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The Good Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1793 Liberty Cap Half Cent, Head Facing Left 1793 1/2C
1794 Liberty Cap Half Cent, Head Facing Right 1794 1/2C
1800 Draped Bust Half Cent 1800 1/2C
1809 Classic Head Half Cent 1/2C
1840 Braided Hair Half Cent 1/2C
1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent, Chain Reverse 1793 Chain 1C
1793 Flowing Hair Large Cent, Wreath Reverse 1793 Wreath 1C
1793 Liberty Cap Large Cent 1793 1C
1796 Draped Bust Large Cent 1796 1C
1808 Classic Head Large Cent 1808 1C
1816 Matron Head Large Cent 1816 1C
1839 Braided Hair Large Cent 1839 1C
1856 Flying Eagle Cent 1856 1C
1859 Indian Cent, Laurel Wreath Reverse 1859 1C
1860 Indian Cent, Copper Nickel 1860 1C
1864 Indian Cent, Bronze 1C
1909 Lincoln Cent, V.D.B. Reverse 2425 1909 VDB 1C MS65RD 6005 2792 96363115
1909 VDB Lincoln Cent MS65RD { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2009) Brilliant red mint-fresh luster and satiny fields adorn both sides of this first year Lincoln Cent which includes the designer's initials on the reverse at 6 o'clock. Public outcry derided the "imposing" initials, and they were removed quickly, and most initial year coins do not contain them.
1909 Lincoln Cent, Wheat Ears Reverse 2429 1909 1C MS64BN 201 78 30587124
1909 Lincoln Cent MS64BN { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2013) Public outcry about the size of the designer's initials on the reverse being 'too imposing' had them removed for the remainder of this first year, the centennial anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. This coin has years of that old copper penny patina, but still manages to maintain a solid mint state status.
1943 Lincoln, Steel 2711 1943 1C MS67 1670 51 5885330
1943 Lincoln Steel Cent MS67 { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2005) This gem cent is a nice high-end clean mint-state Philly-steel (for the type collection). A pleasing mint-state patina has muted the mint-fresh shiny surfaces.
1959 Lincoln Cent, Memorial Reverse 3386 1959 1C PR67RD 492 69 877783
1959 Lincoln Memorial Cent PR67RD { PCGS-3 } (Sep'1985) Shimmering copper surfaces give this penny an interesting look. After 50 years of production, the wheat adorned reverse is replaced appropriately by the Lincoln Memorial.
2009 Lincoln Cent, Bicentennial series 407889 2009-S 1C PR69DC 6271 374 265581647
2009-S Lincoln-Bicentennial Cent PR69RD DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2013) On the one hundred year anniversary of the Lincoln Cent, this penny pays homage to Lincoln in his formative years, a one-year design with target toning on a young Lincoln reading between chores.
2010 Lincoln Cent, Shield Reverse 416682 2010-S 1C PR69DC 4608 344 4629344
2010-S Lincoln Shield Cent PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2013) Extreme mint-fresh copper-red tone-free color is amplified by the near-perfect multiply reflective mirrors on this first-year design change to the penny.
1864 Two Cents 3577 1864 2C MS64RB 1117 427 20201299
1864 Two Cent Large Motto MS64RB { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2005) Just the faintest glimmer of red on this mostly brown two-pence, complete with the motto "In God We Trust". This was the first coin to bear this motto.
1865 Three Cent Nickel 1865 3CN
1851 Three Cent Silver, Variety 1 3CS
1854 Three Cent Silver, Variety 2 1854 3CS
1859 Three Cent Silver, Variety 3 1859 3CS
1866 Shield Nickel, With Rays 5C
1867 Shield Nickel, No Rays 5C
1883 Liberty Nickel, No Cents 3841 1883 5C MS65 1614 531 2024795
1883 Liberty Head Nickel No CENTS MS65 { PCGS-2 } (Mar'2009) Nice luster on this OGH gem compliments a strike which is solid on this first-year issue original variety sans "CENTS". Some unscrupulous entrepreneurs took to gold-plating these coins and then using them to buy a couple cents worth of merchandise, hoping to get nearly $5 in change. This was the only US coin to be minted without a denomination, a situation which was quickly remedied.
1883 Liberty Nickel, With Cents 3844 1883 5C MS64 429 256 775627
1883 Liberty Head Nickel With CENTS MS64 { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2009) This first year design modification has nice luster, no serious marks, and a die-break through the upper stars on the obverse. "CENTS" was added when con-men gold plated the No Cents variety with gold and tried to pass them off as half eagles.
