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Expert Comments:
The PCGS Set Registry now includes over 2,900 registrants and over 15,000 sets. Over the last year, we've added new enhancements, a Colonial PCGS Set Registry, and we've tweaked a few of the sets to correct errors and to make them more usable. The sheer size of the number of sets made picking this year's award winners an even larger and more difficult task than in previous years, but the task was enjoyable, indeed. All three of this year's judges (David Hall, Gordon Wrubel, and Ron Guth) were impressed by the quality of the coins and the passion, dedication, and tenacity expressed by the people who collect them.

Our job as judges was to pick the best 20 classic sets, the best 20 modern sets, and the 10 best newcomer sets. Here's what we found. In some cases, last year's winner remained this year's winner. In other cases, competition was intense and there was a lot of jockeying for position within a category. Some of last year's winners were dethroned; others regained their former supremacy. In a few cases, former winning sets were retired, giving opportunities for other collections to rise to the top. Often, the difference between winning and losing was a mere fraction of a point.

In reality, there are no losers in this competition. Every participant is enjoying their hobby and most are making sincere efforts to constantly upgrade and/or expand their collections. One thing we noticed - there are a lot of Owner's Comments that included thanks to other PCGS Set Registry participants for help in building their collections. This is the sort of camaraderie among collectors that we hoped would become a part of this program - and has. Collectors having fun and helping each other - that's the true spirit of numismatics.

To all of this year's award winners, we say "Congratulations" and we look forward to honoring you at the PCGS Set Registry Awards luncheon at the ANA's annual convention in San Francisco!

To those who did not win awards, we say "Keep trying!" and "Keep up the good work."

To every participant, we offer a heartfelt "Thank you." We could do none of this without you.

David Hall, Gordon Wrubel, and Ron Guth

Twenty Best Classic Sets (1792 to 1964) of 2005

High Desert - Complete U.S. Type Set (1792-1964)
The High Desert collection continues its dominance of the type set category and receives its fourth consecutive award for its completion and high quality. This is an amazing set of U.S. coin types, 100% complete and with a weighted GPA of 63.81. We repeat our comment from last year's award - this is one of the finest complete type sets of U.S. coins ever assembled…ever!!!

Jim McGuigan - Half Cent Collection (1793-1857)
Half Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1793-1857)
Half Cents With Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1793-1857)
Half Cents Basic Set, Proof (1831-1857)
Half Cents With Varieties, Proof (1831-1857)

Through his contacts as a dealer and a collector, Jim McGuigan built one of the finest all-time collections of U.S. Half Cents. His 1793-1797 Half Cents are simply incredible and their quality is unimprovable. Jim continues to upgrade the collection, so we expect to see more from him in the future. In 2004, this collection won multiple awards, including a Hall of Fame recognition, and it's certainly deserving of recognition again.

The Ally Collection - Indian Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1859-1909)
Last year, we gave special recognition to the Ally collection even though it was in second place in this category. We just couldn't bypass the superb quality of this incredible set. This year, the Ally Collection has moved into top position, barely edging out the equally incredible Stewart Blay collection. However, the contest isn't over and this category could shape up to be a real horse race in 2006.

Stewart Blay - Lincoln Cent Collection (1909-1958)
Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958)
Lincoln Cents with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1909-1958)
Lincoln Cents, Matte Proof (1909-1916)
Lincoln Cents, Proof (1936-1942)
Lincoln Cents, Proof (1950-1958)
Lincoln Cents, Proof (1909-1958)

Stewart Blay really sets the standard for PCGS Set Registry competition. His aggressive pursuit of Pop Top coins keeps him at the top of his game. Check out the stats - 100% complete, with weighted GPA's of over 68 on all but the 1936-1942 Proof set (which is an equally impressive 67.89). Stewart is a Hall-of-Famer who won awards for his sets in 2002-2004. We suspect he'll be just as competitive in coming years.

JEU - Shield Two Cents, Proof (1864-1873)
Shield Two Cents Basic Set, Proof (1864-1873)
Shield Two Cents with Varieties, Proof (1864-1873)

This is an amazing set of superb quality copper coins, every one with full Red color and even a couple with Cameo contrast. JEU's variety set includes the elusive 1864 Small Motto and both varieties of 1873. This set is going to be hard to beat.

