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Overland Trail Collection - 4th

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The Overland Trail Collection of Dahlonega gold consists of a select nine-piece type set. The coins have been chosen for their beautiful toning and eye appeal as well as for their rarity. The set was started in 1998 with the acquisition of an crusty, green-gold 1851 Liberty gold dollar from Hancock and Harwell of Atlanta. Thus, bitten by the gold bug, other Dahlonega issues followed until 2005 when the set was completed. Outstanding coins include originally toned, crusty half eagles, the 1838-D and 1847-D, from the North Georgia Collection. The exceedingly rare princess three dollar with delicate copper-gold coloring, soft mint luster, and outstanding full strike. Other rare issues include a richly, golden-toned 1855-D Indian dollar reaching into condition census, a nice, sharply struck, yellow gold 1839-D half eagle with coppery highlights, and a crusty, green-gold toned 1847-D quarter eagle with gold overtones. The rest of the collection consists of an 1859 Indian gold dollar, boldly struck and originally toned and a sharply struck 1839-D classic quarter eagle. Coins made of gold from Georgia and North Carolina have more silver present and have a yellow green-gold cast. Coins, especially after the California gold rush of 1849, have a more golden coppery appearance. Special thanks to the late Jack Hancock, Bob Harwell, and Doug Winter for their guidance and expertise in assembling this collection.

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Overland Trail Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
One Dollar Gold Type 1 7515 1851-D G$1 AU55 23 52 143272
Mintage: 9,982. Liberty Coronet. First minted in 1849, at 13mm this is the smallest of all United States coins. A conditionaly rare issue in AU55 with a total coins known in all grades of 150-175. This example has green-gold, crusty surfaces and splashes of gold toning. Some die clashing evident on reverse. One of the few U. S. issues with the date on the reverse.
One Dollar Gold Type 2 7534 1855-D G$1 AU55 11 12 1112
Mintage: 1,811. Indian Princess. Complaints that the gold dollar was too small caused a redesign in 1854. A collosal mistake of design by James Longacre with weak strikes of virtually all coins from all five mints. This issue has a weak 8 in the date, as with most 55's, otherwise nice detail and gold toning with some reflectiveness noted around the devices. As attractive as a 55-D can get. The rarest of all Dahlonega gold dollars. From the North Georgia Collection.
One Dollar Gold Type 3 7553 1859-D G$1 AU58 30 28 120113
Mintage: 4,952. Indian Princess (Large Head) The design blunder by Longacre brought about the immediate redesign of the gold dollar once again in 1856. An improvement, but incomplete strikes still evident at branch mints. This examples has bright yellow golden toning with only trace of wear. Near full strike, nice frosty luster, and eye appeal. A rare issue in AU58. Total coins known 150-175.
Classic Head $2-1/2 Gold 7700 1839-D $2.50 AU55 12 20 1220
Mintage:13,674. Classic Quarter Eagle. Green gold coloration and sharp strike. Note the horizontal clash marks within the ear diagnostic of authenticity. A rare issue in grades AU and above with total coin exant from 150-175.
Liberty Head $2-1/2 Gold 7746 1847-D $2.50 AU55 20 42 263430
Mintage:15,784. Liberty Coronet. One of the more common quarter eagles from the Dahlonega Mint. This piece shows a buttery green-gold coloration with coppery highlights. The coin looks as if it almost glows.
$3 Gold 7970 1854-D $3 AU50 18 47 1847
Mintage:1120. Princess Three Dollar. Due to a reduction in postal rates from 5-cents to 3-cents Congress authorized the minting of three dollar gold pieces. This lone emmission from the frontier Dahlonega Mint is exceptional in golden, green gold coloration and notable for its excessively rare full strike. A choice piece always in demand.
Classic Head $5 Gold 8178 1838-D $5 AU55 16 35 1635
Mintage 20,583. Classic Half Eagle. Gold fever hit the country in the late 1820's as the yellow metal was discovered in Georgia and North Carolina. The gold rush that ensued triggered the establishment of federal branch mints at Charlotte, NC and Dahlonega, GA. The 1838 Classic half eagle was the first coin produced at the frontier Dahlonega Mint. This coin exhibits beautiful golden tone, semiprooflike surfaces, and fantastic eye appeal. From the North Georgia Collection
Liberty Head $5 Gold "D" Above Date 8193 1839-D $5 AU58 6 7 67
Mintage 18,939. Liberty Coronet-Obverse Mint Mark. Yellow gold color, nice strike obverse and reverse, with just a mere trace of wear on Liberty's ear. This piece has quite a few very light surface tics with a razor sharp strike. The 1839 issue, besides the obverse mint mark, has a slightly different portrait of Liberty, than the following half eagles. Nice problem free specimens are difficult and expensive to acquire in grade AU55 and very rare AU58 and above.
Liberty Head $5 Gold 8234 1847-D $5 AU58 11 14 313329
Mintage: 64,405. Liberty Coronet. A gorgeous original example with semi prooflike fields, golden toning and crusty surfaces. One of the most common half eagles in lower grades becoming exceeding rare in AU58 and above. From the North Georgia Collection


Nine beautiful coins and an awesome collection. My favorite is the 1838-D half eagle!!!

Posted @ 3/21/2016 4:58 AM By

I thank PCGS for the honor bestowed to me. All opinions are appreciated.--Mr Commem

Posted @ 8/10/2008 6:07 PM By OverlandTrail