrock" Gold Proof Pattern Half Sovereign Dated 1820. Encapsulated and graded by PCGS as PR64 Cameo. George III Pattern Half-Sovereign, WR-206. DM-138 (this coin), Montagu 564, Murdoch 199, Nobleman 58-60, British Museum Collection E.3532. Plain edge. Rated R5 (Exceedingly Rare) by Wilson and Rasmussen. Engraved by Thomas Wyon (with "assistance" from Pistrucci). "Roman Head" portrait in high relief. Reverse features the unique motif of the rose, thistle and shamrock on branches from a single trunk, with leaves behind the symbolic elements and a crown above them all. Clearly influenced by the methodology of Wyon's 1816 Pattern Sovereign (also part of the Spencer Collection). One of the finest, if not the finest, of the few pieces known. Brilliant surfaces that gleam with an unusual intensity. Distinct "orange peel" texture to the proof fields, producing marvelous eye-appeal. A fabulous coin and an ultra-rarity, and the finest Provenance: Ex Douglas-Morris, Sotheby & Co. Auction, 26 November, 1974, Lot 138 and referenced with photograph in the Sotheby Hardback Catalogue, "The Distinguished Collection of English Gold Coins Formed by Captain K. J. Douglas-Morris"; also Ex Pellegrino, and Ex Terner, Goldberg Auction January 2004, Lot 257. Douglas-Morris acquired over 70 of his gold pattern and proof pieces through Spink & Son from the Capt. V Hewitt Collection. Possibly Ex V Hewitt (if so, also Ex Baron Philippe de Ferarri La Renotiere, Sotheby, 27 March 1922, lot 58; V M Brand, dispersed post mortem from 1932, with Capt. V Hewitt purchasing the coin from Spink and Son in 1967). Acquired by Private Treaty. Price Realized in Terner 2 @ $14,950 and T1 @ $18,112 & Heritage, January 2007, lot 51727 @ $18,400.
206599 1825 1/2 Sov WR-248 PR63 1 0 Great Britain, Ex John Jay Pittman, WR 248, R5, Sold to GBIE by Spink with Pittman tag. Finest Known, RARE.
1829/1823 1/2 Sov WR-253 Mule PR631829/1823 1/2 Sov WR-253 Mule PR631829/1823 1/2 Sov WR-253 Mule PR63 171234 1829/1823 1/2 Sov WR-253 Mule PR63 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Pattern Mule Half-Sovereign, 1829. George IV Bare Head. Reeded Edge. WR-253. 1829-dated obverse paired with an 1823-dated reverse of the style used for WR-245: crowned garnished shield and the legend "ANNO 1823" at sides. A most unusual coin, and of special allure because no regular-dies 1829 half sovereign was ever struck! A great rarity, R7: only 2 known, the other impounded in the Royal Mint Collection! A choice coin with most pleasing surfaces and unblemished color. PCGS graded Proof 63 Cameo. Ex Terner Collection, Goldberg May 26, 2003, Sale 20, Lot 286; Ex Mike Byers, a Rare Coin Dealer, (this coin was listed @ $75,000.00) who made the following comments about this coin: One of the most spectacular mint error mules of all time. The obverse of the regular design of the George IV Bare Head Half Sovereign was paired with an 1823 pattern reverse. No 1829 Half Sovereigns were ever struck. One of two known. The other piece is impounded in the Royal Mint Collection. Dual Date with different dates on obverse and reverse. No other gold mules are known, mint state or proof. An extreme rarity with a great history and pedigree. Comparable to a U.S. numismatic rarity that sells for high six figures or more with only a few known and one impounded in the Smithsonian.
206615 1831 1/2 Sov WR-267 S-3830 Plain Edge PR64 3 0 Great Britain, Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereign Dated 1831, William IV, PCGS PR64. Ex Terner, Ex Spink, March 2005, lot 5738. William IV, Bare head right, None Finer
1831 Sov S-3829B WR-261 Plain Edge PR631831 Sov S-3829B WR-261 Plain Edge PR631831 Sov S-3829B WR-261 Plain Edge PR63 206937 1831 Sov S-3829B WR-261 PE PR63 2 5 Great Britain, Sovereign Proof Gold Dated 1831, William IV, WR-261, R3, Provenance: Ex. Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr. Collection, sold by ANR/Spink Lot# 441; earlier, Ex Belden Roach Collection, sold by B. Max Mehl, February, 1944, Lot# 1380. A beautiful example.
