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The Davis Family Endroll Toned Franklin Half Collection - 137th

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About This Set: I recently decided that I was going to take on the challenge of completing a set of nothing but end roll toned Franklins. All of the coins are going to have the distinct folds visable. None of the coins are going to just have single side toning. They will have the folds.

The Davis Family Endroll Toned Franklin Half Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1948 86651 1948 50C MS64FL 4158 3334 48833696
1948-D 1948-D 50C
1949 1949 50C
1949-D 86654 1949-D 50C MS64FL 3080 903 3645976
The first endroller I ever bought. The coin has nice original brown toning with some hints of purple.
1949-S 50C
1950 86656 1950 50C MS65FL 1347 344 1653358
Awesome endroll toner that is white on the obverse and has the most spectacular toning you can probably find for the date on the reverse. The reverse is covered in orange, neon green, turquois, red, and yellow.There is a very distinct triangle where a fold would have been. The coin is very clean with only 3 very faint hits on Ben's cheek. There are also no major hits on the reverse and the coin has outstanding luster. The tenth coin Frank never saw.
1950-D 1950-D 50C
1951 1951 50C
1951-D 1951-D 50C
1951-S 50C
1952 86661 1952 50C MS64FL 2396 1725 37772289
This coin has a motly white obverse but there is a slight rainbow along the top part of the rim. The reverse is darkly toned but once you get it in the light you can see green, blue, red, yellow and pink toning.
1952-D 1952-D 50C
1952-S 1952-S 50C
1953 1953 50C
1953-D 1953-D 50C
1953-S 6666 1953-S 50C MS64 3492 6938 35056965
1954-D 1954-D 50C
1954-S 6669 1954-S 50C MS64 4781 5630 68096836
Gorgeous obverse endroll toner. The obverse is covered in mostly green and pink but does have two splotches of purple. There is a distinct fold pattern when looked on with indirect lighting. The obverse is very clean with minimal hits and a small scratch on Ben''s jacket. The reverse is blast white and has quite a few hits. The coin has great luster.
1955 86670 1955 50C MS65FL 1676 239 3264374
1956 1956 50C
1957 6672 1957 50C MS64 2400 3204 33204500
An awesome reverse toned endroll. The reverse is completely toned in teal, orange and pinks throughout. There is a strong fold pattern.
1957-D 50C
1958 1958 50C
1958-D 1958-D 50C
1959 6676 1959 50C MS64 3443 1175 65622401
A very tough coin to find toned. The example has a white obverse with slight hazing. The reverse is toned in neon green and pink toning. You can see a little of the green and pink in the pics but in hand the coin is completely covered in those colors. A gorgeous example for the date and an endroller to boot
1959-D 1959-D 50C
1960 1960 50C
1960-D 6679 1960-D 50C MS64 2600 558 71281196
This coin has green, yellow, orange and pink toning on the obverse. The reverse is white but does have a few spots under the bell.
1961 1961 50C
1961-D 1961-D 50C
1962 6682 1962 50C MS65 1059 57 129687
This coin has a blast white obverse and an orange, purple and pink reverse.
1962-D 1962-D 50C
1963 6684 1963 50C MS64 14069 3770 147403969
1963-D 86685 1963-D 50C MS64FL 4609 1194 145143123