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The Gypsy Collection - 29th

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The Gypsy Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
Liberty $20, No Motto (1850-1866) 70000 1857-S $20 MS66 135 8 19314
CAC. Spiked Shield, Variety 20A. Ex: S.S. Central America. SSCA 2796. The Central America went from being an almost-forgotten maritime disaster to an oft-told treasure tale after the discovery of the wreck -- and the golden cargo within. This Premium Gem 1857-S double eagle was one of thousands packed tightly together on the ship and bound for New York with who-knows-what eventual fate when a hurricane sank the Central America. After more than a century and a quarter, this coin and its fellows changed collector understanding of the 1857-S double eagle forever. Despite being packed for shipping, riding through two rough oceans, sinking in a hurricane, and being raised from the ocean floor, this Premium Gem has come through hardly the worse for events (and obviously with no wear). Canary-gold luster, bright and pale, deepens slightly toward the rims. A tiny mark along Liberty's chin is well within the bounds of the grade. Offered alone (no box or paperwork), but this coin and its gold-insert holder carry their own credentials. From The Richard P. Ariagno, M.D. Collection
Liberty $20, "TWENTY D." (1866-1876) $20
Liberty $20, "TWENTY DOLLARS" (1877-1907) 9039 1901 $20 MS66 4 27330
CAC. Purchased as MS65/CAC, upgraded to MS66/CAC, this elegant Gem survivor from this turn-of-the-century issue is sharply struck with vibrantly lustrous wheat-gold and mint-green surfaces and marvelous visual appeal. The portrait is especially clean, with only a handful of minuscule luster grazes away from the focal points. PCGS 4/0 (5/15)
St. Gaudens $20, High Relief (1907) 1907 $20
St. Gaudens $20, No Motto (1907-1908) 99142 1908 $20 MS66 4610 937 91871261
CAC. Short Rays obverse. Part of a remarkable hoard of No Motto 1908 double eagles that was set aside until late 1999, when the coins were certified by PCGS and successfully marketed. This butter-gold Premium Gem is splendidly preserved and has pleasing eye appeal, as usual for the Wells Fargo pedigree.
St. Gaudens $20, Motto (1908-1933) 9180 1925 $20 MS66+ 19 7 575344
CAC. The surfaces of this high-end Premium Gem are virtually pristine with no distractions visible to the naked eye. The design elements are sharply detailed in most areas, though a little softness is evident on the Capitol and lower stars. The surfaces display vibrant mint luster with outstanding eye appeal. Population: 11 in 66+, 5 finer (5/11)