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1788 Connecticut Copper

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Stack's Bowers Auction The January 2013 Americana Sale Jan-2013 CAC 1788 Connecticut Copper. Miller 15.1-L.1, W-4585. Rarity-3+. Draped Bust Left. MS-62 RB (PCGS). CAC. Lustrous deep golden-tan surfaces reveal a considerable amount of satiny mint orange in the deeply recessed design areas on both sides. The strike is especially bold throughout, with full hair details on the obverse, and on the reverse at Liberty's head -- full hair and eye details present -- and at the shield where the three chevrons are sharp and complete. Second N in CONNEC broadly repunched, die clash in field before the effigy's portrait. No obverse marks worthy of comment engage the surface, but low magnification reveals a different scenario. Natural faint planchet fissures, as struck, run vertically up the effigy's portrait from the rim at 6 o'clock, and some other light fissures engage the tops of EC and the following quatrefoil. The reverse is also mark-free save for the natural planchet flaws; a notable planchet void engages the field and rim behind Liberty's head, with other light fissures across her torso vertically and near the second 8 of the date. Finer than Perkins:520, a VF specimen that was called "Low Condition Census" in its day, and on a par with the Ford:495 coin, an Uncirculated specimen, for overall sharpness and surface quality. It's not often a MInt State Connecticut copper of any die variety comes into the numismatic marketplace, much less than only CT copper of any type or variety to have received a RB color designation from PCGS and NGC. When such a specimen is brought to auction, the bidding pressure is substantial, not only from those who actually need the variety for their collection, but from those who already own a specimen and want to upgrade it in their collection. Bold bidding activity will certainly mark this coin's auction appearance.

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