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Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Date Set #2 - 43rd

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About This Set: Here is another grouping of beautifully toned coins from Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Collection of beautifully toned Morgan dollars !!

Sunnywood's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" Date Set #2

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1878 7072 1878 8TF $1 MS66 68 6 1323188
1879 7092 1879-S $1 MS67 1519 247 1580254
This end-roll toner was one of the early toned Morgans in the Sunnywood Collection. Before long, another superb gem 1879-S came along with nice rainbow toning, and so we had two. And then along came one with knockout classic banded raibow toning, and so we had three!! This is what happens when you collect toned Morgans; you end up with duplicates and triplicates, because each toned coin is so unique. From our friends at Pinnacle Rarities.
1880 7118 1880-S $1 MS67 2145 471 2448521
This was our second 1880-S, a superb gem end-roller that was later displaced by our incredible MS68. Still the coins are so different from one another that it almost isn't right to call them "duplicates;" and so we ended up keeping all of them!! From Mike DeFalco (Numismatic Enterprises).
1881 7130 1881-S $1 MS66 13806 2932 162503501
This is a magnificently toned and very compelling superb gem coin, with great "life" or "pop" as we collectors like to say, and all of the outward hallmarks of a full MS67. This is one of a remarkable pair of coins that appeared side by side in the two auctions cited below; the other, with a distinctive zig-zag toning pattern, resides in the collection of our friend Lloyd Cowle. Ex Goldberg, Pre-Long Beach Sale (9/23/02:602); JFS Collection; Heritage Pittsburgh ANA Signature Sale (8/19/04:4167); Jim Curtis (Estate Coin Co.)
1882 7140 1882-S $1 MS66 4962 1232 70521558
Superior, Pre-Long Beach Sale (1/27/04:2751)
1883 7144 1883-CC $1 MS67 203 17 40847
Superb technical quality and attractive original toning combine in this example; Superior, Pre-Long Beach Sale (1/27/04:2751)
1884 7152 1884-CC $1 MS66 1848 376 4243867
This is a really beautiful rainbow-toned CC dollar, whose rainbow palette is lighter and more attractive than the typical GSA rainbow CC dollars. GSA toners from the Carson City mint often exhibit a dull matte finish, muted colors, and speckled toning breaks. The overall appearance of this example is significantly prettier than the usual GSA examples, coupled with high gem-grade surfaces. From ANR, Allison Park Collection (8/15/04:700); previously seen at Goldberg, Long Beach Sale (1/04:2692).
1885 7158 1885 $1 MS66 1486 295 56521113
An interesting addition to the Sunnywood Collection, this 1885 is notable for the sharp separation between the yellow-toned area and the central stripe of red-green-blue toning on the obverse. Other 1885's in our collection include a dramatic end-roller (on display in our incomplete duplicates set), and a beautiful bag-toner (in our triplicates set further down on the Registry). From the collection of Michael Page; previously from Mike DeFalco (Numismatic Enterprises).
1886 7166 1886 $1 MS66 2965 655 3114683
Mike DeFalco (Numismatic Enterprises)
1887 7172 1887 $1 MS66 1736 268 1926286
ex Mike DeFalco (Numismatic Enterprises); Lloyd Cowle
1888 7186 1888-S $1 MS66 30 6 1199209
The 1888-S dollar, like the other "S" mints from 1885 through 1891, becomes quite scarce at the MS66 level. With a PCGS pop of only 18 at this level (and 2 higher), the chances of finding one with an attractive colorful obverse becomes very small. For that reason, a coin like this is actually a rare treasure for the Sunnywood Collection. We also really loved the MS64 that was replaced by this coin; that beautiful coin can still be seen in our duplicates set on the Registry. From the Morris Silverman Collection; Heritage, (4/27/02:4210); Jimmy G. Collection; Heritage, Long Beach (2/14/08:1288); Heritage, FUN (1/9/09:4618). Be sure also to visit the beautifully toned 1888-S in our duplicates set, which is only an MS64 but has great color.
1889 7188 1889 $1 MS65 2227 516 3282686
An incredible example of banded rainbow crescent toning, in which three full cycles of thin-film color progression are stacked up in narrow bands framing Miss Liberty's profile. This coin is literally a textbook example, a complete roadmap to understanding the successive formation of colorful toning on silver coins. As such, this is an extraordinary treasure for the connoisseur of toned Morgans, and holds a special place in our duplicates set. Ex Mike DeFalco; Dale Larsen.
1890 7202 1890-S $1 MS66 189 37 24838
ANR, Classics Sale (6/23/04:1217)
1891 7208 1891-O $1 MS65 117 6 1594231
A really outstanding 1891-O dollar with a smooth and fully rounded cheek, this elegantly toned specimen would be a strong candidate for the first MS66 of this issue ever graded by PCGS. It is perhaps held back only by some typical weakness in the strike, in the vicinity of Miss Liberty's ear. Ex Bob Brahms; Gary Adkins; Superior, Fort Lauderdale Elite Sale (1/11/05:778).
