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1793 Wreath Cent

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Stack's Bowers Auction The January 2013 Americana Sale Jan-2013 1793 Wreath Cent. S-9. Rarity-2. Noyes Die State A-B (intermediate die state), Breen Die State II. Vine and Bars Edge. MS-69 BN (PCGS). OGH. Die Variety: The obverse die of the Sheldon-9 variety is identifiable by having a horizontal stem to the sprig device in the field between the base of Liberty's portrait and the date. This die was also used to strike Wreath cents of the S-8 and NC.4 varieties. The reverse of this variety is known only in the S-9 pairing, and it is attributable by having a large, round bow to the ribbon at the base of the wreath.

Die State: The present example is an intermediate die state between Noyes A and B with only a single, faint crack present on the reverse bisecting the top of the letter C in AMERICA. The crack extends through the final letter A in AMERICA and the stem to the right ribbon end, and it also extends (albeit more faintly) to the border above the extreme right edge of the letter I in AMERICA. Additional die cracks on the reverse to fully define Noyes Die State B had not yet formed when this coin was struck.

Strike: Both sides are as fully struck as one could realistically expect in a Wreath cent with intricate, razor sharp definition to both Liberty's hair tresses on the obverse and the leaves, sprigs and trefoils in the reverse wreath. 

Surfaces: The level of surface preservation for this coin is just as impressive as the striking quality. Indeed, to study the study the surfaces is to study a portrait of numismatic perfection in a product of the early United States Mint. A glossy satin to semi-reflective texture mingles with dominant light sandy brown patina, although we also note remnants of original, faded orange red color in the protected areas around some of the devices, especially on the reverse along the upper left wreath. The aforementioned semi-reflective qualities are best observed when

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This coin is currently in the Set Registry inventory of HighDesert and is featured in one or more sets, including High Desert.

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Jul-2013 $481,750.00 Stack's Bowers The August 2013 Chicago ANA World's Fair of Money 4019