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The Good Collection - 6th

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About This Set: It all started with a collection of Flying Eagle and Indian Head Cents given to me by my grandfather. He had assembled penny collections for each of his three children. My mother asked him to save hers for me. Though none of those coins he saved from circulation during the Great Depression are included in this set, I do still have them today; along with the love he had for this wonderful series. It's not an easy thing to put together a mint-state collection of IHC, let alone one that includes the major varieties, but that's the goal. Today, the collection is mostly red, with room for improvement; and about 60% gem with still more room for improvement.

The Good Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1859 2052 1859 1C MS66 30 3 303
1859 Indian Head Cent MS66 { PCGS-3 } Ex: Joshua and Ally Walsh; Ex: Shapiro (May'2007) With the Indian cent design as adopted on cents from 1860 through 1909 on the obverse, and the laurel wreath reverse that was only used in this year, the 1859 has proved to be a type coin of enduring popularity. This piece has taken on an attractive accent of reddish patina around the margins of each side with bright mint luster throughout. Well struck, the only noticeable abrasion is a tiny, angling mark near the Indian's mouth. Initial year with just one graded higher. (Note: The PCGS slab insert only cites Joshua/Shapiro in the pedigree.)
1860 2058 1860 1C MS65 183 66 18366
eBay Auction (October 2006): Good-looking copper-nickel gem, of the Type 2 Variety (Rounded Bust).
1860 Pointed Bust 2056 1860 1C MS65 39 16 4216
eBay Auction (July 2006): Nice gem example of the Type 1, mark-free fields and nice copper-nickel patina.
1861 2061 1861 1C MS66 85 18 8518
1861 Indian Head Cent MS66 { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2007) Attractive matte-like finish shines with bright luster that illuminates the golden-tan surfaces. The design motifs are sharply rendered, including crisp definition on the upper feather-tips of the headdress. Other than a couple of tiny nicks on the upper reverse, the surfaces of this highly attractive example are pristine.
1862 2064 1862 1C MS66 84 21 8421
1862 Indian Head Cent MS66 Abraham Lincoln was president and the Civil War raging when this tone-free gem was minted; with exceptional detail in the strike. Very nice color and luster grace both sides of this gem.
1863 2067 1863 1C MS66 59 16 5916
1863 Indian Head Cent MS66 { PCGS-3 } (May'2007) This coin is highly lustrous and shows wonderful golden-tan and peach-red toning on both sides. It is remarkably preserved and blemish-free; a mark on the obverse denticles between 2 and 3 o'clock is mint-made. The striking details are bold overall, but the tops of the feather-tips are uniformly weak.
1864 Copper-Nickel 2070 1864 1C MS66 31 4 324
1864 Indian Head Cent Copper-Nickel MS66 { PCGS-3 } {PS}* {CAC}** (Mar'2009) Vibrant iridescent concentric rings of color on the obverse fields, mostly jade-green, with lemon-yellow and fiery fuchsia rims contrast nicely with a highly lustrous Indian. There are subtle glimmers of lilac, rose and cobalt blue in the feathers and headdress. The reverse also has color, but in darker tones of green and rose, with some gold and lime green; but, without the brilliant luster on the front. This PQ gem has a very bold strike yielding excellent detail in the devices, including fully rendered feathers and tips and full detail in the wreath. There's one small scratch on Liberty's cheek, and another in the headband by the "L" in LIBERTY. This coin has about a 10-degree die rotation, with a die-break on the reverse from the rim at 9 o'clock into the wreath. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal, ** {CAC} Certified Acceptance Corporation Sticker
1864 Bronze 2078 1864 1C MS66RD 40 1 401
1864 Indian Head Cent Bronze - No L MS66RD { PCGS-2 } (Feb'1999( Brilliant red luster baths both sides of this first year bronze small cent. There is a die-clash in obverse field, showing the edge-line of the wreath in front of the Indian's forehead. The well struck devices show excellent detail, with four clear diamonds and full detail in the feathers of this OGH gem.
1864 L on Ribbon 2081 1864 1C MS65RD 32 7 327
1864 Indian Head Cent Bronze - With L MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (Jun'2007) This coin has a very strong strike, good definition of the feathers including the tips, and a nice even solid red color on the gem variety with the "L" on the ribbon. The diamonds are sharp and well defined. The fields are clear of any marks.