Gerald Forsythe - Buffalo Nickel Collection (1913-1938)
Buffalo Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1913-1938)
Buffalo Nickels Short Set, Circulation Strikes (1934-1938)
Buffalo Nickels, Proof (1913-1937)
In 2005, Gerald Forsythe took Buffalo Nickel collecting to an entirely new level by becoming the number one finest set of all time in both categories. This is quite an accomplishment, especially considering the competition in this extremely popular series. Here's how close to perfection Gerald's Basic Set is - there are only five dates he could possibly improve and each of those has a population of only one coin!

The Law Collection - Barber Dimes, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916)
Barber Dimes Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916)
Barber Dimes with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916)
After being knocked out of the top spot last year by the Stewart Blay Collection, the Law Collection regains the throne by taking the GPA to an amazing 66.36 for the Basic Set and 66.33 for the With Varieties Set. This is the Finest Set of All Time and an accomplishment that should be applauded and admired.

Joshua II Collection - Mercury Dimes FB with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1916-1945)
This is a stunning set of Finest Knowns, Pop Tops, and condition-rarities, with an overall GPA of over 69! To understand the significance of this collection, take a peek at the "Pop Higher" column, where virtually every number is a "0" (meaning that none have been graded finer). This Hall-of-Fame collection continues its dominance of the category for the fourth year in a row.

Driftwood - Twenty Cents Collection (1875-1878)
Twenty Cents, Circulation Strikes (1875-1876)
Twenty Cents with 76-CC, Circulation Strikes (1875-1876)
Twenty Cent with Branch Mint, Proof (1875-1878)
It's hard to beat a collection that's 100% complete AND includes an 1876-CC and an 1875-S Branch Mint Proof. Well, that the reality - this collection has landed on top. We're particularly impressed by the MS-66 1876-CC from the Norweb collection. Now, that's a coin!

Just Having Fun! - Standing Liberty Quarters FH, Circulation Strikes (1916-1930)
Standing Liberty Quarters FH Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1916-1930)
Standing Liberty Quarters FH with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1916-1930)

This collector isn't just having fun, he is dead serious about this series. These are Hall of Fame sets that retain their top rankings for the third year in a row. Nearly every coin is a Pop Top and all but two have full heads.

Manofcoins PCGS Collection - Washington Quarters Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1932-1964)
Hands down, the finest set of silver Washington Quarters ever assembled. This is the second year that this deserving set has dominated the category and the owner is constantly working to upgrade and improve this set.

Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Duckor - Barber Half Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1892-1915)
Barber Half Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1915)
Barber Half Dollars with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1892-1915)

PCGS had the pleasure of displaying the Duckors' stunning set of Half Dollars at the February 2005 Long Beach convention, alongside Dale Friend's and Dr. Peter Shireman's collections (currently, second and third finest, respectively). Everyone who saw the coins agreed that they are the most incredible, breathtaking Barber Half Dollars they had ever seen.

The Cajun Collection - Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1916-1947)
Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1916-1947)
Walking Liberty Half Dollars Short Set, Circulation Strikes (1941-1947)

The owner of this fabulous collection describes his passion for the series, which is reflected in the impressive quality of every coin. From the MS-66 1921-D to the MS-68 1943, this set is loaded with top-quality coins of the highest caliber. We respect and appreciate the time and expense that has gone into building this wonderful set of Walkers.

Legend Collection - Liberty Seated Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1840-1873)
We'll let the owner's comments speak for this remarkable collection: "The Legend Collection of Mint State Seated Dollars is the absolute finest ever completed. It's also the ONLY set ever completed in 100% uncirculated condition. It is highlighted by the James A Stack specimen of the 1870-S, the finest of only 9 coins known. In addition, it contains such amazing rarities as the Starr 1844 and 1852, Norweb 1845 and 1850-O, Garrett 1848, Fairfield 1849, Hayes 1866, Stack 1871-CC, Austin 1872-CC and the Share 1873-CC."

