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1839 Mint Set with Gold

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1839 was a transitional year for the Half Dollar, with both the Capped Bust (Reeded Edge) type as well as the new Liberty Seated type being struck this year. The latter featured two slightly different designs, both with, and without drapery behind Miss Liberty's left arm. In its second year of operation, the New Orleans Mint struck Half Dimes and Dimes of the Liberty Seated Type, while the Half Dollars were of the older Capped Bust design. On the cents, a variety of different transitional heads between the older Coronet and new Braided hair design were tried. While none of the Copper or Silver issues of 1839 are major rarities, the 1839-O and the No Drapery half are condition rarities in the upper MS grades. The gold for 1839 features both mintmark rarities as well as a rare design type. Four Quarter Eagles were struck; in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Charlotte and Dahlonega and three Half Eagles were struck in all mints but New Orleans. As would be the case for the twenty years or so, the "C" and "D" mint issues were struck in limited quantities, and are today both in high demand and costly. The Eagle appeared with two distinctly different obverse head styles, the earlier "Type of 1838" being coveted today by type collectors as well as series collectors. Needless to say, high grade examples are rare, and command a mid six-figure price.

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1 Louis Eliasberg 94.74% 58.72 R 58.72 53.38
2 J.J. Pittman 89.47% 47.81 R 47.81 42.74
3 Cool Coins 63.16% 47.09 47.09 24.97

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1 Cool Coins 63.16% 47.09 47.09 24.97