206609 1837 1/2 Sov S-3831 MS66 1 0 Great Britain, Proof Gold "Mule" Half Sovereign Dated 1837 of William IV, WR 269, R7; MS66. William IV, Struck from the Sixpenny obverse die, thus a “MULE”. Only two exist, one sits in the Ashmolean Museum Collection in England, having been purchased by them from the Royal Mint; this being the other example thus unique in private hands. William IV Large Head to right. A Major Rarity with the Finest Provenance; Ex Glendining, Ex Douglas-Morris, and Ex Terner.
208565 1853 P1/4S KMPn-113 PR64 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Pattern PROOF 1/4 Sovereign, 1853. Ex Terner (5-2003, lot 326. By William Wyon. Victoria Young Head. Plain edge. WR-365. R4: Extremely Rare, 11-20 known. DM-186, KM-PN-113. According to the research article, "Quarter-Sovereigns and Other Small Gold Patterns of the Mid-Victorian Period" by G. P. Dyer (curator of the Royal Mint), in the British Numismatic Journal for 1997, page 77: all of these have plain edges; mintage not certain, but only 12 were known by 1854. Of the 12 known, this specimen is probably the finest, both sides being heavily frosted, with brilliant mirror surfaces (the Douglas-Morris example was only VF/EF). PCGS PR-64 CAM.
206691 1853 1/2 Sov S-3859 Small Date PR64 2 0 Great Britain, Gold Proof 1/2 Sovereign, WR-346, Ex Terner, and more recently, Ex Cheshire Collection, None Finer
206642 1859 1/2 Sov S-3859A AU58 1 4 Great Britain, Ex Eliasberg Lot 462, Crossed from NGC MS62, Undergraded
166123 1868 P DblFl KMPn-S115 PR65 1 0 Great Britain, Gold Pattern Double Florin with additional denomination in French Francs. Ex Terner, Very Rare and Finer than Eliasberg example.
1871 Sov S-3856 St. George RE Lg BP PR641871 Sov S-3856 St. George RE Lg BP PR64 168057 1871 Sov S-3856 RE Lg BP PR64 2 1 Great Britain, Sovereign Proof Gold Dated 1871 of Victoria, Purchased from Spink, Ex Terner, WR-319, R7 (Highest Rarity) Plain Edge. Victoria Young Head; St. George reverse, horse with longer tail terminating in two strands, date and large BP in exergue. S-3896. R7 (Highest Rarity), Raised "WW" recut over WW, struck en medaille. cf St. James Auction No 15, September 30, 2010 Lot 548 (NGC), realized 14,500 GBP
207225 1958 Sov S-4125, WR-450 PR66 1 1 Great Britain, Gold Proof "VIP" Sovereign, WR-450, R4, A "VIP" Sovereign because this date in Proof was only given to Very Important People by the Crown; Ex Sharps-Pixley Collection and more recently Ex Terner Collection
1913 Peso KM-453 MS63 525776 1913 Peso KM-453 MS63 42 98 Mexico, 1 Peso Dated 1913. Caballito type. Liberty on horseback. Dull, but beautiful russet tone. Eliz-1059; KM-453. PCGS graded MS-63. Ex. Dr. Robert Hesselgesser Collection, Goldberg Auction 36, Lot 2621
33287 1885 $2 MS62 26 38 Newfoundland Gold $2, Ex Belzberg, Ex Pittman, Gorgeous Orange Peel Luster, Best Provenance Possible
689930 1760-M JP 1/2 E AU53 1 0 Spain, Gold 1/2 Escudo, Ex Eliasberg, Lot 2103, Fr-278, Carlos III; Earlier Ex John L. Clapp Collection and Clapp estate to Eliasberg, Finest
899901 1950 £1 MS66 3 2 Syria Rep., Gold Pound, 1950 (AH1369), Ex Pittman Collection! KM-86, .1956 oz AGW. Scarce in BU.