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Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1968-S 1C 1968-S 1C
1968-S 5C 1968-S 5C
1968-S 10C 85244 1968-S 10C PR67CA 47 198 491119
1968-S 25C 1968-S 25C
1968-S 50C 1968-S 50C
1969-S 1C 1969-S 1C
1969-S 5C 1969-S 5C
1969-S 10C 1969-S 10C
1969-S 25C 1969-S 25C
1969-S 50C 1969-S 50C
1970-S 1C 1970-S 1C
1970-S 5C 1970-S 5C
1970-S 10C 95247 1970-S 10C PR69DC 216 0 2160
1970-S 25C 1970-S 25C
1970-S 50C 1970-S 50C
1971-S 1C 1971-S 1C
1971-S 5C 1971-S 5C
1971-S 10C 1971-S 10C
1971-S 25C 1971-S 25C
1971-S 50C 1971-S 50C
1971-S S$1 Silver 1971-S $1
1972-S 1C 1972-S 1C
1972-S 5C 1972-S 5C
1972-S 10C 95250 1972-S 10C PR69DC 567 0 5670
1972-S 25C 1972-S 25C
1972-S 50C 1972-S 50C
1972-S S$1 Silver 1972-S $1
1973-S 1C 1973-S 1C
1973-S 5C 1973-S 5C
1973-S 10C 95251 1973-S 10C PR69DC 3256 44 325644
1973-S 25C 1973-S 25C
1973-S 50C 1973-S 50C
1973-S $1 Clad 1973-S $1
1973-S S$1 Silver 1973-S $1
1974-S 1C 1974-S 1C
1974-S 5C 1974-S 5C
1974-S 10C 95252 1974-S 10C PR69DC 5660 126 5660130
1974-S 25C 1974-S 25C
1974-S 50C 1974-S 50C
1974-S $1 Clad 1974-S $1
1974-S S$1 Silver 1974-S $1
1975-S 1C 1975-S 1C
1975-S 5C 94208 1975-S 5C PR69DC 8167 39 816739
1975-S 10C 95253 1975-S 10C PR69DC 5926 145 5929147
1976-S 1C 1976-S 1C
1976-S 5C 1976-S 5C
1976-S 10C 95255 1976-S 10C PR70DC 366 0 3660
1976-S 25C Clad 1976-S 25C
1976-S 25C Silver 1976-S 25C
1976-S 50C Clad 96811 1976-S 50C PR69DC 21076 134 21076135
1976-S 50C Silver 1976-S 50C
1976-S $1 Clad 1976-S $1
1976-S S$1 Silver 1976-S $1
1977-S 1C 1977-S 1C
1977-S 5C 1977-S 5C
1977-S 10C 1977-S 10C
1977-S 25C 1977-S 25C
1977-S 50C 1977-S 50C
1977-S $1 1977-S $1
1978-S 1C 1978-S 1C
1978-S 5C 1978-S 5C
1978-S 10C 95257 1978-S 10C PR70DC 1158 0 11580
1978-S 25C 1978-S 25C
1978-S 50C 1978-S 50C
1978-S $1 1978-S $1
1979-S 1C 1979-S 1C
1979-S 5C 1979-S 5C
1979-S 10C 95259 1979-S 10C PR70DC 871 0 21560
1979-S 25C 1979-S 25C
1979-S 50C 1979-S 50C
1979-S SBA$1 1979-S SBA$1
1980-S 1C 1980-S 1C
1980-S 5C 1980-S 5C
1980-S 10C 95260 1980-S 10C PR70DC 891 0 8910
1980-S 25C 1980-S 25C
1980-S 50C 1980-S 50C
1980-S SBA$1 1980-S SBA$1
1981-S 1C 93467 1981-S 1C PR68DC 244 3554 6963857
1981-S 5C 94215 1981-S 5C PR68DC 214 9309 46411552
1981-S 10C 95261 1981-S 10C PR70DC 885 0 10250
1981-S 25C 1981-S 25C
1981-S 50C 96821 1981-S 50C PR68DC 341 12683 73215203
1981-S SBA$1 1981-S SBA$1
1982-S 1C 1982-S 1C
1982-S 5C 1982-S 5C
1982-S 10C 95263 1982-S 10C PR70DC 558 0 5580
1982-S 25C 1982-S 25C
1982-S 50C 1982-S 50C
1983-S 1C 1983-S 1C
1983-S 5C 1983-S 5C
1983-S 10C 95264 1983-S 10C PR70DC 768 0 7680
1983-S 25C 1983-S 25C
1983-S 50C 1983-S 50C
1984-S 1C 1984-S 1C
1984-S 5C 94219 1984-S 5C PR69DC 4791 168 4791168
1984-S 10C 95266 1984-S 10C PR70DC 579 0 5790
1984-S 25C 1984-S 25C
1984-S 50C 1984-S 50C
