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Spencer Collection - 20th

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Spencer Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Victoria One Cent 30080 1900-H 1C MS64RD 29 17 1011322
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1900-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red and Lovely.
Edward VII One Cent 30153 1909 1C MS64RD 10 6 44888
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1909, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RD. Scarce in this High Grade.
George V One Cent Large 30194 1913 1C MS64RD 14 9 778175
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1913, George V, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red and Very Scarce in High Grade, Lovely.
George V One Cent Small 1C
George VI One Cent 1C
Elizabeth II One Cent 1C
Victoria Five Cents 5C
Edward VII Five Cents 5C
George V Five Cents Silver 5C
George V Five Cents Nickel 5C
George VI Five Cents 5C
Elizabeth II Five Cents 5C
Victoria Ten Cents 10C
Edward VII Ten Cents 10C
George V Ten Cents 10C
George VI Ten Cents 10C
Elizabeth II Ten Cents 10C
Victoria Twenty Cents 1858 20C
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents 31707 1872-H 25C XF45 20 148 1791211
Canada, 25 cents Dated 1872-H, PCGS XF45
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George V Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George VI Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Victoria Fifty Cents 50C
Edward VII Fifty Cents 50C
George V Fifty Cents 50C
George VI Fifty Cents 50C
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents 50C
George V Dollars S$1
George VI Dollars S$1
Elizabeth II Dollars S$1
Edward VII Sovereigns Sov
George V Sovereigns 32655 1917-C Sov MS64 116 2 60148
Canada, Gold Sovereign Dated 1917-C, George V. PCGS MS64, KM20, An original piece with full mint bloom. Ex Stuart Rubenfeld, and earlier Ex Heritage Signature Auction, September 2012, Lot 23349. Only 1 Finer.
George V Five Dollars 32670 1914 $5 MS63 55 12 414165
Canada, Gold $5 King, PCGS MS63, Scarce Date 1914, Only 5 Graded Higher.
George V Ten Dollars $10