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Spencer Collection Threepence Type Set 1670-Date - 3rd

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Spencer Collection Threepence Type Set 1670-Date

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Charles II (1670-1684)
James II (1685-1688)
William and Mary (1689-1695)
William III (1698-1701) 3D Mdy
Anne (1703-1713) 164349 1710 3D Mdy AU58 1 1
Great Britain, 3D from Anne Maundy set 1710, S3599, a lovely matched 4-piece set graded by PCGS as follows: Pence MS63, Twopence MS62, Threepence AU58, Fourpence MS62. The toning on each is a similar deep bluish gray, more consistently blue on the two smaller coins, with hues of gold iridescence. Uniformly well struck and centered. Faintest tin flecks in the metal. In all, a really exceptional set worth over Spink catalogue value. From the Exeter College Collection, Finest
George I (1717-1727)
George II (1729-1760) 612554 1740 3D Mdy MS64 2 1 51
Great Britain, 3D from George II Maundy set 1740, Young laureate Head, S3716, a delightful set graded as follows by PCGS: Penny MS63, Twopence MS63, Threepence MS64, Fourpence AU58. The three Mint State pieces have a uniform luster and most pleasing dark blue toning and are well struck. The AU piece has almost matching toning, so that the set appears original, despite the light wear on the largest coin. Very scarce so well preserved. From the Exeter College Collection
George III Young Head (1762-1786) 610404 1762 3D MS64 4 5
Great Britain, Silver 3 Pence George III Portrait Head Rt., Dated 1762, First Year of Issue of this Monarch, KM#591, PCGS MS64, No 1762 Maundy Coins were issued, nor were these issued for the 1D, 2D or 4D. Finest.
George III Old Head (1792-1820) 3D Mdy
George IV (1822-1830) 3D Mdy
William IV (1831-1837)
Victoria Young Head (1838-1887)
Victoria Jubilee Head (1887-1893)
Victoria Old Head (1893-1901) 204611 1896 3D MS67 4 3213
Great Britain, Victoria Silver Threepence dated 1896, S3942, Old or Veiled Head, MS67 PCGS, fully struck, almost perfect surfaces, sparkling semi-prooflike silvery luster with a hint of russet-blue peripheral toning. From the famed Guilford Courthouse Collection, Tied for Finest.
Edward VII (1902-1910) 204065 1907 3D Mdy PL67 5 3 419
Great Britain, Three Pence Silver dated 1907. Edward VII. Part of a Four-Piece Maundy Set. An original set with matching color and appearance, all MS67's, amazing quality. Believed to be from the Guilford Courthouse Collection.
George V Oak Wreath (1911-1936) 204077 1912 3D Mdy PL67 1 131
Great Britain, 3D Silver dated 1912. George V. Part of a Well Matched Lovely Toned Maundy Set, all PCGS PL67. Finest.
George V Oak Leaves & Acorns (1927-1936) 3D
George VI Tudor Rose (1937-1945) 3D
George VI Thrift Plant (1937-1952) 3D
George VI Maundy (1937-1952) 204111 1937 3D Mdy PL66 6 73
Great Britain, 3D 1937 Proof Like Three Penny Silver, PCGS PL66, George VI, Tied for Finest Known.
Elizabeth II Crowned Portcullis (1953-1967) 3D
Elizabeth II Maundy (1953-1970) 3D Mdy