Legend Collection - Trade Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1873-1878)
This whopper of a Trade Dollar sets boasts 100% completion with a GPA approaching MS-66! Fifteen of the coins are single Pop, Finest Known examples, which means that no one will ever be able to come anywhere near this set. Amazingly, this set contains TWO Trade Dollars in MS-68. What an accomplishment!

California I - Peace Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1921-1935)
Although the contents of this collection are private, we can tell you that there are some pretty amazing pieces here, including a unique MS-66 1928-S and a unique MS-67 1923-S. The overall GPA of 66.24 gives some indication of the superb quality of the coins in this set. This is an active collection, so who knows where this set might be next year! This is the fourth consecutive year of awards for this stellar set.

The California Collection - Indian Head $2-1/2, Circulation Strikes (1908-1929)
The retirement of the JSB Collection opened the door for the California Collection, which is now the Current Finest set in this category. With 100% completion and a GPA of 65.57, this set is fully deserving of top honors. Any set with an MS-66 1911-D gets our attention!

The Kutasi Collection - Indian Head $10, Circulation Strikes (1907-1933)
The Kutasi Collection was a "Best of the Registry" certificate winner from last year and remains the All Time Finest Collection for this category. The owner of this collection began this set in January 2004, which is a testament to the tremendous effort in time and money that it took to build this set so quickly. How often does a 1933 Eagle appear on the market, much less an MS-65!

Southern Collection - North Carolina Gold Collection (1831-1850)
North Carolina Gold Type Set (Bechtler 1831-1850)
North Carolina Gold Basic Set (Bechtler 1831-1850)

Two amazing sets of privately minted gold coins, each set complete and all in wonderful condition. These were some of the first gold coins in America, they circulated heavily in North Carolina and Georgia, and they are all rare. These wonderful sets are testaments to the tenacity and hard work of the owner. To understand this series, take a look at the stats - many of the coins have extremely low pops or they are among the finest known. Then, check the prices - these coins aren't cheap!

Robert H. Lande - California Fractional Gold, Complete Collection, Period One
Period One California Gold pieces are considered to be the creme-de-la-crème of the series, and Mr. Lande has done a superb job of assembling this collection. Although not complete (at 86%), this collection includes some amazing coins, such as one unique piece, at least two of which there are only two know, loads of other rarities. Congratulations on a job well done.

Best Modern Sets of 2005

Sterling - American Eagles Complete Set (1986-present)
Admittedly, this is an ambitious set with a high intrinsic value. Although the Sterling collection is only 69% complete, no one is even close and the GPA is an impressive 69.11.

High Desert - Modern Type Set, Circulation Strikes (1950-Present)
High Desert, whose complete type set from 1792-1964 has already been cited for one of the Best Classic Sets of 2005, continues the standard of excellence with this Modern Set. At 100% complete and with a GPA of 68.10, this set has maintained the top spot four years in a row!

Cris & Eddy Santos - Modern Type Set, Proof (1950-Present)
An amazing set of all Deep Cameo coins and loads and loads of PR-70's. This is a new winner for the category, barely eking out last year's winner and another contender. This set is almost uniformly perfect and there is very little room for improvement here.

Cameron Stanley - Lincoln Cents, Proof (1959-Present)
Lincoln Cents Basic Set, Proof (1959-Present)
Lincoln Cents With Varieties, Proof (1959-Present)

Young Numismatist Cameron Stanley continues to lead the pack for the second year in a row in these two categories. The GPA for the Basic Set is an amazing 70.42 (out of 70.45)!

Just Having Fun! - Jefferson Nickels FS Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1938-Present)
Jefferson Nickels FS Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1938-1964)
Jefferson Nickels FS Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1938-present)

Just Having Fun! steps out once again (pun intended) with these two remarkable sets. Virtually every coin has Full Steps, which in many cases represents an extreme rarity. These are the best of the best in a hotly contested area.

