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Spencer Box 0f 20 (2)

Description:Spencer Box of 20, World Gold (Better Types By Date)

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
620161 1753-A L.D'Or Dot, 2nd Sem. MS64 1 1 France Louis D'Or, KM-513.1, Paris Mint, Scarce in mint state, this example basically a gem. Better date, one of a few with no mintage figure available.
1758MMД 2 Rbl  MS631758MMД 2 Rbl  MS63 680053 1758MMД 2 Rbl MS63 1 0 Russia, Gold 2 Rbl, a WOW! Coin. 1758-MMA, Amazing Gem and Finest Known example of the rare date 1758, mintage of only 2910 pieces. Likely one of a kind in this grade. Published in PCGS Rare Coin Market Report Article, April 2008.
630156 1763-E-IDB 5 Th MS63 1 0 German States, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, Gold 5 Thalers, Fr-714, Welter-2694. Portrait Obv, with Prancing Horse Rv. Lovely BU example, Eliasberg has a MS62. Rare in true high grade. Finest
1766 Ducat  MS61 170425 1766 Ducat MS61 1 0 German States, Nurnberg, KM#358, prooflike Gold Ducat, Finest Known, Bust of Josef II, Rv Oval Arms.
166772 1774-HG 2 Duc AU58 1 0 Transylvania, Gold 2 ducat Maria Theresa, Rv. Crowned double-headed Eagle. Rare in high grade, Finest Known.
1789-P SF 8 Esc  MS61 134806 1789-P SF 8 Esc MS61 2 0 Colombia, Gold 8 Escudos, KM-53.2, Bust of Chas III, lovely full strike and well centered example, tied for finest known. Outstanding bold strike.
1800-B 16 Fr  MS641800-B 16 Fr  MS64 882556 1800-B 16 Fr MS64 1 0 Switzerland, Helvetia Republic Gold, KM-A12, Standing Soldier with Flag and Sword, Gorgeous prooflike example. From the short lived Helvetia Republic (1798-1803) This coin is outrageously attractive. Finest Known. Published in PCGS Rare Coin Market Report, April 2008.
1821 Ducat Baeirn AU581821 Ducat Baeirn AU58 304007 1821 Ducat Baeirn AU58 1 0 German States - Bavaria Gold Ducat, Dated 1821. Fr-265; KM-710. Variety BAEIRN. (Scarcer Spelling Type) Maximilian I, 1806-1825. Head right. Reverse: Crowned arms supported by lions. Rare. PCGS graded AU-58. Ex Goldberg Sale 65, Lot # 4324, Old Green Holder, Finest.
1828 80 Fior  AU581828 80 Fior  AU581828 80 Fior  AU58 833529 1828 80 Fior AU58 1 3 Italian States, Tuscany, Gold Ottanta 80 Fiorini, Dated 1828, Scarce Two Year Type, Gorgeous Lily Design, 32.65 grams, .999 pure gold, 1.0487 troy ounce AGW, KM-C#78, Most likely finest known.
1841 Mohur Type 2 MS611841 Mohur Type 2 MS61 327916 1841 Mohur Type 2 MS61 2 1 India, Colonial British Gold Mohur Dated 1841, Type 2, An Exceptional Example, Young Victoria, Rv. Lion. Lustrous with attractive toning highlights in the legends, Only one Graded Higher.
1866-Mo 20 Peso Maximilian KM-389 AU55 521601 1866-Mo 20 Peso Maximilian KM-389 AU55 17 23 Mexico, Empire of Maximilian, Gold 20 Pesos 1866, One Year Type, Napolean installed Maximilian as head of government in Mexico, Mintage of 8,274 and many of these "Max" pieces were defaced or melted following the revolt in which Max was killed. Undergraded.
901034 nd(1876) Fuang Y-32b Gold MS63 2 2 Thailand, Gold 1/8 Baht (1 Fuang) ND (1876) Rama V FR. 26 (KM#Y32b) Uniformed bust left/Rev: The State Seal. Extremely Rare.
33284 1880 $2 AU58 31 26 Newfoundland $2 Gold, Scarcest (1880) Date, Only 2500 minted. Key Date of Series. Steinbergs Fall List, 2011, NGC AU58 listed at $4400.00.
1894-КБ 100 Lev KM-21 AU58 29760 1894-КБ 100 Lev KM-21 AU58 4 0 Bulgaria, 100 Leva Gold, FR.2, KM-21, Ferdinand I as Prince. Very difficult coin to find in any decent grade, mintage of 2500. One Year Type. Tied for Finest Known.
1896-KB Thaler Km-M13a PL621896-KB Thaler Km-M13a PL62 171920 1896-KB Thaler Km-M13a PL62 1 0 Hungary, Gold 9 Ducats / Gold Thaler, Masterpiece of Franz Joseph I, Fr-257, KM-M13A, Crowned Bust with Rv. Madonna and Child. Issued on 100th year of Hungarian Kingdom. Only 100 pieces struck. "Only found when great collections sold" was description in Eliasberg Collection, Lot 557. Published with photo in PCGS Rare Coin Market Report Article, April 2008. Cf. Heritage Sept 2011, Lot 25117 Realized $29,900, and Heritage ANA August 11, 2016, realized $35,000+.
1906 100 Lei  AU50 978076 1906 100 Lei AU50 1 19 Romania, Gold 100 lei Dated 1906, KM-40, 32.26 grams, 0.90 gold purity, .9335 oz. AGW, One Year Type, Commemorating the 40th year of reign. KM 40; Friedberg 4; S&S 65. Carol I (King, 1881-1914). Old Head of 1906 to Left, dual dates below, legends around; Rv. Young Head to Left, legends around, denomination below. Brussels mint.
1912 100 Lev Restrike PR67CA1912 100 Lev Restrike PR67CA 415457 1912 100 Lev Restrike PR67CA 40 14 Bulgaria, 100 Leva Gold Proof Restrike, Graded PR67CAM, Only 2 Graded Higher, 1000 Minted. Portrait of Ferdinand I, KM34, AGW .9334 oz. Krause catalog price(s) for this item: $1250 in VF, $1950 in EF, $3350 in UNC as of August 2011.
144643 1927-R 100 FrA No Stars MS62 3 6 Albania 100 franga, no stars, KM-11a1 (GA01), scarcer than other types. Crossed from NGC MS63 holder.
1935 100 Fr Gad-1148 MS651935 100 Fr Gad-1148 MS65 158245 1935 100 Fr Gad-1148 MS65 14 4 France, Bazor Gold 100 francs. KM-880. This is a highly sought after "BAZOR" gold, named after the designer. Impressive design and rare. Cf. Goldberg Auction 65, where a MS64 Realized $3400.
557990 (1945-46) £4 KM-34 MS61 25 19 Saudi Arabia, Gold 4 Pounds, ND (1947) "ARAMCO", KM-34, Struck at the Philadelphia Mint for a concession payment for oil to the Saudi government. Most were melted into bullion. Very popular coin and difficult to find in true mint state.