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Old Chelsea Collection - 3rd

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About This Set: I am attempting to build a complete set of choice, original coins all graded PCGS XF45 and CAC approved. This won't be easy, so if you can help me please advise. I am an active buyer of all Liberty Seated Dollars and Trade Dollars in CAC approved XF40 and XF45.

Old Chelsea Collection

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1840 6926 1840 $1 XF45+ 1 179
CAC approved. Choice original PCGS XF 45+, the only one graded 45+ CAC approved. In fact this is the ONLY XF45+ for the entire 1840-1873 series!
1841 6927 1841 $1 XF45 81 229
CAC approved. A very nice XF45, sharp with light toning and considerable reflectivity.
1842 6928 1842 $1 XF45 166 378
CAC approved. A choice XF45 with smooth surfaces and rims, great original color in gray with deep gold highlights and enough mint luster for the grade. Extremely well-sruck obverse but a little typical weakness on reverse feathers.
1843 6929 1843 $1 XF45 143 307
CAC approved. I crossed this from an NGC XF45 holder. Prior owner said it was at one time NGC AU53. A "perfect" XF, totally original and choice.
1844 6930 1844 $1 XF45 42 158
CAC approved. A very choice original coin with perfect color.
1845 6931 1845 $1 XF45 60 151
CAC approved. One of the best strikes I've seen for this date with wonderful toning (the pics look a little yellow) with gray with hints of blue devices and somewhat reflective fields under rich aqua toning.
1846 6932 1846 $1 XF45 149 386
CAC approved. A really nice XF45 with beautiful irridescent old gold toning with electric blue at the peripheries over semi-prooflike surfaces and lots of luster. Prior owner cracked it from an ANACS AU55 holder and thought PCGS woud grade it at least AU50. He was disappointed but I was delighted to get this lovely girl.
1846-O 6933 1846-O $1 XF45 56 125
CAC approved. This coin was in a CAC approved NGC XF45 holder when I first saw it and I bought it because I liked it more than the CAC approved PCGS XF45 I had at that time. It easily crossed to PCGS and CAC again approved it.
1847 6934 1847 $1 XF45 148 389
CAC approved. A "perfect" XF45, stone-cold original with perfect color for an unmolested likely circulated Seated Dollar, and, I feel, worth the substantial premium I paid for it. The folks at CAC agreed when I submitted it to them.
1848 6935 1848 $1 XF45 37 127
CAC approved. What a gorgeous example of this, likely the scarcest date in the 1840's. Totally original with breath-taking color with gray/plum centers and electric blue about the peripheries.
1849 6936 1849 $1 XF45 79 251
CAC approved. I bought this because I thought it more attractive than the XF45 CAC I already owned. Plus it was less expensive.
1850 6937 1850 $1 XF45 28 142
CAC approved. Another gorgeous XF45. This coin has it all -- well struck with nearly flawless surfaces all topped by beautiful lavender/gray toning with flashes of russet luster. This is the only CAC approved XF45 for this very scarce date.
1850-O 6938 1850-O $1 XF45 30 77
CAC approved. A simply gorgeous XF45 Seated Dollar with vari-colored irridescent toning. A perfect XF.
1851 6939 1851 $1
1852 6940 1852 $1 XF45 6 28
Original and choice circulated 1852's are rare and this one seems to qualify. Sharp lustrous and very attractive with natural russet toning.
1853 6941 1853 $1 XF45 28 168
CAC approved. A very sharp strike with silvery-gray toning some cartwheel luster remaining and good eye appeal add up to a nice XF45. This was in a PCGS AU50 holder but I saw it more as a Choice XF45. It is now conservatively graded as XF45 and so nice at that level that it received CAC approval.
1854 6942 1854 $1 XF45 17 77
CAC approved. A very sharp, deeply toned coin. A very, very tough date and this one is a "keeper". The ONLY 1854 XF45 that is CAC approved.
1855 6943 1855 $1 XF45 8 83
A choice original example of this very scarce date, well struck with nice silvery gray toning with hints of green and blue over glossy fields.
1856 6944 1856 $1 XF45 16 93
A well struck, especially for this date, example with considerable cartwheel luster remaining. This is a really difficult date to find nice. I'm still looking for a more choice specimen.
1857 6945 1857 $1 XF45 13 107
CAC approved. A crust-errific original coin, well struck for this date with mostly gray toning with traces of russet. A bit of bag chatter in right obverse field hardly detracts.
1859 6946 1859 $1 XF40 20 120
CAC approved. I tried two nice original XF45's at CAC but neither passed. So I bought this one, the only XF CAC has approved for this difficult date. Choice, crusty and totally original.
1859-O 6947 1859-O $1 XF45 98 729
CAC approved. Sharp, problem free and nicely toned.
1859-S 6948 1859-S $1 XF45 43 86
CAC approved. What a gorgeous near perfect original XF45 for this scarce date that rarely comes original. OGH. Great strike and toning to die for. A "perfect" XF but for a small rim bump upper obverse, which I feared would be the usual kiss of death at CAC. The overall superb appeal overcame that obstacle.
