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City by the Bay Set - 318th

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About This Set: Began putting this set together in August 2002

City by the Bay Set

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1964 6800 1964 50C PR66 2778 10032 439315938
1965 SMS 86845 1965 50C SP66CA 362 193 3621126
1966 SMS 86846 1966 50C SP66CA 482 337 4921845
1967 SMS 86847 1967 50C SP67CA 623 59 627214
1968-S 96804 1968-S 50C PR68DC 1113 398 1114675
1969-S 96805 1969-S 50C PR68DC 1488 651 14881229
1970-S 96806 1970-S 50C PR68DC 842 267 842685
1971-S 6807 1971-S 50C PR67 515 853 5412081
1972-S 96808 1972-S 50C PR68DC 732 743 7321076
Very deep mirrors, cameo really stands out
1973-S 96809 1973-S 50C PR68DC 139 7883 1397942
1974-S 96810 1974-S 50C PR68DC 187 10064 18710102
1976-S CLAD 96811 1976-S 50C PR68DC 346 21210 34621279
Very watery mirrors
1976-S SILVER 1976-S 50C
1977-S 1977-S 50C
1978-S 1978-S 50C
1979-S 1979-S 50C
1980-S 1980-S 50C
1981-S 1981-S 50C
1982-S 1982-S 50C
1983-S 1983-S 50C
1984-S 1984-S 50C
1985-S 1985-S 50C
1986-S 1986-S 50C
1987-S 1987-S 50C
1988-S 1988-S 50C
1989-S 1989-S 50C
1990-S 1990-S 50C
1991-S 1991-S 50C
1992-S 1992-S 50C
1992-S SILVER 96834 1992-S 50C PR69DC 5368 832 5372832
1993-S 1993-S 50C
1993-S SILVER 1993-S 50C
1994-S 1994-S 50C
1994-S SILVER 1994-S 50C
1995-S 1995-S 50C
1995-S SILVER 1995-S 50C
1996-S 1996-S 50C
1996-S SILVER 1996-S 50C
1997-S 1997-S 50C
1997-S SILVER 1997-S 50C
1998-S 1998-S 50C
1998-S SILVER 1998-S 50C
1999-S 1999-S 50C
1999-S SILVER 1999-S 50C
2000-S SILVER 2000-S 50C
2001-S 2001-S 50C
2001-S SILVER 2001-S 50C
2002-S 2002-S 50C
2002-S SILVER 2002-S 50C
2003-S 2003-S 50C
2003-S SILVER 2003-S 50C
2004-S 2004-S 50C
2004-S SILVER 2004-S 50C
2005-S 2005-S 50C
2005-S SILVER 2005-S 50C
2006-S 2006-S 50C
2006-S SILVER 2006-S 50C
2007-S 2007-S 50C
2007-S SILVER 2007-S 50C
2008-S 2008-S 50C
2008-S SILVER 2008-S 50C
2009-S 2009-S 50C
2009-S SILVER 2009-S 50C
2010-S 2010-S 50C
2010-S SILVER 2010-S 50C
2011-S 2011-S 50C
2011-S SILVER 2011-S 50C
2012-S 2012-S 50C
2012-S SILVER 2012-S 50C
2013-S 2013-S 50C
2013-S SILVER 2013-S 50C
2014-P SILVER 530169 2014-P 50C PR68DC 35 714 818231
2014-S CLAD 2014-S 50C
2014-S SILVER 2014-S 50C
2014-W SILVER 530174 2014-W 50C PR69 534 274 14766947
2014-W GOLD 2014-W 50C
2015-S 2015-S 50C
2015-S SILVER 2015-S 50C
2016-S 2016-S 50C
2016-S SILVER 2016-S 50C