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Early American Coins and Tokens Complete Design Set (1616-1820)

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The money used in the American colonies included a diverse assortment of coins and tokens. Some were made on American soil (with or without legal authority), others were made in foreign lands expressly for circulation in the Colonies, and others were never meant to circulate here, but did. This Design Set includes one of each type of early coins and tokens used by the colonists. It’s a set that is rich in history, intrigue, and the romantic vision of beginning life in a new world.

The toughest items in this set are the Gloucester Token and the New Hampshire Copper with just a few pieces of each known. There are many other very rare and dificult to find items, including the New York George Clinton Cent, New York Theatre Token and Washington Roman Head which each exist in numbers of perhaps 25 or less. Most of the remaining items are available, but it will take plenty of time and patience to collect them all. To our knowledge, no one - including the most famous collectors of all time - has ever completed this set. Learning about American history is a great side-benefit of this fascinating set.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All Time Finest (All Eras)

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating
1 Garrett Collection 94.37% R 49.14 46.88
2 The Norweb Family 73.24% R 47.23 32.63
3 The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection: 76.06% R 51.19 30.31
4 Alamo Collection 69.01% 50.81 25.74
5 SurfCity 73.24% 39.18 23.72

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Current Finest

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating
1 Alamo Collection 69.01% 50.81 25.74
2 SurfCity 73.24% 39.18 23.72
3 The Amherst Collection 35.21% 60.98 13.04
4 Blue Angel 19.72% 48.36 09.38
5 mania early coins design type 33.80% 40.73 07.24
6 shsusa - Early Am Coins, Tokens Complete 38.03% 39.13 06.82
7 Paterson Ancestry:Americana 15.49% 54.83 03.25
8 Rush Family Collection 9.86% 46.27 01.67
9 Vinny Kid 1.41% 4.00 00.03