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The Oreville Collection - 6th

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About This Set: Love Canadian as well as my USA coins! I have many ICCS graded coins that I wished PCGS would slab with the ICCS 2x2 holder kept intact! What a low legal exposure idea for PCGS!

The Oreville Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Victoria One Cent 1C
Edward VII One Cent 1908 1C
George V One Cent Large 1C
George V One Cent Small 1C
George VI One Cent 30406 1937 1C SP65RB 5 1 113206
1937 Matte.
Elizabeth II One Cent 1C
Victoria Five Cents 31002 1875-H 5C SP67 1 91
Norweb 1875-H LD 5c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Five Cents 5C
George V Five Cents Silver 5C
George V Five Cents Nickel 5C
George VI Five Cents 31156 1950 5C SP64 12 30 112367
Elizabeth II Five Cents 5C
Victoria Ten Cents 31378 1875-H 10C SP65 1 1 1020
Norweb 1875-H 10c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Ten Cents 10C
George V Ten Cents 10C
George VI Ten Cents 31516 1937 10C SP65 17 50 113186
PCGS green insert.
Elizabeth II Ten Cents 10C
Victoria Twenty Cents 1858 20C
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents 31746 1875-H 25C SP67 1 2 77
Norweb 1875-H 25c from the Bowers & Merena Norweb Sale in 1996.
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George V Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George VI Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Victoria Fifty Cents 50C
Edward VII Fifty Cents 32126 1908 50C
George V Fifty Cents 50C
George VI Fifty Cents 50C
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents 50C
George V Dollars S$1
George VI Dollars S$1
Elizabeth II Dollars S$1
Edward VII Sovereigns 32645 1908-C Sov
George V Sovereigns 32662 1911-C Sov
George V Five Dollars 32675 1912 $5
George V Ten Dollars 32688 1912 $10