1913 Buffalo Nickel, Raised Mound 3915 1913 5C MS64 4162 6407 63638655
1913 Buffalo Nickel Type 1 MS64 { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) A solid strike has good details on both sides, a full horn and clear definition of the buffalo's tail. This variety, with the buffalo standing on the mound was the initial design, found to be lacking in that the denomination as feared to be the first thing to wear off, and so the second variety was introduced this same year to provide it better protection. This is the most common of the two varieties (from all mints). The reverse also has a thirty degree die rotation.
1913 Buffalo Nickel, Five Cents in Recess 3921 1913 5C MS64 1247 897 21091610
1913 Buffalo Nickel Type 2 MS64 { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) There are some attractive underlying toning visible on both sides, including rose, gold, cobalt blue and emerald green. There is also considerable luster from the reverse, which is also rotated about twenty degrees. The design change occurred later in the year, making this the rarer of the the two types from all three mints.
1938 Jefferson Nickel 4001 1938-D 5C MS65 956 2349 39205670
1938-D Jefferson Nickel MS65 { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2013) Pleasing nickel color blankets both sides of this first-year mid-year replacement of the popular Buffalo Nickel. Jefferson was the third American/Statesman to be honored on regular issue coinage of the United States.
1942 Jefferson, Wartime Composition 4180 1942-P 5C PR64 992 3970 158212606
1942-P Jefferson Nickel Type 2 PR64 { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) Mid-year, the composition of the nickel was changed to reduce the copper content and eliminate the zinc content and add silver in support of the war effort during WWII. This coin has nice surfaces, clean reflective fields and plenty of luster.
2004 Jefferson Nickel, Westward Journey Reverse series 94241 2004-S 5C PR69DC 13935 999 279112014
2004-S Jefferson Nickel Keel Boat PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2009) Great strike with deeply reflective mirrors and very highly frosted devices features a keel boat from the Lewis & Clark Expedition on the reverse.
2006 Jefferson Nickel, Return to Monticello 94246 2006-S 5C PR69DC 7544 735 7888735
2006-S Jefferson Nickel "Return to Monticello" PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2007) An interesting front profile of our third president is shown on the nickel, and the reverse resumes with his home Monticello after a two year hiatus. The mirrors are nearly flawless.
1794 Flowing Hair Half Dime 1794 H10C
1796 Draped Bust Half Dime, Small Eagle Reverse H10C
1800 Draped Bust Half Dime, Heraldic Eagle Reverse 1800 H10C
1829 Capped Bust Half Dime 1829 H10C
1837 Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars 1837 H10C
1838 Liberty Seated Half Dime, Stars Obverse No Drapery 4317 1838 H10C MS63 89 215 100227
1838 Half Dime No Drapery MS63 { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2005) With somewhat mottled "old-silver" patina, this tiny silver piece has a decent strike and a slight die rotation. Martin Van Buren was president when this piece was issued.
1840 Liberty Seated Half Dime, Stars Obverse With Drapery H10C
1853 Liberty Seated Half Dime, Arrows at Date H10C
1860 Liberty Seated Half Dime, Legend on Obverse H10C
1796 Draped Bust Dime, Small Eagle 1796 10C
1798 Draped Bust Dime, Heraldic Eagle 10C
1809 Capped Bust Dime, Wide Border 1809 10C
1828 Capped Bust Dime, Beaded Border 1828 10C
1837 Liberty Seated Dime, No Stars 1837 10C
1838 Liberty Seated Dime, Obverse Stars No Drapery 1838 10C
1840 Liberty Seated Dime, Obverse Stars With Drapery 4578 1840 10C
1853 Liberty Seated Dime, Arrows at Date 10C
1860 Liberty Seated Dime, Legend on Obverse 10C
1873 Liberty Seated Dime, Arrows at Date 10C
1892 Barber Dime 10C
1916 Mercury Dime 4905 1916 10C MS65FB 1065 614 1488869
1916 Mercury Dime MS65FB { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) This dime has an attractive old-silver patina that has maintained a considerable amount of its original mint luster. All of the horizontal and diagonal bands are boldly struck and stand out, and all of the sticks of the fasces are in sharp detail.
