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Linda's Lil Gold Hoard - 2nd

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About This Set: Here is an interesting little gold set to complete. Most of these little gold coins can be found without too much difficulty. The order in which the coins were found was 1945, 1920, 1919, and 1947. These were relatively easy to find with the 1947 being the toughest of these four.

The last challenges have been 1946, including the most difficult 1944. The set is now complete with the key to the series 1944 being the last coin added to complete the set. The 1944 and 1946 were only recently found and probably because of the surge in the price of gold. The 1944 with a mintage of only 10,000 is the key to the set.

Interest in these coins was started in 1977 when the Restrike coins could have been found for less than $10.00 each. Today the melt value for these little pieces of gold is still less than $75.00 with gold above $1500 an ounce. You can think of these little gold treasures as probably the most affordable gold set to complete.

These 13mm charmers are the same size as the USA $1.00 coin. They are also just a bit lighter with the USA $1.00 containing 0.04837 ounces of pure gold and the Mexico Dos Peso containing 0.04820 ounces of pure gold.
This group was sent to PCGS to have a pedigree added. In thanks for all the support from my wife Linda I have selected "Linda's Lil Gold Hoard" to be printed on the labels.

Date: Mintage: Grade

1919: 1,670,000: AU58

1920: 4,282,000: MS63

1944: 10,000: MS65

1945: Restrike: MS66

1946: 168,000: MS64

1947: 25,000: MS64

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December 28, 2009

Linda's Lil Gold Hoard

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1919-Mo 525999 1919-Mo 2 Peso AU58 5 10
1920-Mo 526000 1920-Mo 2 Peso MS63 9 12
1944-Mo 526001 1944-Mo 2 Peso MS65 5 4
1945-Mo 526002 1945-Mo 2 Peso MS66 90 34
1946-Mo 526003 1946-Mo 2 Peso MS64 3 1
1947-Mo 526004 1947-Mo 2 Peso MS64 3 9