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About This Set: Starting with the first modern commemorative, a silver coin remembering George Washington, the father of this country, this mostly clad set offers glimpses into our history, usually as part of a two or three coin ensemble. While many of the memories in this collection pre-date our time, others are more recent. Pause and reflect a moment on the people, places, events and symbols that comprise the American Experience. Comments include the generation of PCGS holder (e.g. { PCGS-3 } is the standard blue label).
Nice references for this set include:
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[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modern_Commemoratives
[3] http://www.usmint.gov/mint_programs/?action=commemoratives

The Good Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1982-S Washington 9601 1982-S 50C PR70DC 563 0 6580
1982-S Silver Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Washington { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2008) Mintage: 4,894,044 (proof) Untoned with deeply reflective silver fields; Heavily frosted devices grace this first of the modern commemorative coins, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the birth of George Washington. Our first president is shown in uniform riding a horse. The reverse features his home at Mount Vernon and a miniature heraldic eagle just above the denomination.
1986-S Statue of Liberty 9619 1986-S 50C PR70DC 206 0 2060
1986-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Statue of Liberty { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2009) Mintage: 6,925,627 (proof) A perfect clad rendering, capturing the awe of arriving in America as an immigrant. Heavy frosting appears on the devices with excellent mirrored fields. This time capsule of reaching for the American Dream shows a side view of Liberty and back view of immigrant ship steaming into New York harbor; while, on the reverse an immigrant family stands with their belongings on the threshold of America. Early clad half dollars in this series are always rare in this grade, and this one has particularly nice mirrors.
1989-S Congress 9633 1989-S 50C PR70DC 79 0 790
1989-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Congress { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2010) Mintage: 762,198 (proof) There is great cameo contrast on this rare top-pop early date modern commemorative gem featuring the head of Thomas Crawford's Freedom statue which sits atop the Capitol dome. This is one of the tougher pieces in this series to find; although, the population has increased some since 2010. Perfect clad half dollars, especially those with expansive open fields such as this one, will probably always be rare; just as they are beautiful.
1991-S Mount Rushmore 9643 1991-S 50C PR70DC 172 0 1720
1991-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Mount Rushmore { PCGS-3 } (May'2009) Mintage: 753,257 (proof) Nice mirrors, off-setting perfectly the frosted presidential images, featuring George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
1992-S Columbus 9663 1992-S 50C PR70DC 227 0 2270
1992-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Columbus { PCGS-3 } (May'2009) Mintage: 390,154 (proof) One terrific clad, flawless surfaces, nice mirrors and great frosting on this piece honoring the quincentenary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. The reverse shows his three ships: Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.
1992-S Olympic 9921 1992-S 50C PR70DC 319 0 3190
1992-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Olympic { PCGS-3 } (Nov'2009) Mintage: 519,645 (proof) Perhaps the best design of all the non-gold Olympic coins showing the grace of female gymnastics portrayed against the American flag, effectively done with strong cameo contrast and perfect mirrors. Honoring the Games of the XXV Olympiad hosted by Barcelona, Spain, this brief Olympic series continues a precedence in U.S. commemorative coinage begun with the beginning of this series.
1993-S Madison 9669 1993-S 50C PR70DC 100 0 1000
1993-S Silver Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Madison (Bill of Rights) { PCGS-3 } (Dec'2009) Mintage: 586,315 (proof) Very sharp looking half dollar with all the shine and luster warranted by its atypical (for commemorative halves) silver planchette. This piece, honoring the Bill of Rights and its architect James Madison, has perfect mirror and frosting.
1991-95-P World War II 9675 1991-95-P 50C PR70DC 57 0 570
1991-95-P Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: World War II { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2010) Mintage: 317,396 (proof) A perfect rendering of this WWII tribute, and one of the rarer top-pop halves for the series. The World War II Half Dollar obverse depicts the faces of a solider, sailor, and airman looking upwards. A B-17 bomber flies overhead and a "V" for victory is in the background.
1994-P World Cup 9681 1994-P 50C PR70DC 21 0 210
1994-P Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: World Cup { PCGS-4 } (Feb'2014) Mintage: 609,354 (proof) This classic World Cup Design brings vivid soccer action to life using effective use of deeply contrasting frosted devices and brilliantly reflective mirrors. A simple but attractive artistic design combines a soccer ball with the American flag on the reverse. Undoubtedly, this is one of the tougher proof half dollars to find in perfect condition.
1995-S Basketball 9709 1995-S 50C PR70DC 37 0 370
1995-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Basketball { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2010) Mintage: 169,655 (proof) Great Olympic sports action piece frames the play with expansive perfect mirrors and heavily frosted devices created to remember the Games in Atlanta'96. Taking time to appreciate Olympiad XXVI, this perfect gem is one of the tougher to find in perfect condition.