1946 Roosevelt Dime 85082 1946 10C MS65FB 385 587 12827284
1946 Roosevelt Dime MS65FB { PCGS-3 } Ex: Omaha Bank Hoard (Mar'2009) Nice even un-toned silver luster on this "Full Band" designated gem offers up an eye appealing first year issue. Multiple die etching lines appear on this FYI early die state obverse.
1875 Twenty Cents 20C
1796 Draped Bust Quarter, Small Eagle 1796 25C
1804 Draped Bust Quarter, Heraldic Eagle 1804 25C
1815 Capped Bust Quarter, Large Diameter 1815 25C
1831 Capped Bust Quarter, Reduced Diameter 1831 25C
1838 Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto No Drapery 1838 25C
1840 Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto With Drapery 25C
1853 Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows and Rays 25C
1854 Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows No Rays 25C
1866 Liberty Seated Quarter, With Motto 1866 25C
1873 Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows at Date 25C
1892 Barber Quarter 25C
1916 Standing Liberty Quarter, No Stars Below Eagle 1916 25C
1917 Standing Liberty Quarter, Stars Below Eagle 25C
1932 Washington Quarter 5790 1932 25C MS63 630 2203 24354378
1932 Washington Quarter MS63 { PCGS-3 } Ex: Omaha Bank Hoard (Mar'2009) Light champagne toning on both sides covers this freshman issue. This one-year issue honoring the first president became an indefinite stay.
1776-1976 Washington Quarter, Bicentennial 96008 1976-S 25C PR69DC 21803 342 41246640
1776.1976 Washington Bicentennial Silver Quarter PR69DCAM ( PCGS-3 } (Oct'2006) This special issue silver bicentennial proof quarter comes with heavily frosted devices, open shimmering fields and a great theme design on the reverse.
1999 Washington Statehood Quarter 96043 1999-S 25C PR69DC 7230 297 619434389
1999-S Delaware (DE) Washington Quarter PR69DCAM - ABA : { PCGS-3 } (Oct'2006) This well executed design uses the deep mirrors well to offset the frosted image of Caesar Rodney on horseback. Caesar was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the President of Delaware during most of the Revolutionary War. A nice example for other states to follow as Delaware, the first state to ratify the Constitution, inaugurates this series.
2009 Washington Quarter, Commemorative series 406562 2009-S 25C PR69DC 2737 658 359599629
2009-S Washington Quarter District of Columbia PR69DCAM { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) Following the ten-year "50 States Program" of Washington Quarters, the quarters continue with territories. Sharp cameo contrast on this clad dollar is quite attractive.
1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar 1794 50C
1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Small Eagle 1796 50C
1801 Draped Bust Half Dollar, Heraldic Eagle 1801 50C
1807 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Lettered Edge 1807 50C
1836 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Reeded Edge "50 CENTS" 1836 50C
1838 Capped Bust Half Dollar, Reeded Edge "HALF DOL." 50C
1839 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Drapery 1839 50C
1839 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto 1839 50C
1853 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arrows and Rays 50C
1854 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arrows No Rays 50C
1866 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, With Motto 50C
1873 Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arrows at Date 50C
1892 Barber Half Dollar 50C
1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar 50C
1948 Franklin Half Dollar 86651 1948 50C MS64FL 4158 3339 110336387
1948 Franklin Half Dollar MS64FL { PCGS-3 } Ex: Omaha Bank Hoard (Feb'2009) Very good luster shines on original surfaces, with a good strike and solid bell lines. Uniform champagne toning covers both sides.
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar 96800 1964 50C PR69DC 92 258729
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Aug'2006) First and last year of the regular issue silver JFK half-dollar; an elegant design with the hair that Jackie approved, this highly frosted coin offers superb eye appeal.
1776-1976 Kennedy Half Dollar, Bicentennial 96812 1976-S 50C PR69DC 28837 293 50201428
1776.1976 Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Sep'2006) This Bicentennial silver proof Kennedy half has impressive multiply reflective mirrors and highly frosted devices. Independence Hall graces the reverse on this one year issue.
1794 Flowing Hair Dollar 1794 $1
1795 Bust Dollar, Small Eagle Reverse 6852 1795 $1 F12 137 1237 2662695
1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 3 Leaves F12 { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2002) Uniform gun-metal gray old-silver color covers this well-used early dollar. George Washington was president when this coin was minted, and it's possible it was made from silver that he provided to the mint.
