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MJB's Affordable 1793's - 10th

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About This Set: An "everyman's" (or woman's) 1793 set. I have just added the 1793 Liberty Cap large cent to complete the set (Hooray!)

MJB's Affordable 1793's

Image Item PCGS # Date Denom Grade PCGS # Pop PCGS # Pop Higher Pop Pop Higher Comments
1793 1/2C 1000 1793 1/2C PO1BN 16 508 16514
C-2. CAC cert. This coin is at least a FR02. Much of the date and all legends are visible in person, and the surfaces are rock-solid. Ex-HLRC
1793 1C Chain 1340 1793 Chain 1C FR2BN 12 93 77571
S-1 AMERI. reverse. Important variety. Excellent detail for the grade.
1793 1C Wreath 1347 1793 Wreath 1C VG8BN 36 393 54551
S-6. "Sprung Die" variety. Pretty coin. Date is stronger in person. Ex-S. A. Yancey.
1793 1C Liberty Cap 1359 1793 1C N1BN 5 105 7119
S-13. FR details. Full date and absolutely original color and rock-solid surfaces. A very SLIGHT, almost imperceivable bend kept it from grading out. Outsdanding and Scarce. The key coin of the 1793 series. Ex-David L Kahn and Shawn A. Yancey