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Spencer Collection Canadian Complete Type Set #2 - 21st

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Spencer Collection Canadian Complete Type Set #2

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Victoria One Cent 30062 1895 1C MS64RD 9 15 1013322
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1895, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, High End MS64, Fully Red
Edward VII One Cent 30144 1907 1C MS64RD 8 4 44888
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1907, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RD. Old Green Holder. Scarce in this High Grade.
George V One Cent Large 30212 1919 1C MS64RD 21 10 777175
Canada, Large Cent Dated 1919, George V, PCGS MS64RD, Scarce in this High Grade.
George V One Cent Small 1C
George VI One Cent 1C
Elizabeth II One Cent 1C
Victoria Five Cents 5C
Edward VII Five Cents 5C
George V Five Cents Silver 5C
George V Five Cents Nickel 5C
George VI Five Cents 5C
Elizabeth II Five Cents 5C
Victoria Ten Cents 10C
Edward VII Ten Cents 10C
George V Ten Cents 10C
George VI Ten Cents 10C
Elizabeth II Ten Cents 10C
Victoria Twenty Cents 1858 20C
Victoria Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Edward VII Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George V Twenty-Five Cents 25C
George VI Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Elizabeth II Twenty-Five Cents 25C
Victoria Fifty Cents 50C
Edward VII Fifty Cents 50C
George V Fifty Cents 50C
George VI Fifty Cents 50C
Elizabeth II Fifty Cents 50C
George V Dollars 32395 1935 S$1 MS64 740 867 10931057
Canada, Silver One Dollar, PCGS MS64, White Blazer, Looks GEM
George VI Dollars S$1
Elizabeth II Dollars S$1
Edward VII Sovereigns Sov
George V Sovereigns 32657 1919-C Sov MS64 34 2 59947
Canada, Gold Sovereign. Dated 1919-C, Scarce Date to Find in PCGS MS64. Portrait of king George V. Struck at the Ottawa, (C), mint. Cataloged as KM 20. Very bright and attractive with minimal contact marks. Ex Stuart Rubenfeld, and earlier Ex Heritage Signature Auction September 2012, Lot 23350. Only 1 Finer.
George V Five Dollars 32668 1912 $5 MS63 158 85 414165
Canada, Gold $5 King, Old Green Holder, Nice UNC Looks Undergraded.
George V Ten Dollars $10