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1805 Mint Set

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The 1805 Mint Set is unusually complete for the period. During its first 35 years or so, the Mint struck denominations as bullion was available and as they were needed. Consequently, many gaps exist in the early years making a full six piece set (Half Cent through Half Dollar) rather unusual. The 1805 set contains both copper pieces (Cent and Half Cent) as well as four silver denominations (Half Dime, Dime, Quarter and Half.) In addition to being full representative of the period, all of the 1805s are fairly common dates. The Half Dime in higher grades gets very tough, and Mint State pieces are basically unavailable. But a nice VFs remain affordable and would fit nicely in a set. For a comprehensive mint set illustrating the era, this would be an excellent choice.

Notes: This set has bonuses. Please see the Set Composition for a listing.

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Set Rating
1 Louis Eliasberg 100.00% 61.73 R 62.09 62.09
2 Waldo Newcomer 100.00% 55.00 R 55.00 55.00
3 J.J. Pittman 100.00% 47.73 R 47.91 47.91
4 Garrett Collection 100.00% 46.82 R 46.82 46.82
5 The Norweb Family 100.00% 41.45 R 41.45 41.45

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1 lostmountainman 66.67% 9.83 9.83 05.36
2 JDF YN 16.67% 35.00 35.00 03.18
3 MG13 33.33% 6.50 6.50 02.36