The Corso Collection - Jefferson Nickels with Varieties, Proof (1965-Present)
The Corso Collection pulls off a hat trick with its third consecutive win in this series. Here are the stats: 100% complete, 100% Deep Cameos, and a GOA of 70.16 (out of a possible 70.34. You can bet there are some eye-popping beauties in this collection.

Just Having Fun - Roosevelt Dimes FB, Circulation Strikes (1946-1964)
Full Bands are a fairly recent designation on Roosevelt Dimes, yet every one of the coins in Just Having Fun's collection has them! Years ago, our friend Bruce Amspacher related his story of how difficult it was to complete a set of Roosevelt Dimes in MS-65 (this was way back in the early days of PCGS -- and he wasn't even talking about coins with Full Bands). For that reason, we've always had a soft spot in our hearts for this series.

Mitchell J. Spivack (Wondercoin) - Washington Quarters, Circulation Strikes (1965-1998)
As a collector's dealer, Mitch Spivack has helped many PCGS Set Registry participants build their award-winning collections. Here, he has built one of his own, this time gently nudging out last year's winner with his 100% complete collection. These are some of the most difficult modern coins to find in top condition. The fact that Mitch has been able to reach an average grade of over 67 is simply incredible.

Peter Lustiber (PML Collection) - Washington Quarters, Proof (1965-1998)
We have a new winner in this category for 2005. The PML collection is virtually all Pop Top coins and almost all are PR-70 DCAMS. All Peter has to do is upgrade two coins and he'll have a perfect, unbeatable score.

Donn Murphy Collection - Washington Statehood Quarters, Circulation Strikes (1999-Present)
Donn has won in this category for the fourth year in a row with a set that is dripping in MS-68's and MS-69's, most of which are the finest available grades for the date. However, Douglas Rall (see next) has tied Donn's overall GPA, so he'll be listed as co-winner in this category.

Douglas Rall - Washington Statehood Quarters, Circulation Strikes (1999-Present)
Douglas Rall has steadily improved his set to the point where he is now co-winner (with Donn Murphy) in this category. This is shaping up to be a real battle between these two super-collectors and we'll be interested to see who will come out on top next year. Good luck to both of you.

EBL III Collection - Franklin Half Dollars, Proof (1950-1963)
Franklin Half Dollars Basic Set, Proof (1950-1963)
Franklin Half Dollars with Varieties, Proof (1950-1963)

The EBL III Collection is a monster set of Deep Cameo Proof Franklins. The set has dominated the Basic category for the last four years and is a Hall Of Fame Set. This year, EBL III is a new winner in the With Varieties category, thanks to the addition of a monster PR-67 Cameo example of the 1961 Double Die Reverse.

Richard Green Collection - Kennedy Half Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1964 to Present)
Kennedy Half Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1964-Present)
Kennedy Half Dollars with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1964-Present)
Kennedy Half Dollars Silver Short Set, Circulation Strikes (1964-1970)

This Hall of Fame set includes 70 Finest Knowns, many of which are the only coin listed for the grade. Very few sets in the PCGS Set Registry are unbeatable, but this is one of them.

Kallenberg - Kennedy Half Dollars, Proof (1964-Present)
Kennedy Half Dollars, Proof (1964-Present)
Kennedy Half Dollars Silver Short Set, Proof (1964-1970)

The retirement of the Cris & Eddy Santos Collection allowed the Kallenberg Collection to move to the top ranking in these two categories. This collection is now tied for All Time Finest and it will be interesting to see if Kallenberg can finally reach the perfect score (he only needs to upgrade one coin in each category)!

James Sego JMS Coins - Eisenhower Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1971-1978)
Eisenhower Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1971-1978)
Eisenhower Dollars with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1971-1978)

In 2003, James Sego became the top set in the basic set category. In 2004, he dominated the varieties category - and he's never looked back. James is no Johnny-come-lately - he's been working on his collection for over 17 years - and it shows! Check out his comments - he's got a couple of interesting, unusual, and extremely rare error coins.

The Heller Collection - Eisenhower Dollars, Proof (1971-1978)
On April 22, 2005, the Heller Collection reached a milestone when it reached a perfect score for the category, becoming one of the very few sets in the PCGS Set Registry that cannot be improved in any way. Considering the intense competition in this category, and the jockeying for position that has occurred over the past several years, this is an amazing accomplishment.

