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Spencer Box 0f 20 (5)

Description:Spencer Box of 20, World Favorites Silver and Copper/Bronze

Image PCGS # Date Denom Variety Grade Pop Pop Higher Comments
164348 1710 2D Mdy MS62 1 0 Great Britain, 2D from Anne Maundy set 1710, S3599, a lovely matched 4-piece set graded by PCGS as follows: Pence MS63, Twopence MS62, Threepence AU58, Fourpence MS62. The toning on each is a similar deep bluish gray, more consistently blue on the two smaller coins, with hues of gold iridescence. Uniformly well struck and centered. Faintest tin flecks in the metal. In all, a really exceptional set worth over Spink catalogue value. From the Exeter College Collection, Finest
1762 3D S-3753 MS641762 3D S-3753 MS64 610404 1762 3D S-3753 MS64 4 0 Great Britain, Silver 3 Pence George III Portrait Head Rt., Dated 1762, First Year of Issue of this Monarch, KM#591, PCGS MS64, No 1762 Maundy Coins were issued, nor were these issued for the 1D, 2D or 4D. Finest.
610298 1773 1/4D S-3775 MS65BN 2 0 Great Britain, Geo III Farthing, 1773 MS65BN, S.3775, KM-602, A Wow! Coin, Lustrous Mint Gem, Finest Known, Unpriced in Unc in Spink!
202233 1806 1D S-3780 MS66RB 2 0 Great Britain, Penny of George III, Shorter Haired, Laur. and Dr. Bust Rt, Date Below, Britannia Rev, KM-663, S.3780, Gorgeous Red/Brown Example, Tied for Finest
1811 3 Shil S-3769 MS62 206303 1811 3 Shil S-3769 MS62 4 8 Great Britain, Silver 3 Shillings Bank Token, 1811. S.3769; ESC-408; KM-Tn4. George III. Draped and laureate bust of King in armour. Reverse: BANK TOKEN 3 SHILL. 1811 within wreath. Reflective fields with light rose and blue color, Looks Undergraded; Ex Carolina Collection.
206304 1812 3 Shil Draped MS65 1 0 Great Britain, Silver 3 Shillings Bank Token, KM-Tn4, Scarce Gem with Reflective Fields, Finest
205640 1813 18D MS65 4 1 Great Britain, Silver 18 Pence, Gem, Portrait of George III
206359 1819 Crown S-3787 LIX Edge MS64 13 4 Great Britain, George III, 1819 Silver Crown, LIX Edge, Laureate Head R., Rv. Pistrucci's St. George and the Dragon, design adopted for the King's final coinage in 1817. Fully struck with light russet toning over near flawless surfaces.
1851 4D Mdy  PL65 204248 1851 4D Mdy PL65 2 0 Great Britain, 4D Silver Maundy Victoria, MS65, Dated 1851, Young Head, Proof Like Luster with Light Toning and Color. A superb example.
1865 5 Fr Schaffhausen R-1054 MS63 887156 1865 5 Fr Schaffhausen R-1054 MS63 15 35 Switzerland, 5 Franc Shooting Thaler, Issued by Schaffhausen. Dated 1865, PCGS MS63, Original Light Golden Tone With Nearly Prooflike Fields. Dav-382; KM-XS8. Undergraded Gem with Peripheral Color. Traditionally these coins were called Swiss Shooting Thalers but in reality they are medallic issues equal to the then current silver five francs.
1877 1/2D S-3956 MS64RB1877 1/2D S-3956 MS64RB 201493 1877 1/2D S-3956 MS64RB 7 0 Great Britain, Victoria Halfpenny Dated 1877. KM#754, S3956. PCGS MS64RB. High-end for the grade and very choice. Victoria Laureate or Bun Head. Small Date, Heavy Planchet. Vibrant RED luster. Tied for Finest. cf. Heritage Auction 3010, Lot#22692 Realized $260.00, 8/2010.
1890 4D Mdy  PL651890 4D Mdy  PL65 204309 1890 4D Mdy PL65 3 1 Great Britain, Victoria Silver Maundy 4D (Groat) Dated 1890, Jubilee Head, Proof Like, Lustrous Mirror Fields, PCGS MS65 in Old Green Holder, Mintage 9087, Tied for Finest
1896 3D S-3942 MS67 204611 1896 3D S-3942 MS67 4 0 Great Britain, Victoria Silver Threepence dated 1896, S3942, Old or Veiled Head, MS67 PCGS, fully struck, almost perfect surfaces, sparkling semi-prooflike silvery luster with a hint of russet-blue peripheral toning. From the famed Guilford Courthouse Collection, Tied for Finest.
1899 4D Mdy  PL67 204324 1899 4D Mdy PL67 3 0 Great Britain, 4D from Victoria Maundy Set 1899, rich silvery golden iridescence and bluish purple peripheral color, especially on the reverse. Old or Veiled Head. Beyond GEM and Finest Graded.
1910 1/2D S-3991 MS62RB1910 1/2D S-3991 MS62RB 201855 1910 1/2D S-3991 MS62RB 1 6 Great Britain, Edward VII, Halfpenny Dated 1910, PCGS MS62RB, Fiery Red, Only One Graded Higher.
1911 Shil S-4013 PR671911 Shil S-4013 PR67 205467 1911 Shil S-4013 PR67 9 0 Great Britain, Shilling George V Dated 1911, Proof, KM#816, Mintage in proof 6007 pieces; Flashy mirrors and lovely shades of green, blue, orange, and yellow. Tied for Finest, PR67, a Condition Rarity.
1914 6D S-4014 MS641914 6D S-4014 MS641914 6D S-4014 MS64 205021 1914 6D S-4014 MS64 9 3 Great Britain, 6 Pence Dated 1914 George V, PCGS MS64, Only 1 Graded Finer.
1925 1/2D S-4057 MS64RB1925 1/2D S-4057 MS64RB 201921 1925 1/2D S-4057 MS64RB 3 1 Great Britain, George V, Halfpenny Dated 1925, PCGS MS64RB. Difficult to find nice strikes in high grade like this example. Tied for Finest.
1948 1/2D S-4115 MS65RD 142142 1948 1/2D S-4115 MS65RD 2 0 Great Britain, George VI, Halfpenny Dated 1948, PCGS MS65RD. Difficult to find nice strikes in high grade RED like this example. Finest.
1961 1D  MS65RD 163229 1961 1D MS65RD 19 0 Great Britain, Elizabeth Penny, MS65RD Gem, Tied for Finest