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tonyhar - 199th

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Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1965 SMS 5997 1965 25C SP67 729 86 729135
Self Submitted Coin.
1966 SMS 5998 1966 25C SP65 103 1208 1031437
Self Submitted Coin.
1967 SMS 5999 1967 25C SP67 852 123 852540
Self Submitted Coin.
1968-S 1968-S 25C
1969-S 1969-S 25C
1970-S 1970-S 25C
1971-S 1971-S 25C
1972-S 1972-S 25C
1973-S 1973-S 25C
1974-S 1974-S 25C
1976-S CLAD 1976-S 25C
1976-S SILVER 1976-S 25C
1977-S 1977-S 25C
1978-S 1978-S 25C
1979-S 1979-S 25C
1980-S 1980-S 25C
1981-S 1981-S 25C
1982-S 1982-S 25C
1983-S 1983-S 25C
1984-S 1984-S 25C
1985-S 1985-S 25C
1986-S 1986-S 25C
1987-S 1987-S 25C
1988-S 1988-S 25C
1989-S 1989-S 25C
1990-S 1990-S 25C
1991-S 1991-S 25C
1992-S 1992-S 25C
1992-S SILVER 1992-S 25C
1993-S 96030 1993-S 25C PR68DC 31 4564 314565
1993-S SILVER 1993-S 25C
1994-S 96032 1994-S 25C PR69DC 3545 588 3545588
1994-S SILVER 1994-S 25C
1995-S 1995-S 25C
1995-S SILVER 1995-S 25C
1996-S 96036 1996-S 25C PR69DC 3432 489 3432489
Bought on Ebay from Curt Stover
1996-S SILVER 96037 1996-S 25C PR69DC 3439 351 3439351
1997-S 1997-S 25C
1997-S SILVER 1997-S 25C
1998-S 1998-S 25C
1998-S SILVER 1998-S 25C