1865 Fancy 5 2084 1865 1C MS64RD 112 63 11263
Teletrade Auction (February 1998): Creamy red surfaces; good eye appeal.
1865 Plain 5 92083 1865 1C MS65RB 32 5 3236
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS}* (November 2004): Nice color on this Red-Brown gem variety. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1866 2087 1866 1C MS64RD 41 35 4335
Heritage Auction (March 2005): Nice fully red post-Civil War Indian with good mint luster
1867 2090 1867 1C MS64RD 72 32 7232
Teletrade Auction (November 1998): Brilliant mint-state red luster from both sides of this OGH beauty.
1867/67 92089 1867/67 1C MS64RB 18 10 2316
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS}* (June 2006): Good detail on the overdate with the flag over the seven on this popular variety. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1868 2092 1868 1C MS65RB 137 25 139142
Long Beach Coin Expo/Eagle Eye Rare Coins (February 2005): Nice gem surfaces and detail with rich red-brown color. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1869 2095 1869 1C MS65RB 118 9 132102
Heritage Auction (May 2005): 1869/69 Snow-3g, popular repunched date (RPD) with creamy red-brown surfaces.
1870 2099 1870 1C MS64RD 70 46 7248
eBay Auction (February 2005): Nice red Indian to begin the '70's.
1871 2101 1871 1C MS65RB 59 4 6150
Teletrade Auction (April 1999): Red-Brown gem with pleasing surfaces and very nice detail in the devices.
1872 2104 1872 1C MS65RB 79 11 8384
eBay Auction (February 2005): Tough date in PQ-grades; this gem is 80% red, with brown only on the high areas of the obverse devices.
1873 Open 3 2108 1873 1C MS65RD 20 7 207
1873 Indian Head Cent Open-3 MS65RD { PCGS-2 } (Nov'2006) This nice full-red example of the "Open-3" with great mint-state luster in an OGH has a strong strike with excellent detail in the devices.
1873 Closed 3 2110 1873 1C MS64RB 115 48 11998
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS} (May 1999): Attractive coloring, decent strike with nice detail in the feathers and the headdress. Popular and scarcer of the two main varieties in OGH. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1873 Doubled LIBERTY 2115 1873 1C MS64BN 6 625
Heritage After Auction Offer (January 2007): FS-009, Snow-1. In addition to the letters in the word LIBERTY, doubling is evident on Liberty's eye, lips, and nose tip. Glossy brown surfaces are generally well struck and retain traces of faded sunset-orange color about the devices. A couple of unobtrusive marks in the field to the left of the shield on the reverse, and a few more on the lower right part of the shield. This is a late die state of the variety with a die crack through the base of the date.
1874 2120 1874 1C MS65RD 37 11 3711
1874 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } {PS}* (May'20077) Pristine surfaces on a uniformly satin red planchette features a great strike with excellent detail in the feathers, four bold diamonds and great detail in the wreath. There is a die-break on the reverse horizontally from the top-right of the shield to the rim. *{PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1875 2123 1875 1C MS64RD 57 41 5742
Teletrade Auction (September 1998): Nice red color and good mint-state luster.
1876 2126 1876 1C MS65RD 43 15 4315
1876 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } Ex: Lakesammman (Mar'2007) This Indian Cent minted during President Grant's administration has an outstanding strike with boldly defined diamonds, excellent feather detail and intricate definition of the leaves of the wreath. Superb uniform natural mint-state copper color defines this gem. There is the slightest blush of rose on the cheek on this gem with a slight die rotation.
1877 2129 1877 1C MS65RD 23 9 239
1877 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } {PS}* (May'2007) Terrific fully red natural surfaces comes with excellent luster. This key date gem is very well struck with nice feather, headdress, wreath and shield detail. The Indian's face is free of any marks; indeed, no marks worth mentioning on the coin. There is some minor spotting on the fields, but nothing that detracts from the rich natural red-copper color. *{PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal
1878 2132 1878 1C MS65RD 56 16 5616
1878 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } {PS}* (May'2007) Brilliant mark-free red satin surfaces offer plenty of mint-state luster and features a very bold strike with outstanding detail in the feathers and the leaves of the wreath. There are a couple minor scuff marks on the Indian's cheek and another on the chin. The booming mint-fresh red luster makes this very eye appealing.
1879 2135 1879 1C MS64RD 77 81 7781
Teletrade Auction (June 1998): Rich red-copper color, nice detail.