1892 7212 1892 $1 MS65 316 51 956148
An attractive gem with peripheral album toning featuring a stretch of electric cobalt blue at the top of the obverse; a close match to the preceding similarly toned 1891-S dollar. Heritage, Palm Beach Signature Sale (11/04:9735).
1893 7220 1893 $1 MS65 223 20 25123
A very difficult date in full gem, especially with original patination. This lovely example sports amber and russet toning with a hint of blue at the obverse perimeter from eleven o'clock to one o'clock. From the good folks at Rare Coins of New Hampshire.
1894 7232 1894-S $1 MS65 160 31 19637
Another wonderful coin from Jack Kelly's Toned Dollars Collection. This 1894-S sports a diverse palette of subtle pastel colors on the obverse - certainly a rare find for this date. Further, the coin is a true to grade full gem.
1895 7238 1895-S $1 MS64 436 94 488111
The 1895-S is a very difficult date with or without toning. We consider it to be underrated within the series. This is a nice original piece, and the most attractive toned example we have yet located in any grade. Heritage, Long Beach Signature Sale (2/26/05:10478)
1896 7240 1896 $1 MS66 1718 648 1768657
Mike DeFalco (Numismatic Enterprises)
1897 7246 1897 $1 MS66 431 105 837190
1898 7252 1898 $1 MS66 766 246 3161702
An attractive premium gem album-toned example of this later "P" mint issue. A nice find from the retail inventory of Heritage Rare Coin Galleries.
1899 7258 1899 $1 MS66 287 58 1943372
A date that is somewhat difficult to locate with attractive original color. This 1899 sports deep blue, violet and rose toning atop premium quality gem surfaces. Previously part of the "Toned Dollars" collection.
1900 7264 1900 $1 MS66 780 163 2179395
The 1900-P is another date that is common enough as a "white" piece, but a better date as a toned piece. Attractive rainbow toned examples do exist, such as the wonderful coin owned by fellow collector Jack Kelly. However, the current example is the best that has been available to Sunnywood thus far. This was another early Ebay purchase, from collector Keith Fredrickson.
1901 7276 1901-S $1 MS65 285 46 3570708
For reasons that we can only guess, the 1901-S dollar is an unheralded stopper in any collection of toned Morgan dollars. They just don't seem to exist with attractive color - or for that matter, with any appreciable color other than non-descript gray or tan. A number of fellow toned dollar collectors have confirmed this. This attractive gem is about as nice an originally toned example as can be hoped for in a 1901-S. Interestingly, the same can be said of the other 1901-S silver coinage. The famous quarter is a case in point; most original toned examples feature generic streaky brownish-grey toning. It took us seven years to locate a suitable gem quality '01-S Morgan with acceptably attractive original color, although even this coin is no match for a rainbow-toned common date specimen. Still, one must always consider quality in the context of the specific date or issue. Some coins "just don't come nice" - or just don't come nicely toned.
1902 7280 1902-O $1 MS66 685 138 1344236
An absolutely beautiful coin pedigreed to two previous owners known for their discerning taste for coins with great eye appeal. As with all the issues from 1898 through 1902, here again the "O" mint is more readily found with beautiful color, but a coin as pretty as this one is nonetheless quite scarce. Ex Gregg Bingham; Dale Larsen.
1903 7286 1903-O $1 MS66 692 139 1782339
The fabled 1903-O dollar was once considered the premier rarity of the Morgan dollars series, with virtually no examples known in mint state. However, in late 1962, the Treasury began releasing Morgan dollars that had been stored in its vaults for many decades. Among these was a significant number of 1903-O dollars - all in mint state !! Essentially all known uncirculated examples stem from this 1962 release. Most, however, are untoned, and it is rare to find a lovely envelope or album toned piece such as this one, particularly in such high grade. From Northeast Numismatics.
1904 7292 1904-O $1 MS66 1025 167 1189185
ex Gregg Bingham; Dale Larsen
1921 7296 1921 $1 MS65 5344 791 84221550
Most 1921 dollars are either untoned, or have mottled unattractive toning. One commonly seen feature on toned '21-P dollars is a distinctive form of "scratchiness" in the toning, a form of mottling undoubtedly related to some particular method of planchet preparation and treatment that was peculiar to the 1921 issue. It is quite uncommon to encounter a 1921-P dollar with attractive colorful toning, and which is also not scratchy or mottled in the toning quality. This example is possibly the best colored 1921-P known; none of the toned Morgan specialists has ever seen a more attractively toned example. Ex Jack Kelly to Sunnywood in 2006, as part of a group of prized coins from the "Toned Dollars" collection. Previously from Elliot Goldman, Allstate Coin Co. of Tucson, AZ; to toned dollar specialist Art Ricci (1988); to Jack Kelly (2003). Note: several other nice colorful examples of this date can be found in our duplicates and triplicates Registry Sets.