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tcmitssr - what a hoot! - 11th

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About This Set: What a hoot! A low ball registry set for classic commems, huh? What the heck, I'll add my pride and joy, top 15 classic commem typeset and take last place.

tcmitssr - what a hoot!

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Lower Comments
ISABELLA 25C 9220 1893 25C
ALABAMA 50C 9225 1921 50C MS65 453 154 9343525
ALBANY 50C 9227 1936 50C MS67 183 21 1834821
This is it! Rainbow toning, kissing the coin like rain drops on both sides in Christmas colors along with orange and blue hues. Tab toning as well on the obverse.
ANTIETAM 50C 9229 1937 50C MS67+ 24 20 244957
The first Pop 1 in Secure Plus, how much better can it get? This is a monster rainbow coin on both sides. Say the color or hue that you'd like to see on a coin and it is on this one.
BAY BRIDGE 50C 9254 1936-S 50C MS66 906 249 9065173
This is the atypical Bay Bridge that is attractively toned with a "taste" of multiple and subtle rainbow shades. It is a rainbow and looking at it is my pot of gold.
BOONE 50C 9262 1935/34 50C MS66+ 10 70 11119492
Attractive gold rim toning on both sides. Sharper strike than one normally sees on this issue.
BOOKER T WASHINGTON 50C 9404 1946 50C MS67 96 13 73632602
Think of a peach melba colored B.T.W. with one of the strongest strikes on what is considered as a "weak strike issue," and you have this beauty.
BRIDGEPORT 50C 9279 1936 50C MS66 777 112 7774380
Warren Mills sought me out at a coin show and said "you need to buy this coin." Is there anything more I can add about this coin, after that? Just this, talk about original skin and a subtle toning that kisses the coin all over it.
CALIFORNIA 50C 9281 1925-S 50C MS66 396 154 3964888
I bought this from David Hall. It is an amazingly toned coin that is spot toned in shades of blue and gold on both sides.
CINCINNATI 50C 9284 1936-D 50C MS66 349 80 5834325
Attractive rim toning on both the obverse and reverse that hits every color of the rainbow. Unlike many Cincinnati's, this does not have the "faded silver" appearance that so many have, not from dipping but the conditions under which they were struck.
CLEVELAND 50C 9288 1936 50C MS66+ 29 87 297878
This is a "darker" coin but with good reason. How many toners do you see that are purple, blue, green and the deepest gold possible on both the obverse and reverse? There are a select few of 66+ Clevelands and there is no doubt why this is one of that small handful.
COLUMBIA 50C 9291 1936 50C MS66 497 111 16634517
An original rattler that was purposely set with the reverse on the front of the coin. It has monster toning, of all colors, on both sides but the reverse has tab toning as well. Orange, red, blue, violet...and the tree is green.
COLUMBIAN 50C 9296 1892 50C MS66 274 73 48913284
The boldest rim toning, on both sides, that I have ever seen on this issue or many commems ever, for that matter. Pick your color because they are all available on this coin.
CONNECTICUT 50C 9299 1935 50C MS66 589 137 5894107
Subtle toning accompanied by the most original of skins that you'll ever see on a coin.
DELAWARE 50C 9301 1936 50C MS67 128 20 1284485
My Delaware has one of the sharpest strikes that I have ever seen on a Delaware. It is "kissed" with toning on both sides of gold, green and blue.
ELGIN 50C 9303 1936 50C MS67 213 42 2135898
This is a complete monster. Every possible color on a coin is on this one and on both sides. It's breathtaking when you first see it as the intensity of the colors strike you. One of the sharpest strikes for an Elgin as well.
GETTYSBURG 50C 9305 1936 50C MS66 729 159 7294874
Like the Battle of Gettysburg, this coin's monster toning reflects what happened during the days of the battle. Deep blood reds on the shields are balanced by the gentle grass green hues on most of the coin.
GRANT 50C 9307 1922 50C MS65 167 54 9804392
One of Larry Shepherd's former finest! Rainbow rim toning on both sides of a Grant with Star is incredible to behold. Only the slightest of bag marks at 1 P.M. on the obverse, kept this from an MS67 as Larry said...and he's right. When I've shown it to professional graders at shows, their response has always been along the lines of "wow!"
HAWAIIAN 50C 9309 1928 50C MS65 539 135 5392180
This is the atypical toned Hawaiian. It is not the "nausea yellow" common to the coin. Rather it is more lemon toned but with the addition of the colors of Christmas, spread throughout on each side. How many Hawaiians have you seen that are contain both red and green apparent to the naked eye?
HUDSON 50C 9312 1935 50C MS65 730 329 7302221
A great Hudson that is a 66 in a 65 holder. Reds, greens and blue water and a blue moon are the highlights of this classic.
HUGUENOT 50C 9314 1924 50C MS66 401 96 4013823
Superb toned issue. Not a monster but still a "wow" coin. The rims on both sides will remind you of a rainbow.
IOWA 50C 9316 1946 50C MS67 865 146 8658900
Now this is a monster rainbow! Pick your color and you will find it, frequently on both sides of this coin. On the rim of the obverse they merge into what might be considered as a psychedelic mix of colors. The strong strike, not usually found on an Iowa, is a bonus with this one.
LEXINGTON 50C 9318 1925 50C MS66 398 61 3984890
How many genuinely toned Lexington commems have you ever seen? This is a combo toned issue, on both sides, of blue, green and gold.
LINCOLN 50C 9320 1918 50C MS66+ 29 138 296363
A great Lincoln. The first Secure Plus MS66+ that was awarded. Perhaps the sharpest strike I've ever seen on a Lincoln commem and is coupled with subdued, almost mellow, yet complex toning.
