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Spencer Collection - 26th

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Spencer Collection

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1938 Jefferson 1938 5C
1938 Jefferson DDO FS-101 1938 5C
1938 Jefferson QDO FS-105 1938 5C
1938 DDO FS-106 1938 5C
1938-D Jefferson 1938-D 5C
1938-S 1938-S 5C
1939 Reverse of 1938 1939 5C
1939 Reverse of 1940 1939 5C
1939 Rev of '40, DDO FS-101 1939 5C
1939 Doubled Monticello FS-801 1939 5C
1939 Reverse of 1940 QDR FS-802 1939 5C
1939-D Reverse of 1938 1939-D 5C
1939-D Reverse of 1940 1939-D 5C
1939-S Reverse of 1938 4006 1939-S 5C MS66 499 40 52447
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1939-S, Reverse of 1938, MS66, Ex Omaha Bank Hoard
1939-S Reverse of 1940 1939-S 5C
1940 1940 5C
1940-D 1940-D 5C
1940-S 1940-S 5C
1940-S/S RPM FS-501 1940-S/S 5C
1941 84010 1941 5C MS66FS 254 61 64589
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1941, MS66FS (Full Step), Ex Omaha Bank Hoard
1941-D 1941-D 5C
1941-D RPM FS-501 1941-D/D 5C
1941-S 1941-S 5C
1941-S Large S FS-501 1941-S 5C
1941-S/S RPM FS-502 1941-S/S 5C
1941-S Inverted mintmark FS-503 (Debunked) 1941-S 5C
1942 Type 1 1942 5C
1942 Type 1 DDO FS-101 1942 T1 5C
1942 Type 1 DDO FS-102 1942 T1 5C
1942-D 1942-D 5C
1942-D/D D/Horizontal D FS-501 1942-D/D 5C
1942-P Type 2 4016 1942-P 5C MS66 2406 404 2821494
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem
1942-P/P Type 2 RPM FS-501 1942-P/P 5C
1942-S 1942-S 5C
1942-S/S RPM FS-501 1942-S/S 5C
1943-P 4018 1943-P 5C MS67 269 9 35017
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1943-P, MS67, Ex Benson
1943/2-P DDO FS-101 1943/2-P 5C
1943-P DDO FS-102 1943-P 5C
1943-P DDO FS-103 1943-P 5C
1943-P DDO FS-106 1943-P 5C
1943-D 1943-D 5C
1943-D/D RPM FS-501 1943-D/D 5C
1943-S 1943-S 5C
1944-P 1944-P 5C
1944-D 4023 1944-D 5C MS66 1901 155 3776586
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem
1944-D/D RPM FS-501 1944-D/D 5C
1944-S 1944-S 5C
1945-P 4025 1945-P 5C MS66 1578 108 1723125
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem, 1945-P, MS66, Ex Benson
1945-P DDR FS-801 1945-P 5C
1945-P DDR FS-803 1945-P 5C
1945-P TDR FS-804 1945-P 5C
1945-D 4026 1945-D 5C MS66 2556 268 3230404
U.S.A., 5 Cent Gem
1945-D DDO FS-101 1945-D 5C
1945-D RPM FS-501 1945-D 5C
1945-S 1945-S 5C
1946 1946 5C
1946 DDR FS-801 1946 5C
1946-D 1946-D 5C
1946-D/D D/Horizontal D FS-501 1946-D/D 5C
1946-S 1946-S 5C
1946-S DDO FS-101 1946-S 5C
1947 1947 5C
1947-D 1947-D 5C
1947-S 1947-S 5C
1948 1948 5C
1948-D 1948-D 5C
1948-S 1948-S 5C
1949 1949 5C
1949-D 1949-D 5C
1949-D/S Ovemintmark FS-501 1949-D/S 5C
1949-S 1949-S 5C
1950 1950 5C
1950-D 1950-D 5C
1951 1951 5C
1951-D 1951-D 5C
1951-S 1951-S 5C
1952 1952 5C
1952-D 1952-D 5C
1952-S 1952-S 5C
1953 1953 5C
1953-D 1953-D 5C
1953-D/D D/ Inverted D FS-501 1953-D/D 5C
1953-S 1953-S 5C
1954 1954 5C
1954-D 1954-D 5C
1954-D FS-501 1954-D/D 5C
1954-S 1954-S 5C
1954-S/S RPM FS-502 1954-S/S 5C
1954-S/D Overmintmark FS-501 1954-S/D 5C
1954-S DDR FS-801 1954-S 5C
1955 1955 5C
