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Easton Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About This Set: How to put together an undervalued set with a limited population and still be able to assemble a complete set of CBD. The stats show a CBD set is demanding; alot more challenging than the coin values report. A study of the mintage during 1809 to 1837 shows the US Mint minted about 11.2 million CBD. Only 5,300 of those are PCGS slabbed, with 550 examples that are mint state from the large variety & 1,200 examples that are mint state from the reduced size variety type. That's pretty slim pickings! My collecting goals are to assemble an eye appealing original set. I use a scale to evaluate for originality, eye appeal, strike, surface quality and toning. Each coin is rated from 1 to 10 in each of the 5 categories. This guide establishes my purchasing objectives. I have passed on all coins that didn't meet at least a 25 point grade. Using the previous mentioned grading standards acquisitions were made, but finding quality examples for each variety are very tough. The search for the best coin lead to passing on higher graded coins for lower graded coins as my goal is to acquire only original examples that have attractive toning, better eye appeal, stronger strike and high surface quality. For example, I waited over 10 years to acquire an 1809 dimes in MS64. This coin has the Pittman pedigree and its very high in the eye appeal, strike and originality. After a 5 year search to find a 1822 (passing on several examples) I finally purchased an AU example which met the collection standards. In many cases, there aren't that many examples to choose from but patience prevailed in assembling a collection with a certain standard. The provenances of these dimes were interesting to research as well. I believe many AU and better examples have lost its provenances due to slabbing, I believe many AU58s never circulated and were apart of famous collections. Many mint state coins are graded AU58 to reflect very slight cabinet friction from its long term storage. This registry set contains AU or lower graded mint state grade examples as I feel a higher graded coin isn't the best example for this set or just not available. All collections have personal favorites which are 1822, 1809 and the 1821 large date. My 1821 is the finest example or the Rock Star of CBD IMHO. Building a great collection requires alot of time, research and numismatic knowledge. I am grateful to those individuals that have assisted me with this quest by provided knowledge about this series and with the selection of many coins. Thank you Russ Augustin, Rich Ulrich, Todd Imhof, Frank Van Valen, John Agre and Dave Wnuck. Lastly, I thank my dear friend Hal and my son David for helping me keep my sense through this journey. This quest continues...