1985-S 1C 1985-S 1C
1985-S 5C 1985-S 5C
1985-S 10C 95267 1985-S 10C PR70DC 504 0 5040
1985-S 25C 1985-S 25C
1985-S 50C 1985-S 50C
1986-S 1C 1986-S 1C
1986-S 5C 1986-S 5C
1986-S 10C 95268 1986-S 10C PR70DC 513 0 5130
1986-S 25C 1986-S 25C
1986-S 50C 1986-S 50C
1987-S 1C 1987-S 1C
1987-S 5C 1987-S 5C
1987-S 10C 95269 1987-S 10C PR70DC 499 0 4990
1987-S 25C 1987-S 25C
1987-S 50C 1987-S 50C
1988-S 1C 93491 1988-S 1C PR69DC 4342 261 4342261
1988-S 5C 1988-S 5C
1988-S 10C 95270 1988-S 10C PR70DC 551 0 5510
1988-S 25C 1988-S 25C
1988-S 50C 1988-S 50C
1989-S 1C 1989-S 1C
1989-S 5C 1989-S 5C
1989-S 10C 95271 1989-S 10C PR70DC 517 0 5170
1989-S 25C 1989-S 25C
1989-S 50C 1989-S 50C
1990-S 1C 1990-S 1C
1990-S 5C 1990-S 5C
1990-S 10C 95272 1990-S 10C PR70DC 702 0 7020
1990-S 25C 1990-S 25C
1990-S 50C 1990-S 50C
1991-S 1C 1991-S 1C
1991-S 5C 1991-S 5C
1991-S 10C 95273 1991-S 10C PR70DC 716 0 7160
1991-S 25C 1991-S 25C
1991-S 50C 1991-S 50C
1992-S 1C 1992-S 1C
1992-S 5C 1992-S 5C
1992-S 10C 95274 1992-S 10C PR69DC 3186 715 3186715
1992-S 10C Silver 95275 1992-S 10C PR70DC 748 0 7480
1992-S 25C 1992-S 25C
1992-S 25C Silver 1992-S 25C
1992-S 50C 1992-S 50C
1992-S 50C Silver 1992-S 50C
1993-S 1C 1993-S 1C
1993-S 5C 94228 1993-S 5C PR69DC 6606 608 6606608
1993-S 10C 95276 1993-S 10C PR69DC 3131 677 3131677
1993-S 10C Silver 95280 1993-S 10C PR70DC 393 0 3930
1993-S 25C 96030 1993-S 25C PR69DC 3958 606 3958606
1993-S 25C Silver 1993-S 25C
1993-S 50C 1993-S 50C
1993-S 50C Silver 1993-S 50C
1994-S 1C 1994-S 1C
1994-S 5C 94229 1994-S 5C PR69DC 6198 576 6198576
1994-S 10C 95277 1994-S 10C PR70DC 719 0 7190
1994-S 10C Silver 95278 1994-S 10C PR69DC 3174 300 3174300
1994-S 25C 96032 1994-S 25C PR69DC 3568 600 3568600
1994-S 25C Silver 1994-S 25C
1994-S 50C 1994-S 50C
1994-S 50C Silver 1994-S 50C
1995-S 1C 1995-S 1C
1995-S 5C 1995-S 5C
1995-S 10C 95279 1995-S 10C PR69DC 3049 665 3049665
1995-S 10C Silver 95281 1995-S 10C PR70DC 300 0 3000
1995-S 25C 96034 1995-S 25C PR69DC 3422 587 3434588
1995-S 25C Silver 1995-S 25C
1995-S 50C 1995-S 50C
1995-S 50C Silver 1995-S 50C
1996-S 1C 1996-S 1C
1996-S 5C 1996-S 5C
1996-S 10C 95282 1996-S 10C PR69DC 2820 533 2820533
1996-S 10C Silver 95283 1996-S 10C PR70DC 341 0 3410
1996-S 25C 1996-S 25C
1996-S 25C Silver 1996-S 25C
1996-S 50C 1996-S 50C
1996-S 50C Silver 1996-S 50C
1997-S 1C 1997-S 1C
1997-S 5C 1997-S 5C
1997-S 10C 95284 1997-S 10C PR69DC 2853 577 2853577
1997-S 10C Silver 95285 1997-S 10C PR70DC 398 0 3980
1997-S 25C 1997-S 25C
1997-S 25C Silver 1997-S 25C
1997-S 50C 1997-S 50C
1997-S 50C Silver 1997-S 50C
1998-S 1C 1998-S 1C
1998-S 5C 1998-S 5C
1998-S 10C 95286 1998-S 10C PR69DC 2936 441 2936441
1998-S 10C Silver 95287 1998-S 10C PR70DC 456 0 4560
1998-S 25C 1998-S 25C
1998-S 25C Silver 1998-S 25C
1998-S 50C 1998-S 50C
1998-S 50C Silver 1998-S 50C