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G$1 1861 PCGS MS67+ CAC

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Auction The Regency Auction 39 Jul-2020 FROM THE BIGMO CIVIL WAR COLLECTION Ex. DUCKOR/AKERS There is no finer 1861 Gold dollar! No question this coin borders on MS68. It is unimaginable to us how this coin has survived 159 years in such a pristine state of preservation! The surfaces are satiny smooth and are super clean. The only thing you will find with a strong glass is some serious die clashing (Mint made). In fact it'-s wicked cool below right of the date on the reverse you can see the full letters impression of the obverse headband. A full glowing luster vividly beams from all over. Both sides are a GEM original gold/pale orange gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and every detail is powerfully struck and stands out. The eye appeal is remarkable! A common date in all grades below MS64 thanks to a mintage of 527,150, it becomes scarce in MS65 and is RARE any finer. Though both the Union and the Confederacy maintained equal sway over the Cherokee nation during the years leading up to the war, a treaty signed on October 7, 1861, by Chief John Ross officially aligned the indigenous group with the South. This provided rations and protection to the Cherokee, while only requiring them to furnish troops in the event of conflict within Native American territory. PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 2. This is the only PCGS MS67+ and it last sold for $32,900 in the 2015 ANA auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $35,000. It should be noted that a regular (NO +) PCGS CAC MS67 sold for $26,400 in October 2019. The intense quality and rarity of this coin are undisputed. This coin will be a super star in any GEM Gold dollar, Civil War, or box of 20 collection. Good luck! Cert. Number 24463221 PCGS # 7558

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This coin is currently in the Set Registry inventory of DLH and is featured in one or more sets, including D. L. Hansen. One Dollar Gold Complete. (1849-1889).

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