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1873 Indian Cent

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Stack's Bowers Auction The March 2012 Baltimore Auction Mar-2012 1873 Indian Cent. Snow-1, FS-101. Doubled LIBERTY. MS-64 BN (PCGS). Eagle Eye Photo Seal. One of the most  dramatic doubled dies of the entire series, as the fine lettering LIBERTY is entirely doubled on the headband, along with Liberty's eye and some of the feathers in her headdress. Free of any carbon specks or spots and toned with classic wood-grained texture brown with flashes of golden iridescence in the fields. The strike is bold throughout and the surfaces outstanding for this rare issue. PCGS has graded just over 150 of these in all grades, to provide an indication of just how truly rare this popular Guide Book variety is. Hence the demand when one of the finer and most desirable examples turns up, as embodied in the present coin.

Numismatic Reflections by Q. David Bowers
I have always enjoyed Indian Head cents, and this particular variety, which was first showcased to an extent in our Empire Topics magazine in the 1950s, has always been a favorite. As the population information indicates, the variety is rare in all grades. I expect there will be worldwide attention as this crosses the block. Worldwide? Yes. American coins are enthusiastically collected in all parts of the globe, just as here in America we enjoy coins of England, France, and elsewhere. Most interest is centered upon crown-sized (dollar-sized) coins in gold, but minor pieces attract many enthusiasts as well. Buyers on the far side of the world seem to have a lot of money these days -- witness the dynamic success of our auctions held in Hong Kong. Who knows, perhaps this particular 1873 will go there. I hope not, as it would be nice to keep it stateside.