LONG ISLAND 50C 9322 1936 50C MS66 512 117 5125864
Red, yellow, green, blue, gold and violet are the colors you will find on both sides of this coin. Thank you Warren Mills! Some of them are vibrant while others, like the green and violet, are more subtle. It has a strong strike which is the "topping off" of this coin.
LYNCHBURG 50C 9324 1936 50C MS66+ 39 120 394063
One of less than a handful of Secure Plus MS66+ Lynchburgs. Streak gold and red toning predominate the obverse while gold toning dominates the reverse. Outstanding strike on an issue that usually lacks it as well.
MAINE 50C 9326 1920 50C MS66 440 78 4403359
Toned in shades of copper on both sides, my Maine is a coin that has impressed multiple dealers who have made me an offer for it when I was only showing it to them. Anyone who thinks that one color only toning isn't enough, should see this to appreciate just how special the various hues and shadings of a single color can impress you.
MARYLAND 50C 9328 1934 50C MS66 621 87 6214308
A darker toned coin that almost looks more copper all over but also reflects hues of every color of the rainbow as a result.
MISSOURI 50C 9331 1921 50C MS65+ 4 42 134054
Another of the first pop 1's in Secure Plus MS65+ that was awarded for a very special and limited issue. Lovely, subtle toning on both sides of the coin.
MONROE 50C 9333 1923-S 50C MS65 490 135 4903669
Toned Monroes are special. This coin has some gold at the rims of the obverse and gobs of blue, gold and red on the reverse. It''s a slightly better strike than normal for this issue and the luster is strong. Once again, Whitlow took good care of me.
NEW ROCHELLE 50C 9335 1938 50C MS66+ 32 246 324260
A striking purchase from Larry Shepherd. Pick the color you want to see and you will find it on this coin. A grader at a national show, first looked under his microscope and immediately stopped. He took his glasses off and said "incredible, where did you get this?" When I answered him, he said "I'm not surprised in the least!" It's like looking at a flower garden on both sides of a coin.
NORFOLK 50C 9337 1936 50C MS67 1117 261 11173784
Ever so slight rays of sunlight gold illuminate both sides of the coin.
OREGON 50C 9347 1937-D 50C MS68 52 5 17332224
This is it! The sun is golden yellow. The Indian's skin is red. The sky is blue. The grass is green. The wagon hints of attractive tan as it's natural fabrics at that time would have toned, themselves, over time and sun exposure.
PANAMA PACIFIC 50C 9357 1915-S 50C MS66+ 19 106 193340
Iridescent or luminescent colors, take your pick, throughout the coin and on both sides. There isn't a primary or secondary color that you won't find on this coin. How many MS66+'s of this issue exist in the pop reports? Not many, I can say for certain.
PILGRIM 50C 9359 1920 50C MS66 408 79 7138263
Dual sides rim colors from a rainbow.
RHODE ISLAND 50C 9365 1936-S 50C MS66 253 49 13167396
Think of a Christmas tree and you have this Rhode Island. Multitudes of shades of red and green are dispersed throughout the coin on each side.
ROANOKE 50C 9367 1937 50C MS66+ 32 431 325862
This is another incredible low pop MS66+ in that from 2 o'clock to 8 o'clock this coin is the most gorgeous metallic blue that one can imagine and on both sides.
ROBINSON 50C 9369 1936 50C MS66 491 119 4914232
Bright white, solid strike and bold luster says it all about this coin.
SAN DIEGO 50C 9372 1936-D 50C MS66 839 141 253015605
This San Diego has any color you want and in any place you want, anywhere on the coin. It has an unusual pattern of a multitude of colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple.
SESQUI 50C 9374 1926 50C MS65 349 26 3494876
Wisps of lemon yellow gently kiss this coin on each side. As the issue goes, it is a better strike than most as well.
SPANISH TRAIL 50C 9376 1935 50C MS67 148 18 1483474
Imagine a Secure Plus MS 67 Spanish Trail that has every color of the rainbow, in a subtle manner, on both the obverse and the reverse. When you do that, you've just been introduced to this coin.
STONE MOUNTAIN 50C 9378 1925 50C MS66 988 329 98810708
This is a lightly gold toned obverse DDO issue. The reverse is white and natural. Special thanks once again, to Jon Rosenthal, for thinking of me when he saw this gem.
TEXAS 50C 9387 1936-D 50C MS67 381 41 200626309
Have you ever seen a Texas where the star is almost completely gold in color? Well, let me show you mine! You're tempted to think it might be bimetallic when you first see it. The reverse is rim toned gold to complement the "gold star" that stands out on the obverse.
VANCOUVER 50C 9399 1925 50C MS66 370 97 3702914
Subtle shades of toning in luminescent colors predominate this coin. Upgrade from the MS65 that it began encapsulated life.
VERMONT 50C 9401 1927 50C MS65 1004 573 10043090
Various shades of gold predominate both sides. They go from pastle yellow through the strongest and brightest of golds. Equally as impressive are the strike and luster.
WASHINGTON CARVER 50C 9434 1952 50C MS66+ 44 27 15820461
Another rather MS66+ in a rarer date Washington-Carver that has it all. Golden and orange over half of each side, the strike is all there as well.
WISCONSIN 50C 9447 1936 50C MS67 501 89 5015747
This comes from a rattler holder that has the most subtle golden wisps of toning on both sides. At the same time, it is a very strong strike for an issue known for die marks, etc.
YORK 50C 9449 1936 50C MS67 587 59 5875419
A very nice golden circle encompasses the circumference of both sides of this coin.
LAFAYETTE $1 9222 1900 $1 MS65 294 117 2943328