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History of Nickels - 5th

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About This Set: Nickel type set depicting historical events involving the minting of five cent nickels since 1866. 1866 and 1883 was the first and last year for minting of Shield nickels. With the 1883 Liberty Head type 2 produced to note “Cents” on the back, the 1883 was the only year that three types of nickels were minted in one year - discounting the debatable legality of minting of the 1913 Liberty Head. 1913 saw the Buffalo nickel type 1 and 2, where the type two addressed protection of the date from wear. It is unfortunate that PCGS does not require a pre-World War II nickel, or this set would have the 1938 Jefferson nickel included, but that just does not get the points that a PR70 DCAM does.

History of Nickels

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Shield Nickel, Rays (1866-1867) 83817 1866 5C PR66CA 35 4 14913
First year of issue for the five cent nickel, designed by James B. Longacre. Obverse: Horizontal lines of shield clearly defined, vertical lines have slight flatness towards the center which seems to be normal among most early shield nickels. Otherwise, this is a perfect proof shield nickel that reflects its grade (CAC).
Shield Nickel, No Rays (1867-1883) 83838 1883 5C PR67CA 10 1 39133
Liberty Head Nickel, No "CENTS" (1883) 3841 1883 5C MS67 33 1 692
First year of issue for the Liberty nickel, designed by Charles E. Barber (or George T. Morgan as I am more inclined to believe given Mr. Barber's lack of artistic talent). With full left corn and full stars, this coin has full details as described in Q. David Bowers book, "A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels." Excellent luster with nearly mirror prooflike fields on both sides.
Liberty Nickel (1883-1913) 83881 1883 5C PR66+ CA 3 5 437881
Well struck and beautiful example of the Type 2 Liberty nickel, struck the same year as the Type 1 to prevent further counter fitting of the Type 1 as a five dollar gold piece.
Buffalo Nickel, Type 1 (1913) 3915 1913 5C MS67 528 88 672109
First year of issue for the Buffalo nickel, designed by the artist James E. Fraser who studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens at the turn of the century. A nicely struck coin with almost full details. Excellent luster front and back with a hint of light blue toning.
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938) 3921 1913 5C MS67 24 5 4786502
Jefferson Nickel (1938-2003) 94239 2003-S 5C PR70DC 971 12107
Last year of issue for the Jefferson nickel as designed by Felix Schlag (after alterations ordered by the Federal Fine Arts Commission were made).
Jefferson Nickel, Wartime (1942-1945) 84026 1945-D 5C MS67FS 95 23 3532399
Last year of issue for the World War II Jefferson nickel with mintmark above the dome of Monticello.
Westward Journey Nickel (2004-2005) 94242 2005-S 5C PR70DC 1294 4470
Last year of issue for the Westward Journey Nickel series. The Buffalo here is certainly not as artistic as was Fraser's Buffalo on the original Buffalo Nickel, but it is nice to see a change, which is what was represented in the Western Nickel series.
Return to Monticello Nickel (2006-present) 407262 2009-S 5C PR70DC 506 6470


Great coins, great photos, excellent presentation and well thought out set to boot.

Posted @ 8/24/2009 6:16 PM By MWoodsCollection