1880 2138 1880 1C MS66RD 22 4 224
1880 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2009) Nice solid mint-state red bathes both sides, with no carbon spots, and good luster from satiny fields. There are a couple of small marks in the obverse field, one beneath the "E" in "UNITED". There is a good strike, with wonderful full-feather detail and 4 bold diamonds. This fully red gem with eye-popping luster is everything a red copper gem should be, from the year that saw the final full twelve month service of Rutherford Birchard Hayes as POTUS.
1881 2141 1881 1C MS64RD 91 114 91114
Teletrade Auction (October 1998): Solid red color on both sides.
1882 2144 1882 1C MS65RD 73 31 7331
1882 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (Nov'1998) Nice rich gem red color uniformly covers both sides and the excellent strike has rendered up fully formed details. Feather detail is complete from the first through the final feather, and four boldly distinct diamonds appear on the ribbon.
1883 2147 1883 1C MS65RD 62 38 6239
Teletrade Auction (October 1998): OGH gem with solid red color.
1884 2150 1884 1C MS64RD 51 64 5164
eBay Auction/John G Cooper (July 2005): Brilliant mint-state copper luster and full red color.
1885 2153 1885 1C MS65RD 67 19 6719
1885 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-2 } (Apr'2005) This nice OGH red-copper Indian penny offers plenty of nice luster as well.
1886 Variety 1 2156 1886 1C MS64RD 33 28 3328
Heritage Auction (September 2005): Very attractive red color and original mint-state luster on this popular Type 1 variety.
1886 Variety 2 92155 1886 1C MS64RB 135 33 13581
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS}* (May 1999): Very attractive and uniform rich red-brown toning on this OGH Type 2 Variety. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1887 2159 1887 1C MS64RD 89 93 8993
Teletrade Auction (July 1998): Nice red color in OGH.
1888 2168 1888 1C MS64RD 49 52 4952
Teletrade Auction (September 1998): Very rich creamy red color and nicely contrasting devices, with the remnants of an ancient finger-print on the obverse.
1888/7 2169 1888/7 1C AU55BN 1 4 17
Heritage FUN After Auction Offer (January 2007): FS-010. Snow-1. Under light magnification, the base of the underdigit 7 becomes unmistakably visible beneath the left half of the final 8 in the date. Notice also the tell-tale rim die-break above "UNITED" that is just beginning to show. There's a touch of softness on the first few feather tips, but retains considerable luster in the protected areas.
1889 2174 1889 1C MS65RD 50 12 5012
1889 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } Ex: Newcomb {PS}* (Oct'2006) Just fantastic red color/luster shines on this gem. The fields are creamy and satiny and ooze with the natural red-copper color. All feathers show great details and there are four bold distinct diamonds. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal
1890 2177 1890 1C MS64RD 86 63 8663
Teletrade Auction (August 1998): Deep red Indian with a hint of outline toning.
1891 2180 1891 1C MS64RD 118 91 11991
Teletrade Auction (September 1998): Nice strike, satiny red surfaces, and good luster.
1892 2183 1892 1C MS65RD 59 18 5918
1892 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (Aug'2006) Even all red-copper color on this well-struck gem shows nice details in the devices. Feathers are fully defined, as are the four diamonds on the ribbon.
1893 2186 1893 1C MS65RD 93 38 9338
1893 Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (May'2005) Rich mint-state copper red with plenty of luster and shine. A couple of the feather tips are a bit soft; but, other details are excellent.
1894 2189 1894 1C MS64RD 132 127 133127
Teletrade Auction (October 1998): Solid red color, decent strike in an OGH.
1894/1894 Doubled Date 92189 1894/1894 1C MS64RD 12 13 1313
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS}* (December 2004): Clear repunched date on this full red variety with terrific mint-red luster. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1895 2192 1895 1C MS65RD 126 60 12660
Teletrade Auction (August 1998): Rich red-copper gem.
1896 2195 1896 1C MS64RD 164 86 16786
Heritage Auction (November 2005): Nice late nineteenth century Indian with plenty of mint-state luster.
1897 2198 1897 1C MS64RD 165 84 16584
Heritage Auction (September 2005): Well struck full red Indian.
1897 1 in Neck 92197 1897 1C MS64RB 2 1 103
Eagle Eye Rare Coins (April 2005): NGC crossover/EEPS. Great example of this popular variety and TopPop for RB too.
