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Spencer Collection #3 - 4th

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Spencer Collection #3

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Five Guineas 786706 1770 5 G
Two Guineas 160746 1768 P2 G
Guinea 618131 1786 Guinea AU58 5 72130
Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George III, nice original coin, good detail and strike, KM-604, Fourth Issue, Tied for Finest
Half-Guinea 160768 1788 1/2 G MS62 2 1 4041
Great Britain Gold 1/2 Guinea of George III, KM-608, Rare in Mint State, Finest Known
Third-Guinea 618040 1810 1/3 G MS62 6 1 1827
Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, Mint State & Tied for Finest
Sovereign 206884 1817 Sov PR63 3 1 3023
Great Britain, Gold Pattern Sovereign Dated 1817, S-3785, WR-197, KM-674. RARE. cf. Bentley Collection: Lot 3, a George III 1817 Proof Sovereign drew a great deal of pre-sale interest, not least because the modern milled gold Sovereign was introduced to the British public on the 5 July 1817. The standard design for the initial currency depicts King George III on the obverse and carries the first depiction of the classic St. George slaying the dragon design on the reverse. The design, engraved by the famous medallist Benedetto Pistrucci, has now become an iconic image and synonymous with the Sovereign. One of the key features of the design of this proof, as adopted and engraved for currency by Pistrucci, are the wreath of 10 leaves and the date below the bust, coupled of course with St George slaying the dragon. Some of the letters in the legend lack serifs no doubt due to blockages or faulty letter punches with corner serifs broken off being employed. The lot sold for £27,600 but carried an estimate of £15,000 - 20,000.
Half-Sovereign 206575 1820 1/2 Sov MS62 7 11 1353
Great Britain, Gold Half-Sovereign of George III, Dated 1820, Out of collection assembled in the 1950's.