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schdy2greenbelt - 16th

2010 YN
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About This Set: Years after watching the fun my dad has from his silver classic commemorative set, I wanted to start a set of my own. This is the culmination of my efforts although I continue to seek PQ upgrades where appropriate. I do not purchase already slabbed coins. Instead, I get 3 or 4 raw coins. I grade them and submit the one I believe will receive the highest grade. My ultimate goal is that I remain the highest ranking Young Numismatist for this set in the world! Most importantly, this set is dedicated to my parents, particularly my mom who has courageously fought breast cancer.


Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1997 99754 1997 $10 MS69 811 28 81128
Solid and strong luster for an uncirculated platinum. How can anyone not love this series?
1998 9765 1998 $10 MS69 871 8 8718
I'm barely 19 but I already know how much of a significant investment against a falling dollar can be found in owning exquisite coins in precious metals. This coin rocks with detail.
1999 9773 1999 $10 MS69 1281 8 12818
I've seldom encountered such a strong, vibrant, strike on a coin as on this one.
2000 9779 2000 $10 MS69 1510 15 151015
Neither myself or my dad can find a flaw in this coin through 10x. I've never submitted a coin for a regrade before but I am, seriously, considering it for this one. It's that good!
2001 9786 2001 $10 MS69 1569 21 156921
This is a lovely coin. It's one of those rare ones that even under 20x, you can't see a flaw. Alas, it has to settle for being an MS69PQ in my estimation.
2002 9794 2002 $10 MS69 5529 54 552954
As a YN, the price of a purchased MS70 is beyond my means. I'm happy to own a great MS69 like this that most collectors would never be able to figure out why it isn't in an MS70 holder.
2003 21100 2003 $10 MS69 4983 55 498355
This will, forever, have a place in my heart. It's my first uncirculated platinum that I purchased for my collection. Sweet! I hope, someday, to hand it down to my children.
2004 21104 2004 $10 MS69 4133 76 413376
What can I say that hasn't already been said? Superb luster, color, strike; you name it and this issue possesses it.
2005 21108 2005 $10 MS69 340 37 2706177
I was so sure this was an MS70! It is, I believe, perfection but I'm very happy to consider it as an MS69PQ in my numismatic book. I know platinum doesn't tone but this one appears to be starting to do so.
2006 821116 2006 $10 MS69 1510 121 3037230
Everytime I look at platinum eagles, in any denomination, I can't help but think that they are the most underappreciate series by today's modern collectors. Superb strikes, great frosts, and a metal that insures value for decades to come.
2006-W 21125 2006-W $10 SP69 228 142 762408
Looking at this coin, I see why I, finally, fell in love with coin collecting as it goes beyond luster to sheer brillance when you look at it. A strike that looks like Superman made it only brings this home more in my opinion.
2007 146922 2007 $10 MS69 1153 221 1781241
This is a strong candidate for a regrade. Through 20x, I do not see a flaw nor does anyone else who looks at it.
2007-W 150433 2007-W $10 SP69 222 431 660664
For an uncirculated coin, the luster from this is strong enough to cause you to blink.
2008 393105 2008 $10 MS69 111 43 1983441
Got a First Strike here and it's one of the best MS69's I've ever seen based on every important numismatic criteria.
2008-W 393079 2008-W $10 SP70 67 0 5330
Finally, my first perfect MS70 First Strike coin! Perfection in platinum is truly something to behold. I've had so many raw plats submitted before that I thought were MS 70 but turned out to be MS 69 that I refused to get my hopes up this time. Yet, as I examined it with a 20x loupe, I could not see a flaw. My hopes were raised again and this time came true!