1798 Bust Dollar, Large Eagle Reverse
1836 Gobrecht Dollar 1836 $1
1840 Seated Dollar, No Motto 1840 $1
1866 Seated Dollar, With Motto 1866 $1
1873 Trade Dollar T$1
1878 Morgan Dollar 7074 1878 7TF $1 MS62 2747 8973 2329497217
1878 Morgan Dollar Reverse of 1878 MS62 { PCGS-3 } (Jun'1965) This first year issue has seven tail feathers, is brilliantly tone-free with ample mint-state luster. It was one of a group of thirty silver dollars purchased for sixty bucks back in the mid-sixties, which for an eleven year old back then was a fortune.
1921 Peace Dollar, High Relief 7356 1921 $1 MS62 2480 10510 248510572
1921 Peace Silver Dollar High Relief MS62 { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2005) This first year, high relief silver dollar, has nice color and reasonable luster; but, as the grade suggests, quite a bit of surface contact no doubt due to the high relief.
1922 Peace Dollar, Low Relief 7357 1922 $1 MS62 10934 122624 13806137720
1922 Peace Silver Dollar Low Relief MS62 { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2009) Some marks, as expected for the grade, with a bit of old-silver toning cover this piece of history. Banks didn't like the high relief dollars that didn't stack nicely, and so they came up with this to accommodate them. Unfortunately, details often turn out muted, even on mint state specimens.
1971 Eisenhower Dollar 97428 1971-S $1 PR69DC 27899 94 2832795
1971-S Eisenhower Silver Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Oct'2006) A silver Ike, framed by deep mirrors, and plenty of frost on the devices. This silver beauty was minted when Americans were still journeying to the moon and back, resulting in this reverse, which would continue to appear on our coinage years after we'd left Tranquility Base behind.
1776-1976 Eisenhower Dollar, Bicentennial 97434 1976-S $1 PR69DC 15008 11 6595481
1776.1976 Eisenhower Clad Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Oct'2006) Nice cameo-contrast covers this copper-nickel gem. Created for the bicentennial year, this one-year issue frames the time of the Liberty Bell to our just completed journey to the moon and attempts to put focus on an amazing first two hundred years of the American Experience.
1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar 99589 1979-S SBA$1 PR69DC 12887 1295 182841745
1979-S Susan B. Anthony Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2009) Highly frosted devices against highly and multiply reflective fields show-off this first-year "Suzie B". The adoption of this smaller format dollar never really caught on, and the gaming industry moved from machines that used to gobble up those larger dollars to ones that took casino-specific tokens.
2000 Sacagawea Dollar, Eagle in Flight reverse 99598 2000-S SAC$1 PR69DC 12912 731 13000731
2000-S Sacajawea Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2009) This first year highly frosted specimen with multiply reflective mirrors introduced an obscure Native American who was invaluable during the early development of this country. Hoping that perhaps this new design would stir interest in using the dollar coin, it fared about the same as the Susie B.
2007 Presidential Dollar series 148060 2007-S $1 PR69DC 7390 270 509983735
2007-S George Washington Presidential Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-3 } First Strike (Jul'2007) The first president of the United States got his image on another US coin, this time the first in the series of presidential dollars. This series is unusual for the engraved lettering on the edge that provides the date and mint mark and motto.
2009 Sacagawea Dollar, Native American reverse series 406945 2009-S $1 PR69DC 6372 952 6471952
2009-S Native American Dollar PR69DCAM { PCGS-4 } (Apr'2013) Many different denominations are getting their own "spin-offs", and along with the Lincoln Cent this very same year, the Sacajawea Dollar was revamped too, coming up with the Native American series. Like the presidential dollars, the date is on the edge. For proof coins its imparted during striking with a special hub, while business strikes have their edges etched.
1849 Liberty Gold Dollar, Type 1 7502 1849 G$1 MS65 58 17 11737
1849 Gold $1 Type One MS65 { PCGS-3 } (May'2008) This first-year transitional issue prominently shows the "L" on Liberty's neckline, for this open wreath variety. A bold strike and satiny luster characterizes this luminous and exquisite butter-yellow beauty. Surfaces show remarkable preservation from an early strike.