Easton Collection

Status Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1809 4486 1809 10C MS64 5 4 54
Ex. Pittman/Gardner -JR-1, CAC This is a very special coin that has wonderful toning and its originality can be traced back to the Barney Bluestone auction in 1947!
1811/09 4487 1811/09 10C MS63 9 5 97
JR-1, Ex Roger Solomon. Beautiful colorful toning - very late die state showing off many die cracks. Weakness on reverse - This coin shows off the challenges the mint faced way back then.
1814 Small Date 4489 1814 10C MS64 4 2 43
JR- 1. very difficult coin to locate. very nice original toning with original skin showing underneath toning.
1814 Large Date 4488 1814 10C MS64 25 9 2510
Ex Benson. Goldberg's 2/02 lot 462, JR-2 CAC - Gorgeous steel blue & deep grey toning w great luster. Huge die bulge on ERICA. One of the top 1814 that I've seen!
1814 STATESOF 4490 1814 10C MS62 1 0 10
JR-5 - very high on originality and eye appeal - the plate coin in the New Bust Dime book! There exist 3 NGC coins in higher grade that I passed on as I preferred the look of this one.
1820 STATESOF 38778 1820 10C MS64 1 22
JR-1, Nice original toning, crossed from a ngc65. Expected to have crossed to a 65 IMHO!
1820 Small 0 38782 1820 10C MS64 2 1 63
JR-2, office boy reverse
1820 Large 0 4492 1820 10C MS63 27 38 2738
Great looking toned dime, CAC
1821 Large Date 38796 1821 10C MS64+ 1 19
JR-6- This is one of the flashiest and gorgeously toned Capped Bust dime out there. Formerly from the Stickney's, James Stack's Koshkarian and Pogue's cabinets. The eye appeal is off the charts! CAC.
1821 Small Date 94496 1821 10C MS64 5 1 52
Ex. Lovejoy, Oct 1990, lot 59. where it was described as a very choice proof or presentation piece - JR-9 - extremely well struck and obverse is fully proooflike - fabulous eye appeal!
1822 4497 1822 10C AU55 2 11 212
Ex. Bensen. Goldberg's 2/02 lot 469. JR-1
1823/2 Small E's 4498 1823/2 10C MS64+ 1 2 13
JR-1, Ex Eliasberg, Experts believe this coin is nicer than the Garrett, Bareford, Robinson and Norweb's speciman. Original skin CAC - a WOW coin!
1823/2 Large E's 4499 1823/2 10C MS63 10 9 1011
JR-3- Beautifully toned with claims to a much higher grade - CAC
1824/2 4502 1824/2 10C MS65 1 12
JR-1. Ex Eliasberg, CAC Fabulous coin- This is my personal favorite date and the finest 1824 that I every saw of this semi key date. Very under-rated date. IMHO - this is a very special coin.
1825 4503 1825 10C MS65+ 2 4 24
JR-1,R4, 1825 are very difficult to locate that are originally toned and well struck. This one has deep red blue toning thats 100% original. Early die state example. CAC
1827 4504 1827 10C MS64 59 18 6019
JR-7 - Early die state. Very original. Electric blue toning around the rim w/iridescent pale copper toning in the center. Surface quality is superb. A WOW coin!! Nicer then most 65s! The weakness on the reverse is very typical for the die marriage. Formerly from the Roger Solomon collection.
1828 Large Date 4506 1828 10C MS63 1 3 14
JR-2, The variety is a real sleeper. This is one of the toughest varieties to locate especially in mint state! Personally, it harder to locate than the 1809 IMHO!
1828 Small Date 38826 1828 10C MS65+ 1 11
JR-1 -An extremely reflective dime with some believing the coin could be a specimen or very early strike. CAC
1829 Small 10C 4511 1829 10C MS64+ 1 16 118
1829 Medium 10C 38838 1829 10C MS66 1 42
JR-12 Ex Oliver Jung and Pogue. CAC.
1829 Large 10C 94511 1829 10C MS66 2 1 32
JR-2, CAC ex Gardner, very high on eye appeal and attractive toning with very pleasing surface quality - possible upgrade to a 67!
1829 Extra Large 10C 38839 1829 10C MS62 1 0 10
JR-1, this is either the finest or second finest known in the census. A toughie to find in mint state.
1829 Small/Large 10C 396250 1829 10C MS64 2 1 21
1829 Curl Base 2 38836 1829 10C F15 1 13
Ex. Davis collection, FS-301, JR-10- very tough coin - original and nice surfaces, CAC
1830 Small 10C 4517 1830 10C MS64 1 1 12
1830 Medium 10C 4516 1830 10C MS65 10 7 107
JR-7, Gold CAC rattler holder
1830/29 38848 1830/29 10C MS67 1 0 20
JR-5 - Ex James Stacks. I got more congrats from my friends than any other coin, when acquired - its that amazing. CAC
1831 4520 1831 10C MS66 7 4 75
1832 4521 1832 10C MS64 35 22 3624
JR-2 - excellent strike CAC
1833 4522 1833 10C MS64 50 21 5021
1833 Last 3 High 38870 1833 10C MS64 1 1 54
1834 Large 4 4526 1834 10C MS67 3 31
JR-1, CAC This coin is one of most magnificent bust dimes that exist, The toning is gorgeous with very prooflike surfaces on obverse and reverse. Previously, this coin was graded 68 by NGC.
1834 Small 4 4525 1834 10C MS64 31 9 319
1835 4527 1835 10C MS65+ 1 2 13
1836 4528 1836 10C MS65 9 6 106
jR-3, CAC ex. Bareford pedigree. Imagine going to the US Mint in 1836 and handpicking a dime and preserving it for all these years - this coin would fit that description.
1837 Capped Bust 38894 1837 10C MS64 1 1 1910


Nice upgrades from the Pogue Collection!

Posted @ 2/22/2016 7:45 PM By icrf03

Very nice set. Glad you got an award/plaque.

Posted @ 1/23/2015 9:24 AM By PeterShireman

Great addition Barry!

Posted @ 8/16/2014 1:30 PM By icrf03

Congratulations I am in Awe of your gorgeous - Just Superb !! Walt

Posted @ 1/16/2013 9:48 AM By Walt

I'm even more blown away than ever by these. Your set is the GOAT - Geatest of All Time!

Posted @ 1/8/2013 7:38 AM By BobLande

Gorgeous additions. I expect the last 4 holes will be added soon. Will you be attending FUN this January?

Posted @ 1/1/2013 10:22 AM By stone

Awesome toning, especially on the 1830/29! Also the 1821. Also the Bob

Posted @ 11/13/2012 8:04 PM By BobLande

Beautiful 1829 Curl Base 2!

Posted @ 11/11/2012 12:54 PM By stone