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Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
One Dollar Gold Type 1 7515 1851-D G$1 MS64 2 53
From the Alabama collector. This coin has an almost iridescent color to its extraordinarily original surfaces. This is an well above average full strike. Great detail on each star and strand of hair. You could have caught this coin off the press and it could not look better.
One Dollar Gold Type 2 7534 1855-D G$1
One Dollar Gold Type 3 7549 1858-D G$1 AU58 32 28 120113
Classic Head $2-1/2 Gold 7700 1839-D $2.50 AU50 23 41 2341
With its exceptionally original surfaces, this is the darkest crustiest coin in my set. Although the grading isn't the highest, the originality more than make up for the slight wear.
Liberty Head $2-1/2 Gold 7754 1849-D $2.50 AU55 16 26 263430
From the Alabama collector
$3 Gold 7970 1854-D $3 AU53 12 35 1235
Classic Head $5 Gold 8178 1838-D $5 AU58 24 11 2411
The yellow-orange surfaces of this piece display ample remaining luster and surprisingly few marks and the devices are well-defined.
Liberty Head $5 Gold "D" Above Date 8193 1839-D $5 AU53 10 25 1025
ex Legacy Collection Very pleasing surfaces
Liberty Head $5 Gold 8210 1842-D $5 MS62 6 10565
This is an attractive example of the small date variety. It is well struck with original and pleasing medium honey-gold color atop lustrous, lightly marked surfaces. It has a really sharp strike with no weakness at the centers or the borders.