1898 2201 1898 1C MS66RD 53 13 5413
1898 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-2 } {PS}* (Jan'2008) An OGH beauty with mint-fresh red luster has just a hint of softness in the first three feather tips, other than that, a very solid strike, intricate detail in the wreath and shield. Nice satin fields adorn both sides. Viewing, and photos, are a bit hampered by excessive scuffing on the holder. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal
1899 2204 1899 1C MS66RD 91 45 9145
1899 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } (May'2007) Deeply set, rich, cherry-red luster blankets frosty satin textured surfaces and compliment the strong strike. The feathers feature excellent detail and four boldly outlined diamonds adorn the ribbon. This piece is all about the as-struck mint-fresh luster, uncomplicated by the complete lack of toning or spots or marks of any kind.
1900 2207 1900 1C MS66RD 68 35 7035
1900 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-2 } (Feb'2007) This OGH premium gem shows off its satin surfaces with abundant luster; well-struck with four prominent diamonds on the ribbon. There is excellent detail in the feathers. Original mint-fresh color and luster make this turn-of-the-century piece stand out.
1901 2210 1901 1C MS66RD 63 16 6316
1901 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-2 } {PS}* (Aug'2007) Early die-state strike with incredible satin surfaces offers terrific eye appeal on this OGH PQ 20th century gem Indian Head Penny. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal
1902 2213 1902 1C MS66RD 55 16 5516
1902 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-2 } {PS}* (Feb'2007) Knockout brilliant mint-luster red color shines in this OGH premium gem with satin surfaces. Four bold diamonds, excellent feather definition and outstanding leaf detail are some of the outstanding features of this eye-pleaser. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1903 2216 1903 1C MS66RD 74 14 7414
Eagle Eye Rare Coins {PS}* (October 2006): One pretty penny with creamy red surfaces and dazzling eye appeal. * {PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal.
1904 2219 1904 1C MS66RD 67 13 6713
1904 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } Ex: Ally (Dec'2006) Uniformly rich satiny red color on both sides of this gem offers exceptional eye appeal and luster. This piece has a strong strike with excellent details in all of the devices.
1905 2222 1905 1C MS66RD 54 7 547
1905 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2007) Mint-state red-copper satin surfaces radiate on this gem with a strong strike, and mostly well-defined feathers (tips of first three are soft), four bold diamonds, strong definition in the wreath and individual leaves, softness in the shield, superb color and brilliant luster.
1906 2225 1906 1C MS66RD 35 3 363
1906 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-1 } {PS}* (Dec'2008) This is a quite rare premium quality date in red, and full natural mint state red at that, in a first generation holder. Solid strike, free from carbon spots and booming cart wheel luster highlight this impressive PQ gem. *{PS} = Eagle Eye Photo Seal
1907 2228 1907 1C MS66RD 35 7 357
1907 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2007) Satin red surface cover both sides. The strike is very bold evidenced by the detail in the feathers, the diamonds on the ribbon and in the leaves of the wreath. Excellent mint-state red luster offers great eye appeal on this premium gem.
1908 2231 1908 1C MS66RD 71 13 7113
1908 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-1 } (Apr'2009) Cartwheel luster booms off of this piece, with original mint-state red toning in the field and a lighter gold-copper toning in the devices. There are a couple small minor marks in the fields, with a good strike and solid detail in the feathers, with just a hint of softness in the first two feathers. There are four solid diamonds, and terrific detail in the wreath on the reverse. House in first generation 'rattler' holder.
1908-S 2234 1908-S 1C MS65RD 231 58 23158
eBay Auction (October 2006): Very attractive satin-red surfaces with perfect color; well-struck with great details. First small cent from San Francisco!
1909 Indian 2237 1909 1C MS66RD 188 42 18943
1909 Indian Head Cent MS66RD { PCGS-3 } (Jul'2006) Great red color and luster on this final year gem blanket uniformly the nearly flawless fields and devices. Feather definition is very good, and the diamonds couldn't appear bolder. There is a slight ten-degree die rotation, but all in all, this is not a bad effort by the branch mint starting its copper production.
1909-S Indian 2240 1909-S 1C MS65RD 148 28 14828
1909-S Indian Head Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (Sep'2006) Final year for the series and a 2-year run in San Francisco produced this full-red key-date very low mintage Indian Cent... even lower than the coveted 1877! The first feather is a bit soft, but other details are strong and well defined. The color and luster are straight from the mint.