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~ The Maddy Rae Collection of Early America ~ - 18th

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~ The Maddy Rae Collection of Early America ~

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree 23 1652 Shilling AU58 21 21 2937
A superb Pine Tree Large Planchet Noe 1. Most unusually, it is almost perfectly round, nicely struck, a very early die state (with no cuds or breaks - and rare as such), superb color with original luster (with just enough superficial dirt to connote originality) and, most amazingly, it exceeds the standard weight at 73.15 vs 72 (the very few seen that do exceed the standard weight have extra silver outside the outer beaded border, but this one doesn't - it's just thick).
Maryland Coinage Maryland
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage 46 St Patrick 1/2 P VF20BN 19 43 45195
Vlack 1-A variety. A pleasing, problem-free, golden brown example of this large cent-sized issue specifically authorized to circulate in 17th century New Jersey.
American Plantation Token Am Plant 1/24RL
Rosa Americana Coinage 128 1723 2Pence MS63 8 2 298
FROM STACKS WEBSITE (FORD IX LOT 144): 1723 Rosa Americana Twopence. Stop after REX. No stop after 1723. Br.92. Choice Uncirculated. Bath metal. 182.5 gns. Thin flan. A lovely example and a great type coin. Both sides are a rich deep brown color in the fields while the peripheries still show some light brassy yellow gold color around the protected areas. The surfaces are speckled with a myriad of tiny pits all as made. The central devices are all very sharp. There is a full border of denticles around each side. This piece is far nicer than most seen. Ex Waldo Newcomer, E.H.R. Green Collections, B.G. Johnson, F.C.C. Boyd Estate.
Woods Hibernia Coinage 183 1723/2 1/2 P MS63BN 1 1 140170
A distinctive Redbook variety that is far rarer than the typically seen perfect date issue. And this one is fantastic; lovely, lustrous original chocolate brown with some very faded color near the rims and a look that defies the grade on the old PCGS holder.  But what is most unusual here is the absolutely hammered strike, with deep, bold denticles and full central reverse detail not normally seen on this issue.
Virginia Coinage
Elephant Token Halfpenny 1/2 P
Higley Copper Higley
Voce Populi Coinage
Pitt Token 1766
Rhode Island Ship Medal 588 RI Ship Token MS63 4 3 168
One of the nicest Ship tokens that can be seen of any variety. Totally, completely and thoroughly original, very sharply struck, with a lovely old-world patina and flashes of underlying brilliant golden brass on both the obverse and reverse. Ex Stack's May 2004 sale of the John Ford Collection, Part II, lot #265 (and there described as 'Gem Uncirculated').
Chalmers Coinage 1783
French Colonies Billon Coinage
French Colonies Sou 1767 1767-A Sou
Continental Dollar 1776 $1
Nova Constellatio Copper C Nova
Immunis Columbia ImmCol
Massachusetts Copper
Connecticut Copper Bust Left Connct
New York Excelsior 1787 N York
Machins Mills Copper 460 ''1776'' 1/2 P XF45BN 3 2224
Considered to be Rarity-3 (though more like Rarity-7+ in this condition). Color and surface quality you never find on Machin’s coinage of any date, let alone one of these popular 1776 issues. Heritage Description: 1776 1/2P Machin's Mills Halfpenny XF45 PCGS Vlack 6-76A, W-7790, R.4. The single finest PCGS-certified 1776-dated Machin's Mills halfpenny, as of (3/09). Light tan-brown toning with minor build-up in the legends and unabraded surfaces save for a pair of inconspicuous field marks near the forehead. The devices are deliberately softly brought up to convey the appearance of wear, which in turn implies prior acceptance in circulation. Listed on page 64 of the 2009 Guide Book. (#460)
Nova Eborac Copper 1787 Copper
New Jersey Copper Head Right NJersy
Vermont Copper Plow Vermont
Vermont Copper Bust Right
North American Token 589 1781 Token
Bar Copper 599 Bar Cent AU58BN 11 16 1116
One of the most popular issues in the American colonial series. And this is an attractive golden brown example with pleasing surfaces for the issue. Just a couple of small marks within the obverse letters, but nothing too distracting and, on balance, this is a nice piece for the grade level.
Auctori Plebis Token 601 1787 Token
Mott Token 1789 Token
Kentucky Copper Kentucky Cent
Franklin Press Token 1794 Token
Myddelton Token 1796 Token
Castorland Medal Medal
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent Cent
Washington Triumpho Token 664 1783 Copper
Washington Military Bust
Washington Draped Bust
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse 705 1791 Cent AU58BN 39 73 88188
A nice, lustrous, Choice AU example of this classic colonial era issue.
Washington Liberty & Security
Washington Success Medal Wash-Success Medal
Fugio Cent 1787 Fugio


Very nice set! I really enjoyed reading each of the write-ups and the photos are excellent!

Posted @ 6/24/2010 12:43 PM By illini420