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Sarah Michelle's Collection - 318th

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About This Set: Sarah has recieved from family members and friends coins from all countries. And became
very interested in collecting with the advent of States Quarters. She has chosen the
registry for value stability, over all the other coins she has collected. She hopes to continue
with this set and others in the future.

Sarah Michelle's Collection

Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1999-S Delaware 96042 1999-S 25C PR69DC 5044 346 5044346
1999-S Delaware Silver 96043 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7230 297 7230297
1999-S Pennsylvania 96044 1999-S 25C PR69DC 5051 434 5051434
1999-S Pennsylvania Silver 913000 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7344 357 7344357
1999-S New Jersey 913001 1999-S 25C PR69DC 5052 427 5052427
1999-S New Jersey Silver 913002 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7282 336 7282336
1999-S Georgia 913003 1999-S 25C PR69DC 5028 531 5028531
1999-S Georgia Silver 913004 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7440 512 7440512
1999-S Connecticut 913005 1999-S 25C PR69DC 5052 680 5052680
1999-S Connecticut Silver 913006 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7367 469 7367469
2000-S Massachusetts 913007 2000-S 25C PR69DC 5807 453 5807453
2000-S Massachusetts Silver 913008 2000-S 25C PR69DC 8056 419 8056419
2000-S Maryland 913009 2000-S 25C PR69DC 5690 462 5690462
2000-S Maryland Silver 913010 2000-S 25C PR69DC 8015 478 8015478
2000-S South Carolina 913011 2000-S 25C PR69DC 5868 462 5868462
2000-S South Carolina Silver 913012 2000-S 25C PR69DC 7995 396 7995396
2000-S New Hampshire 913013 2000-S 25C PR69DC 5742 488 5742488
2000-S New Hampshire Silver 913014 2000-S 25C PR69DC 7829 338 7829338
2000-S Virginia 913015 2000-S 25C PR69DC 5745 447 5745447
2000-S Virginia Silver 913016 2000-S 25C PR69DC 7976 404 7976404
2001-S New York 913017 2001-S 25C PR69DC 4662 432 4662432
2001-S New York Silver 913018 2001-S 25C PR69DC 7008 598 7008598
2001-S North Carolina 913019 2001-S 25C PR69DC 4691 435 4691435
2001-S North Carolina Silver 913020 2001-S 25C PR69DC 6963 617 6963617
2001-S Rhode Island 913021 2001-S 25C PR69DC 4539 411 4539411
2001-S Rhode Island Silver 913022 2001-S 25C PR69DC 7018 533 7018533
2001-S Vermont 913023 2001-S 25C PR69DC 4471 595 4471595
2001-S Vermont Silver 913024 2001-S 25C PR69DC 6910 832 6910832
2001-S Kentucky 913025 2001-S 25C PR69DC 4668 461 4668461
2001-S Kentucky Silver 913026 2001-S 25C PR69DC 6957 669 6957669
2002-S Tennessee 2002-S 25C
2002-S Tennessee Silver 2002-S 25C
2002-S Ohio 2002-S 25C
2002-S Ohio Silver 2002-S 25C
2002-S Louisiana 2002-S 25C
2002-S Louisiana Silver 2002-S 25C
2002-S Indiana 2002-S 25C
2002-S Indiana Silver 2002-S 25C
2002-S Mississippi 2002-S 25C
2002-S Mississippi Silver 2002-S 25C
2003-S Illinois 2003-S 25C
2003-S Illinois Silver 2003-S 25C
2003-S Alabama 2003-S 25C
2003-S Alabama Silver 2003-S 25C
2003-S Maine 2003-S 25C
2003-S Maine Silver 2003-S 25C
2003-S Missouri 2003-S 25C
2003-S Missouri Silver 2003-S 25C
2003-S Arkansas 2003-S 25C
2003-S Arkansas Silver 2003-S 25C
2004-S Michigan 2004-S 25C
2004-S Michigan Silver 2004-S 25C
2004-S Florida 2004-S 25C
2004-S Florida Silver 2004-S 25C
2004-S Texas 2004-S 25C
2004-S Texas Silver 2004-S 25C
2004-S Iowa 2004-S 25C
2004-S Iowa Silver 2004-S 25C
2004-S Wisconsin 2004-S 25C
2004-S Wisconsin Silver 2004-S 25C
2005-S California 2005-S 25C
2005-S California Silver 2005-S 25C
2005-S Minnesota 2005-S 25C
2005-S Minnesota Silver 2005-S 25C
2005-S Oregon 2005-S 25C
2005-S Oregon Silver 2005-S 25C
2005-S Kansas 2005-S 25C
2005-S Kansas Silver 2005-S 25C
2005-S West Virginia 2005-S 25C
2005-S West Virginia Silver 2005-S 25C
2006-S Nevada 2006-S 25C
2006-S Nevada Silver 2006-S 25C
2006-S Nebraska 2006-S 25C
2006-S Nebraska Silver 2006-S 25C
2006-S Colorado 2006-S 25C
2006-S Colorado Silver 2006-S 25C
2006-S North Dakota 2006-S 25C
2006-S North Dakota Silver 2006-S 25C
2006-S South Dakota 2006-S 25C
2006-S South Dakota Silver 2006-S 25C
2007-S Montana 2007-S 25C
2007-S Montana Silver 2007-S 25C
2007-S Washington 2007-S 25C
2007-S Washington Silver 2007-S 25C
2007-S Idaho 2007-S 25C
2007-S Idaho Silver 2007-S 25C
2007-S Wyoming 2007-S 25C
2007-S Wyoming Silver 2007-S 25C
2007-S Utah 2007-S 25C
2007-S Utah Silver 2007-S 25C
2008-S Oklahoma 2008-S 25C
2008-S Oklahoma Silver 2008-S 25C
2008-S New Mexico 2008-S 25C
2008-S New Mexico Silver 2008-S 25C
2008-S Arizona 2008-S 25C
2008-S Arizona Silver 2008-S 25C
2008-S Alaska 2008-S 25C
2008-S Alaska Silver 2008-S 25C
2008-S Hawaii 2008-S 25C
2008-S Hawaii Silver 2008-S 25C