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S mint Lincoln Memorial Cents

Description:I've seen 3 of the 8 67rd 69-s cents and pictures of a few others and have yet to see a correctly graded one. I do have a very nice 66rd. <p> Why did pcgs remove the 70-s sd from my showcase all of a sudden? huh?

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
1968-S 1C  MS67RD 2909 1968-S 1C MS67RD 59 3 Mint Set from Betty Gamble. Best of 7 ms67rds I got graded.
1970-S 1C Large Date MS67RD 2939 1970-S 1C Large Date MS67RD 40 1 Ex Close to Perfect.
1970-S 1C Small Date MS67RD1970-S 1C Small Date MS67RD 2935 1970-S 1C Small Date MS67RD 14 0 Small Date: James Sego. Nicest of 2 I have owned. Large Date: Ex Close to Perfect.
1971-S 1C  MS67RD 2947 1971-S 1C MS67RD 27 5 Ex Close to Perfect. I highly doubt any ms68s of this date exist. It is very likely a misdesignated proof.
1972-S 1C  MS67RD 2959 1972-S 1C MS67RD 24 0 Ex Action-Coins. Best of two ms67rd's I've owned.
1973-S 1C  MS66RD 2968 1973-S 1C MS66RD 207 24 Been to pcgs 3 times! Still going to try it more for ms67rd. It deserves it! Best of 14 I've got graded in 66rd.
1974-S 1C  MS67RD 2978 1974-S 1C MS67RD 24 0 Ex Close to Perfect. Nicest of 3 ms67s I have owned.