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The Davis Family Franklin Half Collection - 150th

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About This Set: In Memory of my good friend Frank Chiong. Frank had a great passion for Franklins and had a registry set listed at one time. He was a great friend to me that helped me in many ways while I have been assembling this set. There is no way that my set will ever have as many high grade coins as Frank's set but that did not stop him from helping me choose nicer coins for the date.

The Davis Family Franklin Half Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1948 86651 1948 50C MS64FL 4125 3319 41723347
Beautifully mint set toned Franklin. The reverse has beautiful purple and blue centers surrounded by orange and yellow rim toning.
1948-D 86652 1948-D 50C MS64FL 5167 2344 52142384
The obverse has some slight staining and streaky toning. The reverse on the other hand is entirely covered in a mix of orange, red, green and yellow toning. A very attractive coin.
1949 86653 1949 50C MS64FL 2152 1564 21931597
Beautifully toned with great luster. Purchased from Northeast Numismatics.
1949-D 86654 1949-D 50C MS64FL 3064 907 3064907
The first endroller I ever bought. The coin has nice original brown toning with some hints of purple.
1949-S 6655 1949-S 50C MS65 1818 386 18221777
Was a Christmas present from my mother. Purchased from forum member LucyBop.
1950 86656 1950 50C MS65FL 1335 348 1335348
Awesome endroll toner that is white on the obverse and has the most spectacular toning you can probably find for the date on the reverse. The reverse is covered in orange, neon green, turquois, red, and yellow.There is a very distinct triangle where a fold would have been. The coin is very clean with only 3 very faint hits on Ben's cheek. There are also no major hits on the reverse and the coin has outstanding luster. The tenth coin Frank never saw.
1950-D 86657 1950-D 50C MS64FL 2873 946 2873946
A harder to come by date with decent toningconsidering there were no mint sets issued in this year. This coin has unigue looking toning on the obverse consisting of teal, blue, greeen, orange, and purple. The reverse has a band of toning cinsisting of brown, green, yellow, purple, and blue. The coin had great luster and is pretty hit free. Seventh coin Frank never saw.
1951 86658 1951 50C MS64FL 1189 979 1193983
Very beautiful coin that was purchased from forum member mnmcoin.
1951-D 86659 1951-D 50C MS64FL 2128 1059 21281059
1951-S 6660 1951-S 50C MS65 1717 287 17321821
Gorgeous pastel toning on this coin. The obverse is covered in yellow, blues, green and pink toning. The reverse is has a light blue and pink toning on the edges. It has great luster and a gorgeous almost mark free obverse. The reverse brought down the grade on this on drastically. The ninth coin Frank never saw.
1952 86661 1952 50C MS64FL 2385 1731 23891732
This coin has a motly white obverse but there is a slight rainbow along the top part of the rim. The reverse is darkly toned but once you get it in the light you can see green, blue, red, yellow and pink toning.
1952-D 1952-D 50C
1952-S 6663 1952-S 50C MS65 1910 465 19101216
Nice original toning on this gem. Very close to FBL if not. A great coin that fits in with all of the other coins in the collection. Purchased from forum member Ronyahski.
1953 6664 1953 50C MS64 1937 792 19432676
A great mint set toner.
1953-D 1953-D 50C
1953-S 6666 1953-S 50C MS65 5819 1076 58191119
Has some very nice die polish lines in the fields on the obverse and reverse. Was purchased from LucyBop.
1954 86667 1954 50C MS64FL 3571 1624 36481661
Coin has cool newsprint toning on the obverse that only shows up at a certain angle. The reverse has beautiful gold and purple speckled toning. Was purchased from forum member Darktone.
1954-D 86668 1954-D 50C MS64FL 5308 2310 53142310
Was purchased from forum member lablover.
1954-S 6669 1954-S 50C MS65 5115 464 51303692
Spectacular mint set toner. Beautiful orange toning encircles Franklin on the obverse and all the remaining obverse is covered in purple. The reverse has a nice band of blue, green and yellow toning along the left side of the bell. The bell is encircled by purple toning. There is dripping luster also. Purchased from forum member MadMonk
1955 86670 1955 50C MS64FL 5879 1937 61632113
Very beautiful coin with orange and dark green toning intermingled among brown toning. Outstanding sunset colored reverse. Was purchased from forum member mnmcoin.
1956 6671 1956 50C MS65 2131 700 21736681
A gorgeous mint set toner in a classic doiley holder that was only used for about 5 months. The obverse has very subtle blue toning under and around Franklins bust along with peach. Above the bell there is a gorgeous blue and purple mix. Farther down it changes to a green and purple mix and then right at the very bottom of the bell it turns to completely green. A very PQ coin that will stay the way it is in the doiley holder. Purchased from forum members Anaconda and poorguy of Anaconda Rare Coins. Fifth coin Frank never saw.
1957 86672 1957 50C MS64FL 914 1290 9141290
Awesome mint set toner with a mostly yellow cnter that progresses to magneta, green, and then a purple, green and blue mix at the very edge. The reverse has a crescent of rainbow. This coin was a gift from mdwoods. Thanks for a spectacular coin, Mark. The fourth coin Frank never saw.
1957-D 86673 1957-D 50C MS65FL 2303 493 2312493
A nice mint set toner. The obverse is toned in green, purple, blue, yellow and has hint of red. The reverse is toned in light blue, orange yellow, and a hint of purple.
1958 6674 1958 50C MS65 3282 1804 32823488
Pretty blue mint set toner was a gift from forum member FC57coins for doing well on a report card. Thanks Frank.
1958-D 6675 1958-D 50C MS64 3201 2347 32019671
A great mint set toner. On the obverse there is mostly purple but there is also orange, lime green, and yellow mixed in. On the reverse there is a ring of color shifting from yellow to green then blue folloed by purple. There is a little magneta and pink also.
1959 6676 1959 50C MS64 3391 1149 34815514
A tougher date to find toned. This coin probably came out of a mint set.
1959-D 86677 1959-D 50C MS64FL 5776 2312 57762312
This coin is very strangely toned. There is mostly orange on the obverse but there is also turqoise, yellow, blue and purple present. The reverse is toned in a solid orange. A very cool coin for the date. The second coin that Frank never saw.
1960 86678 1960 50C MS64FL 4363 1107 43631107
Nice PQ coin that has dripping luster. Purchased from forum member FC57Coins.
1960-D 6679 1960-D 50C MS64 2575 551 25756058
This coin has green, yellow, orange and pink toning on the obverse. The reverse is white but does have a few spots under the bell.
1961 1961 50C
1961-D 6681 1961-D 50C MS65 818 67 8182535
This is probably the nicest toner in my entire set so far. It has gorgeous neon green toning along with lots of orange and pink on the obverse. The reverse is a light blue and purple mix. It has great luster which really sets the toning off. All in all it is a great coin that will never leave my collection. The first coin Frank never saw.
1962 6682 1962 50C MS65 984 55 9841469
This coin has a blast white obverse and an orange, purple and pink reverse.
1962-D 1962-D 50C
1963 6684 1963 50C MS64 13998 3570 139984467
1963-D 86685 1963-D 50C MS64FL 4578 1184 45781184