1995-S Civil War 9699 1995-S 50C PR70DC 79 0 790
1995-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Civil War { PCGS-3 } (Feb'2010) Mintage: 330,099 (proof) A sombre reminder of Civil War battlefields features a drummer boy and a battlefield cannon, perfectly rendered with effective mirrors and perfectly frosted devices.
1995-S Baseball 9711 1995-S 50C PR70DC 39 0 390
1995-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Baseball { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2010) Mintage: 118,087 (proof) A competitive Olympic sports action piece depicting an umpire, catcher and batter brought to life by heavily frosted devices and created to remember the Games in Atlanta'96.
1996-S Swimming 9713 1996-S 50C PR70DC 48 0 480
1996-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Swimming { PCGS-3 } (Mar'2010) Mintage: 77,962 (proof) Effective water sports action of a heavily frosted swimmer doing the breast stroke for the XXVI Olympiad Games in Atlanta. Perfect and open mirrors grace this coin.
1996-S Soccer 9715 1996-S 50C PR70DC 47 0 470
1996-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Soccer { PCGS-3 } (Jan'2010) Mintage: 122,412 (proof) Two women soccer players are featured on this piece for the Atlanta XXVI Olympiad Summer Games. Heavily frosted devices bring the sports action to life against multiply reflective mirrors.
2001-P Captiol Visitor Ctr 99790 2001-P 50C PR69DC 1246 1 12461
2001-S Clad Half Dollar PR69DCAM: Capitol Visitor Center { PCGS-3 } (May'2005) Mintage: 77,962 (proof) Nice black mirrors, though not one of the better commemorative designs with a very wordy reverse and just one top-grade proof specimen from PCGS. Interesting concept to show the outline of the current day capitol silhouetted behind the capitol two centuries earlier; still, a very plain "token-looking" commemorative with open broad flat surfaces in both the fields and devices making that perfect coin elusive.
2003-P First Flight 921001 2003-P 50C PR70DC 110 0 1100
2003-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: First Flight { PCGS-3 } (Dec'2009) Mintage: 111,569 (proof) Sweeping perfect mirrors grace the simple but effective use of cameo devices on this tribute to the Wright Brothers. Wright Monument is located at Kill Devil Hill near Kitty Hawk, NC. This is without a doubt one of the best designs for half dollars in this series, and Flyer One really seems to come to life.
2008-S Bald Eagle 394417 2008-S 50C PR70DC 527 0 5270
2008-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Bald Eagle { PCGS-3 } (Apr'2008) Mintage: 222,577 (proof) An up close look at our national wildlife symbol realistically rendered and captured in frosted devices and black mirrors. This is one of just a few modern commemorative not to honor a person, place or event. At the heart of American symbolism, is the bald eagle... a symbol of strength and freedom.
2011-S United States Army 506165 2011-S 50C PR70DC 75 0 1160
2011-S Half Dollar PR70DCAM: US Army { PCGS-3 } (Jul'2011) Mintage: 68,349 (proof) Remembering the US Army and its history and incorporating on the reverse a design quite similar to the bicentennial quarter... still, flawless in clad.
2013-S 5 Star Generals Arnold, Bradley 517649 2013-S 50C PR70DC 18 0 470
2013-S Half Dollar PR70DCAM: 5-Star Generals Arnold/Bradley { PCGS-4 } (Mar'2014) Mintage: 47,339 (proof) Great cameo contrast breathes life into both generals, and a simple well executed reverse adds elegance and class to this clad proof issue. Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold was an American general officer holding the grades of General of the Army and later General of the Air Force (the only person to hold the 5-star rank in two different services). Arnold was a pioneer in military aviation, instructed in flight by the Wright brothers. He headed up the Army Air Corps during WWII, the predecessor to the Air Force. Omar Bradley was a US Army field commander in North Africa and Europe during WWII, commanding all ground forces invading Germany from the west. He was the fifth and last person to be promoted to General of the Army in 1950.
2014-S Baseball Hall of Fame 525646 2014-S 50C PR70DC 669 0 30380
2014-S Clad Half Dollar PR70DCAM: Baseball Hall of Fame { PCGS-4+ } (May'2014) Mintage: ? (proof) A baseball glove graces the obverse while a baseball completely encompasses the reverse in a design repeated on all three denominations for this series. The roundness of the baseball and the contoured lettering enhance the 3-D visualization of these immaculately rendered devices.
2015-S U.S. Marshals Service 539145 2015-S 50C PR70DC 22 0 1040
2016-S 100th Anniv. Nat'l Parks 598546 2016-S 50C PR70DC 123 0 1900
2016-S Silver Dollar PR70DCAM :National Park Service { PCGS-4 } (Sep'2016) Part of a 3-coin set commemorating the National Park Service.