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Pre-1776 States Coinage Design Set (1652-1774)

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Prior to 1776, only a few Colonies enjoyed officially sanctioned coins. Among them were Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. This Design Set contains only seven coins, but includes the powerhouse New England Shilling and the elusive Willow Tree Shilling. The only “common” coin in this set is the Virginia Halfpenny, which (thankfully) can be found in high grade with little difficulty. The quaint qualities of the Massachusetts silver coins make them particularly attractive, but condition becomes an important factor in this historic set.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

All Time Finest (All Eras)

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating
1 Garrett Collection 100.00% R 51.00 51.00
2 The Norweb Family 100.00% R 46.45 46.45
3 The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection 2006 85.71% R 51.20 38.40
4 Louis Eliasberg 71.43% R 48.60 36.45
5 Alamo Collection 71.43% 52.55 28.90

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Current Finest

Rank Set Name % Complete GPA Weighted Set Rating
1 Alamo Collection 71.43% 52.55 28.90
2 The Amherst Collection 28.57% 58.00 14.50
3 Highland 14.29% 40.00 04.00