1955-D 1955-D 5C
1955-D/S Overmintmark FS-501 1955-D/S 5C
1956 1956 5C
1956 QDR FS-801 1956 5C
1956 TDR FS-802 1956 5C
1956-D 1956-D 5C
1957 1957 5C
1957-D 1957-D 5C
1958 1958 5C
1958-D 1958-D 5C
1958-D/D D/ Inverted D FS-501 1958-D/D 5C
1959 1959 5C
1959-D 1959-D 5C
1960 1960 5C
1960-D 1960-D 5C
1961 1961 5C
1961-D 1961-D 5C
1962 1962 5C
1962-D 1962-D 5C
1963 1963 5C
1963 TDR FS-801 1963 5C
1963-D 1963-D 5C
1964 1964 5C
1964 SMS 1964 5C
1964-D 1964-D 5C
1964-D/D RPM FS-501 1964-D/D 5C
1965 1965 5C
1966 1966 5C
1967 1967 5C
1968-D 1968-D 5C
1968-S 1968-S 5C
1969-D 1969-D 5C
1969-S 1969-S 5C
1970-D 1970-D 5C
1970-S 1970-S 5C
1971 1971 5C
1971-D 1971-D 5C
1972 1972 5C
1972-D 1972-D 5C
1973 1973 5C
1973-D 1973-D 5C
1974 1974 5C
1974-D 1974-D 5C
1975 1975 5C
1975-D 1975-D 5C
1976 1976 5C
1976-D 1976-D 5C
1977 1977 5C
1977-D 1977-D 5C
1978 1978 5C
1978-D 1978-D 5C
1979 1979 5C
1979-D 1979-D 5C
1980-P 1980-P 5C
1980-D 1980-D 5C
1981-P 1981-P 5C
1981-D 1981-D 5C
1982-P 1982-P 5C
1982-D 1982-D 5C
1983-P 1983-P 5C
1983-D 1983-D 5C
1984-P 1984-P 5C
1984-D 1984-D 5C
1985-P 1985-P 5C
1985-D 1985-D 5C
1986-P 1986-P 5C
1986-D 1986-D 5C
1987-P 1987-P 5C
1987-D 1987-D 5C
1988-P 1988-P 5C
1988-D 1988-D 5C
1989-P 1989-P 5C
1989-D 1989-D 5C
1990-P 1990-P 5C
1990-D 1990-D 5C
1991-P 1991-P 5C
1991-D 1991-D 5C
1992-P 1992-P 5C
1992-D 1992-D 5C
1993-P 1993-P 5C
1993-D 1993-D 5C
1994-P 1994-P 5C
1994-P SMS 1994-P 5C
1994-D 1994-D 5C
1995-P 1995-P 5C
1995-D 1995-D 5C
1996-P 1996-P 5C
1996-D 1996-D 5C
1997-P 1997-P 5C
1997-P SMS 84140 1997-P 5C
1997-D 1997-D 5C
1998-P 1998-P 5C
1998-D 1998-D 5C
1999-P 1999-P 5C
1999-D 1999-D 5C
2000-P 2000-P 5C
2000-D 2000-D 5C
2001-P 2001-P 5C
2001-D 2001-D 5C
2002-P 2002-P 5C
2002-D 2002-D 5C
2003-P 2003-P 5C
2003-D 2003-D 5C
2004-P Peace Medal 2004-P 5C
2004-P Peace Medal DDO FS-101 2004-P 5C
2004-D Peace Medal 2004-D 5C
2004-P Keel Boat 2004-P 5C
2004-D Keel Boat 2004-D 5C
2005-P Bison 4158 2005-P 5C
2005-P Bison Satin Finish 94158 2005-P 5C
2005-P Bison DDO FS-101 569539 2005-P 5C
2005-D Bison 4159 2005-D 5C
2005-D Bison Satin Finish 94159 2005-D 5C
2005-D Bison Speared Bison 84159 2005-D 5C
2005-P Western Waters 4160 2005-P 5C
2005-P Western Waters Satin Finish 94160 2005-P 5C
2005-D Western Waters 4161 2005-D 5C
2005-D Western Waters Satin Finish 94161 2005-D 5C
2006-P Return to Monticello 2006-P 5C
2006-P Return to Monticello Satin Finish 2006-P 5C
2006-D Return to Monticello 2006-D 5C
2006-D Return to Monticello Satin Finish 2006-D 5C
2007-P 2007-P 5C
2007-P Satin Finish 2007-P 5C
2007-D 2007-D 5C
2007-D Satin Finish 2007-D 5C
2008-P 2008-P 5C
2008-P Satin Finish 2008-P 5C
2008-D 2008-D 5C
2008-D Satin Finish 2008-D 5C
2009-P 2009-P 5C
2009-P Satin Finish 2009-P 5C
2009-D 2009-D 5C
2009-D Satin Finish 2009-D 5C
2010-P 2010-P 5C
2010-P Satin Finish 2010-P 5C
2010-D 2010-D 5C
2010-D Satin Finish 2010-D 5C
2011-P 2011-P 5C
2011-D 2011-D 5C
2012-P 2012-P 5C
2012-D 2012-D 5C
2013-P 2013-P 5C
2013-D 2013-D 5C
2014-P 2014-P 5C
2014-D 2014-D 5C
2015-P 2015-P 5C
2015-D 2015-D 5C
2016-P 2016-P 5C
2016-D 2016-D 5C