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Spencer Collection Newfoundland Two Dollars Including Ex Capital Hoard - 4th

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About This Set: In 1865, Newfoundland changed over to decimal currency following the footsteps of Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Newfoundland was a British Colony at this time, and was the only British North American Colony to issue it's own gold coin. The "$2 Newfies" as they were called were numismatically significant in the respect that they were not only denominated as "2 Dollars", but also as "Two Hundred Cents" and "One Hundred Pence"; three separate but equivalent denominations. The $2 Newfies were issued only in 1865, 1870, 1872, 1880-82, 1885 and 1888. All the coins have a portrait of Queen Victoria on the obverse, with the reverse containing the denominations and date. Two varieties exist on the 1870 dated coins (no dot and one dot, OR one dot and two dot - depending on which reference you consult); and the 1882 issue contains an "H" mintmark for the Heaton Mint, Birmingham, England, as these were minted in Britain. A complete set will contain 9 pieces, comprised of the two 1870 varieties and one each of the remaining seven years of issue.

Spencer Collection Newfoundland Two Dollars Including Ex Capital Hoard

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1865 33281 1865 $2 MS62 9 3
Newfoundland Gold $2, First Year of Denomination, MS62, Difficult to Locate in Mint State, One of the Finest Seen.
1870 2 Dot 33282 1870 $2 AU58 30 12
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarce, Looks Undergraded, Lovely Original Example
1870 3 Dot (Charlton Dot 1) 33289 1870 $2 AU58 20 8
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarce "3 Dot" Variety (Charlton D-1), Nice AU, Rare in this Grade
1872 33283 1872 $2 MS62 10 6
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Second Scarcest Date (1872), Rare in True Mint State
1880 33284 1880 $2 AU58 31 26
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarcest (1880) Date, Only 2500 minted. Key Date of Series. Steinbergs Fall List, 2011, NGC AU58 listed at $4400.00.
1881 33285 1881 $2 MS61 9 21
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Ex Torex Auction, Feb 2004, Lot# 276, Nice Proof Like Example
1882-H 33286 1882-H $2 MS63 27 6
Newfoundland Gold $2, A Wow! Coin, MS63. Belzberg had a MS62 in this Date.
1885 33287 1885 $2 MS63 33 5
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarce in True Mint State, MS63. Eleven 1885 dated $2 Newfies recently surfaced in St. Johns – the capital of Newfoundland – and were pedigreed on the slabs as “Capital Hoard”, This example was the finest seen and is identified as "Capital Hoard #2 of 11" on the slab. Although some 180 examples have been graded by PCGS over the years (as of the date of drafting these comments) only 3 PCGS examples have ever been graded higher.
1888 33288 1888 $2 MS63 29 10
Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarce in this Grade, Tangerine Color, Lustrous, Amazing Detail and Strike, Looks MS65, KM 5, Fr-1, Scarce in these high grades