1860 6949 1860 $1 XF45 19 157
CAC approved. Wow, what a nice original coin. Handsomely toned in grey and gold with some electric blue in the peripheries. I took this "Gem" XF plus cash in trade for my PCGS AU50 and this is clearly the better coin. CAC agreed, and this is the only XF45 that CAC has approved.
1860-O 6950 1860-O $1 XF45 117 1102
CAC approved.A perfect crusty gray original coin and clealy not from the Treasury hoard released in the early 60's. Far harder to find a choice original XF than a flashy Unc.
1861 6951 1861 $1 XF40 15 124
CAC approved. It took quite awhile to locate a choice original XF 1861, but here it is. Very sharp (could have easily graded XF45) with clean surfaces and rims and that wonderful old-time patina I love.
1862 6952 1862 $1 XF45 13 119
A choice, sharp and totally original example of this extremely difficult date to find in choice circulated grades. Glossy fields and choice original gray toning make for an attractive coin. CAC approved and the ONLY XF45 1862 CAC has approved.
1863 6953 1863 $1 XF45 21 98
CAC approved. A lovely virtually perfect XF45, totally original with excellent detail, super clean surfaces and rims and delightful gray and blue toning. In an OGH.
1864 6954 1864 $1 XF45 31 82
CAC approved. Sharp, original and problem free. A really nice example of this tough Civil War Date.
1865 6955 1865 $1 XF45 19 99
CAC approved. A really choice, original XF45. Sharp and lustrous with surfaces and rims that are mark free.
1865 DDR FS-801 416925 1865 $1
1866 Motto 6959 1866 $1 XF45 16 132
CAC approved. This is the first and only choice XF45 for this date with choice surfaces, lustrous fields and great natural toning. I paid a big premium for it but I think it's worth it.
1867 6960 1867 $1 XF45 20 119
CAC approved. Wow what a pretty coin. Well struck and problem free with incredible old toning in aqua, green, blue and russet. This is the fourth 1867 I've owned since starting this set and the only one that is choice. Hideously expensive and only time will tell if it was smart choice financially but for now I am very happy to finally conquer this surprisingly difficult date that seldom comes "decent" much less "choice" with this "Gem XF."
1868 6961 1868 $1 XF45 26 110
CAC approved. This was the ONLY XF45 that CAC had approved at the time of purchase. (I since received CAC approval on another which is in my 19th Century type set.) I first saw it at lot viewing for a Stack's auction and placed what I thought was a generous bid on the internet. But I was outbid by just a few dollars by a floor bidder who turned out to be a long-time dealer friend. He sent it to CAC and listed it on his website. I saw it and got reunited with this beauty. It cost me a few hundred extra but at least I finally brought this girl home. This coin looks even better in-hand that it does in the photos.
1868 MPD FS-301 416927 1868 $1
1869 6962 1869 $1 XF45 36 130
CAC approved. This is a really choice XF45, arguably AU50, with lively surfaces toned in light gray with iridescent blue around the peripheries. A good amount of cartwheel luster remains. I paid a huge premium but I think it was worth it.
1869 MPD & RPD FS-301 416930 1869 $1
1869 RPD FS-302 416932 1869 $1
1870 6963 1870 $1 XF45 53 211
CAC approved. Sharp, original and problem free.
1870-CC 6964 1870-CC $1 XF45 66 149
What a nice XF45! Sharp, lustrous, defect-free and great color. CAC approved and easy to see why. A real keeper.
1870-S 6965 1870-S $1
1871 6966 1871 $1 XF45 186 529
CAC approved. Another "perfect" XF45. A real keeper even though a very commOn date. A bargain. Thanks, Liz.
1871 MPD FS-301 416936 1871 $1
1871-CC 6967 1871-CC $1 XF40 23 37
A really choice XF40, lightly toned and problem free. Nicer than a PCGS XF45 I was offered the same day I bought this at $5000 more. Several dealers I showed it to suggested submitting it to PCGS for grade review, thinking it should be XF45. No such luck.
1872 6968 1872 $1 XF45 112 343
CAC approved. A very sharp original dusty gray coin with very little wear, just minor scuffing and bag chatter from light contact with other coins. Hints of gold assist the undeniable eye apppeal of this specimen.
1872-CC 6969 1872-CC $1 XF45 20 62
CAC approved. A choice and pretty example of this very difficult date. Well struck with rich original toning over glassy fields and well struck devices.
1872-S 6970 1872-S $1 XF45 40 65
CAC approved. A very difficult low mintage date to find original and problem free.
1873 Seated 6971 1873 $1 XF45 35 166
CAC approved. Very sharp and deeply toned. A choice coin. Purchased in an ANACS XF40 holder in November 2010. I liked this coin enough to send to PCGS to see if it would cross it at XF40. PCGS liked it enough to send it back to me as XF45. Wow. Then to top that off, it then received CAC approval, still the ONLY 1873 XF45 that has been CAC approved as of 07/26/15.
1873-CC Seated 6972 1873-CC $1 XF45 11 21
An unusually nice 1873-CC, sharp with good color over glossy fields and virtually no marks.