DRG - Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Circulation Strikes (1979-1981, 1999)
This is another one of those rare, perfect sets: 100% complete and every single coin is a Pop Top (including the unique-for-the-grades 1979-P and 1981-S). The owner of this set began collecting in 1994 and looked through 70,000 1981-S SBAs to find his MS67! Now, that's dedication!

CGC - Sacagawea Dollar Collection (2000-Present)
Sacagawea Dollars, Circulation Strikes (2000-Present)
Sacagawea Dollars, Proof (2000-Present)

The CGC collection has won the Circulation Strikes category for the last two years, despite the fact that this is an open set with new coins being added each year. The coins in both of these sets are awesome and some have extremely low pops.

Pittsburgh Collector - Modern Commemoratives, Circulation Strikes (1982-Present)
There are so many MS-70 coins in this set that one might come to the conclusion that they are common. Kudos to the Pittsburgh Collector for building such an amazing set and for continuing to add new issues each year. We like this set because of the superb quality and the diversity of design.

The Gagleard Kids Collection - Silver Eagles, Proof (1986-Present)
The "Kids" are at it again, winning this category for the second year in a row. Every coin in this set is a perfect Proof-70, including the optional 2005-W First Strike (setting them up for an automatic win in next year's competition).

Wren's Delight - 1965-67 Special Mint Sets
This three time winner has chosen to go private, but with a GPA of 68.87, this one's clearly the best of the category.

Best Set Registry Newcomers of 2005

JB3 Collection - Commemoratives Complete Set (1893-present)
Talk about making a splash! The JB3 Collection arrived with a nearly complete collection of ALL American commemorative coins, going way back to the Isabella Quarter in 1893, through the classic period, and all the way up to the present time, including gold. This ambitious set is 99% complete and has an overall GPA of 67.73. Not bad for a new kid on the block.

Dan Close (Close to Perfect) - Lincoln Cents with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1959-present)
Dan burst onto the scene with a monster set of Lincoln Cents. Incredibly, he's not too far behind Hall-of-Famer, Stewart Blay, whose name is synonymous with quality and perfection. We can't wait to see what Dan has in store for us over the next year!

JHTwist Collection - Shield Two Cents with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1864-1872)
Talk about reaching the pinnacle in your first year, the JHTwist Collection is complete and has a GPA of 65.69. That score was enough to make this the All Time Finest collection in this category.

Gerald Forsythe - Buffalo Nickels Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1913-1938)
Sometimes we wonder how people do it. How can a newcomer, in his first year out, completely take over a series that has seen intense competition for years? The Forsythe Set is now the Current Finest and the All-Time Finest set in this category. A great effort.

The Law Collection - Bust Half Dimes Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1829-1837) Owner's comments: "For the Law Collections nothing but the finest will do. Other top pop sets of the Law Collections include: #1 MS Barber Dimes, #2 Shield Nickels. And like the other Law sets, this set will be complete only when PCGS stops grading and all of the finest coins are included in the Law Collections!" The challenge has been made and PCGS will do its part by continuing to grade great coins like these.

Daniel D. Biddle - Washington Quarters, Proof (1936-Present)
Daniel reached top rankings in both the Current Finest and All Time Finest categories. He did it by completing the set, then making sure that most of the coins were Deep Cameos. This is an amazing set that includes gorgeous silver pieces and the all of the States Quarters issued to date.

Park Avenue Collection - Saint Gaudens $20, Circulation Strikes (1907-1932)
Anyone that brings together a high-grade set of $20 Saints, especially a set that includes a 1927-D, gets our attention. This is a stellar accomplishment that required a considerable monetary investment. Although this set has already been retired (after the awards cutoff date), it ranks as the #2 All Time Finest set. Plus, we noticed a Park Avenue 2 collection already making its way up through the listings.

