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Blue Angel - 4th

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About This Set: The Blue Angel Collection represents my ongoing effort to build a complete colonial type set featuring well-matched pieces grading from F to MS, all original, with nice eye appeal. I have in many cases chosen a coin in lower numerical grade if I felt it was more attractive and original than one in a higher holder, and I have continued to improve the set over time using this same rationale. Eventually, I intend to list every piece and include a photograph of every item in the hope that others will enjoy viewing this set as much as I have enjoyed building it. I would also like to thank my friends at Coin Rarities Online who have spent so much time assisting me in building this set and tracking down the pieces I need! Finally, many thanks to all of you who visit this site to view my collection! And note that I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions anyone wishes to make. In the French Colonies specialty in particular, I have a number of additional pieces which are not (yet!) considered part of the PCGS Registry in this area, including the two best gold Louis D'Or coins from the Ford offering of La Chameau shipwreck pieces, and several additional choice 1720-A "John Law" copper and silver types.

Blue Angel

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
French Colonies 5 Sols 1670-A 158627 1670-A 5 Sol XF40 4 20 420
This is a tough issue in mid-grades with original color. It took me a long time to find this nice EF!
French Colonies Coins of 1717-1720 167113 1720-A 20 Sol MS62 3 2 42
This is one of my coins pedigreed to the John Ford Collection, lot 336 in Stack's Jan-2006 auction. This one has some really nice blue-gray toning and is one of the better pieces I have seen.
French Colonies Billon Coinage 158658 1738-A Sou M MS63 2 2 2514
This is my favorite Sou Marque of all time, as it looks original, has proof-like surfaces and some very pretty golden-orange toning.
French Colonies 9 Deniers 170192 1721-B 9 Den VF30BN 1 1 1340
This 1721-B (Rouen mint) coin is dozens of times rarer than the H (La Rochelle) mint issue of this type, and is very tough to find in this grade or higher. The present example is pedigreed to the Roper Collection, formerly lot 190 in Stack's Dec-1983 auction.
French Colonies Sou 1767 158637 1767-A Sou AU58BN 1 1 78
I think this is an especially attractive, original chocolate brown example of this type. From Stack's Jan-2006 Ford sale, lot 28.