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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set George III 1760-1820 - 2nd

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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set George III 1760-1820

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Crown 206359 1819 Crown MS64 13 4 3617
Great Britain, George III, 1819 Silver Crown, LIX Edge, Laureate Head R., Rv. Pistrucci's St. George and the Dragon, design adopted for the King's final coinage in 1817. Fully struck with light russet toning over near flawless surfaces.
Half Crown 1/2 Cr
Three Shilling 206304 1812 3 Shil MS65 1 74
Great Britain, Silver 3 Shillings Bank Token, KM-Tn4, Scarce Gem with Reflective Fields, Finest
Eighteen Pence 205640 1813 18D MS65 4 1 104
Great Britain, Silver 18 Pence, Gem, Portrait of George III
Shilling 205145 1816 Shil MS66 18 1 283
Great Britain, Shilling George III Dated 1816, First Year, KM#666, PCGS MS66. Only one graded higher.
Six Pence 615026 1787 6D MS64 8 3 6678
Great Britain, 6 Pence George III Dated 1787, S-3749, KM-606.2, Hearts in Shield. Lovely Iridescent Toning. PCGS MS64. Rare in this High Grade.
Four Pence
Three Pence 610404 1762 3D MS64 4 72
Great Britain, Silver 3 Pence George III Portrait Head Rt., Dated 1762, First Year of Issue of this Monarch, KM#591, PCGS MS64, No 1762 Maundy Coins were issued, nor were these issued for the 1D, 2D or 4D. Finest.
Two Pence
Silver Penny
Copper Penny 202233 1806 1D MS66RB 2 122
Great Britain, Penny of George III, Shorter Haired, Laur. and Dr. Bust Rt, Date Below, Britannia Rev, KM-663, S.3780, Gorgeous Red/Brown Example, Tied for Finest
Halfpenny 201212 1806 1/2D MS65RB 4 1 5010
Great Britain, Geo III Halfpenny Dated 1806, MS65RB, GEM, KM-662, S.3781, Only one graded higher! Short haired laur. and dr. bust r., date below, Rv. Britannia l.
Farthing 610298 1773 1/4D MS65BN 2 1847
Great Britain, Geo III Farthing, 1773 MS65BN, S.3775, KM-602, A Wow! Coin, Lustrous Mint Gem, Finest Known, Unpriced in Unc in Spink!