Annapolis Collection - Early American Coins and Tokens Design Set (1616-1820)
This is one of the first sets to be included in this new Colonial category, established earlier this year. This set is full of esoteric rarities, many of which are either impossible to locate or extremely difficult to find nice. The Annapolis Collection is only 77% complete, but it has the highest GPA of any set we've ever seen, including the Garrett collection.

Snow's Alaska Set - Alaska RRC Bingles (1935)
Token issues normally don't get much recognition in competitions like this. However, this is a really cool set of tiny gold coins and we think its great that Snow was able to complete the set AND rise to the top spot on both the Current and the All-Time Finest lists.

Best British Set of 2005

Hornreich collection - Gold Type Set, George III (1760-1820)
The Hornreich Collection consists of a wide range of British coins, but this set of gold coins really caught our eye. There are ten coins in this set, four of which are extremely rare. The Hornreich Collection is 70% complete and includes three remarkable Proofs, all with an overall GPA of 61.38. By comparison, the famed Terner collection was only 50% complete in this category.

Best Canadian Sets of 2005

Lantern Collection - Canadian Coins Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1858-1952)
This is the Canadian counterpart of the U.S. Complete Type Set from 1792-1964 and many would argue that this set is every bit as tough. For the third year in a row, the Lantern Collection takes top honors in this category with a collection that is 88% complete and has a GPA of 60.95. No one else come anywhere close.

EGB Collection - Complete Gold Set, Circulation Strikes (1909-1914)
This is a short (but sweet) set of fifteen glittering gold coins. The EGB collection has all fifteen coins in the highest GPA we've ever seen (better even than Belzberg's). This set is a new winner in this category and is the Current and All-Time Finest.

Most Improved Sets of 2005

The Gerry Fortin Collection - Liberty Seated Dimes, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891)
Liberty Seated Dimes Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891)
Liberty Seated Dimes with Varieties Set, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891)
Liberty Seated Dimes with Varieties and 1873-CC No Arrows, Circulation Strikes (1837-1891)
Two years ago, Gerry Fortin's set of Liberty Seated Dimes was roughly 50% complete. On May 7, 2005, Gerry completed this set with the addition of an 1871-CC Dime in EF-45. Along the way he raised the GPA to an amazing 59.34. This is a huge set (122 coins), full of rarities and coins that simply don't exist in high grade. Gerry's accomplishment is simply incredible, yet we suspect he isn't done yet. You impressed all three of the judges, Gerry. Keep up the good work!

Michael Jacobson, M.D. (Quarter Eagle Proof) - Liberty Head $2-1/2 Gold, Proof (1859-1907)
Dr. Jacobson has taken on the daunting task of building sets of Liberty Head Proof gold coins in all denominations. He now has seven of the Quarter Eagles with a GPA of 63.57. He's still got a long way to go, but we're impressed that he's even trying because these are very rare and valuable coins.

JP Chandler - Gold Eagles $5, Circulation Strikes (1986-present)
In the past year, Jim's set leapt from 9th to 1st position in this category. It is now 100% complete and he only needs to upgrade three coin to achieve a perfect score. All but four of his coins are MS-70 and he modestly calls most of his coins "Beautiful." We agree.

Best of the Registry Certificate Winners of 2005

(#1 set in each category with at least 65% completion, 6/30/05 10:00pm EST)

U.S. Sets
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Duckor Collection Barber Series Complete Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916)
Dr. and Mrs. Steven L. Duckor Collection Barber Series Complete Set with Varieties and 1894-S 10C, Circulation Strikes (1892-1916)
Jimmy & Eileen Austin Carson City Complete Set, Circulation Strikes (1870-1893)
The Kutasi Collection 20th Century Gold Series, Circulation Strikes (1907-1933)
JMS Coins Mint Set Only Finest Collectors Mint Set, Circulation Strikes (1970-2000)
Kevin Michaels' Type Set Copper, Nickel and Silver Type Coin Set (1792-1964)
High Desert Gold Type Set (1795-1933)
Rodger Mayes Gold Type Set, Circulation Strikes (12 Piece)
Flyingcougar's MS Types Basic U.S. Coin Design Set, No Gold (1792-present)
The Waccabuc Collection: Basic Type with Gold