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Early Dollars Die Variety Set by Bolender & Bowers/Borckardt, Circulation Strikes (1794-1803)

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In 1950 Milford H. Bolender published The United States Silver Dollars from 1794 to 1803, a reference book based on his own specialized collection of Bust dollars. He described and illustrated each variety known to him at the time and assigned (B) numbers to each coin. The book was extensively revised by noted collector, Jules Reiver, in 1988. A second reference book, Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States: A Complete Encyclopedia, Vol. One, authored in 1993 by Q. David Bowers and Mark Borckardt corrected and updated the Bolender book. Each known variety was assigned a (BB) number.

This set requires coins which have been assigned both B and BB numbers through the PCGS Variety Attribution Service. Completion of this set would constitute a monumental achievement for the advanced collector.

Notes: Silver plugs can be used in this set and receive 2 bonus points.

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1 Hesselgesser Collection 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 83.47% 51.00 R 51.65 40.12
2 derf21 91.74% 25.93 26.06 22.53

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1 derf21 91.74% 25.93 26.06 22.53