1854 Indian Head Gold Dollar, Small Head Type 2 7531 1854 G$1 MS65 49 21 5021
1854 Gold $1 Type Two MS65 Ex: Madison Collection { PCGS-3 } (Jan'2008) Exceptional first year issue Type 2 gold dollar with brilliant apricot-gold toning and mint-green. This gem bears a superior strike for the issue and type that has been traditionally plagued with weak central definition. The Indian's bonnet displays excellent detail, as do all the letters in DOLLAR and digits in the date, and all elements of the wreath, with just a bit of softness in the hair by the temple. The patina is simply outstanding, with vibrant luster adorning both sides. Unusual for this series, is this gem's surfaces unblemished by the typical die-clashes, indicative of a very early strike.
1856 Indian Head Gold Dollar, Large Head Type 3 G$1
1796 Turban Head $2-1/2, No Stars 7645 1796 $2.50
1796 Turban Head $2-1/2, With Stars 7647 1796 $2.50
1808 Capped Bust $2-1/2, Large Head 7660 1808 $2.50
1821 Capped Bust $2-1/2, Small Head 1821 $2.50
1829 Capped Bust $2-1/2, Small Head Reduced Diameter 1829 $2.50
1834 Classic Head $2-1/2 1834 $2.50
1840 Liberty Head $2-1/2 $2.50
1908 Indian Head $2-1/2 7939 1908 $2.50 MS66 108 5 1249
1908 Gold $2.50 Indian MS66 { PCGS-3 } (Jun'2010) First year issue with typical weak strike on the eagle's feathers, this piece shows incredibly unmarred surfaces, with just two small marks worth mentioning, one on each side. There is an outstanding strike on the Indian, with great detail in the headdress and nearly flawless face. Somewhat rare in PQ gem quality for the series, this specimen shows uniform natural gold color and attractive luster.
1854 Indian Princess $3 $3
1879 Stella $4 1879 $4
1795 Turban Head $5, Plain Eagle 1795 $5
1795 Draped Bust $5, Heraldic Eagle 8075 1795 $5
1807 Capped Bust $5, Large Head 8101 1807 $5
1813 Capped Head $5, Small Head 1813 $5
1829 Capped Head $5, Small Head Reduced Diameter 1829 $5
1834 Classic Head $5 1834 $5
1839 Liberty Head $5, No Motto $5
1866 Liberty Head $5, With Motto $5
1908 Indian Head $5 8512 1908-S $5 MS66 12 8 4717
1908-S Gold $5 Indian MS66 { PCGS-2 } (Jan'2010) Lustrous peach-gold surfaces of this OGH PQ gem are splashed with mint-green, orange, and lilac and exhibit well struck design features, including the headdress feathers. The mint mark is bold and distinct. A couple of minor rubs on the upper reverse fields (behind the neck of the eagle) probably limit the grade, but other than these the fields are pristine, and free of any marks typical on the higher raised fields.
1795 Draped Bust $10, Plain Eagle $10
1797 Draped Bust $10, Heraldic Eagle 1797 $10
1838 Liberty Head $10, No Motto Large Letters 1838 $10
1839 Liberty Head $10, No Motto Small Letters 8580 1839 $10
1866 Liberty Head $10, With Motto $10
1907 Indian Head $10, Wire Edge 8850 1907 $10
1907 Indian Head $10, Rolled Edge 8851 1907 $10
1907 Indian Head $10, No Motto 8852 1907 $10 MS66 109 41 10941
1907 Gold $10 Liberty (No Motto) MS66 { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2007) PQ Gem of this briefly produced gold type coin. The fields are exceptionally preserved, and the devices are also impressively smooth. Boldly struck aside from a hint of merging on the front talon of the back claw. The date has only a trace of strike doubling. A shimmering green-gold beauty from the first year of this attractive series. President Roosevelt opposed the inclusion of IN GOD WE TRUST, since money can be used for any purpose. Congress saw the matter differently.
1908 Indian Head $10, Motto $10
1850 Liberty Head $20, No Motto $20
1866 Liberty Head $20, With Motto "TWENTY D." $20
1877 Liberty Head $20, With Motto "TWENTY DOLLARS" $20
1907 St. Gaudens $20, High Relief 9135 1907 $20 MS62 691 2439 7632993
MCMVII (1907) Gold $20 Saint Gaudens High Relief Wire Rim MS62 { PCGS-3 } (May'2006) A couple rim dings limit the grade; but, this ever-popular piece has a nice strike and great high-relief look. The color and luster are very nice and the devices are free of any problem marks.
1907 St. Gaudens $20, No Motto Arabic Numerals $20
1908 St. Gaudens $20, With Motto Arabic Numerals $20