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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Auction The Regency Auction XXI May 2017 May-2017 Our sister company, Legend Numismatics considers matched original proof sets to be the last frontier of numismatics. We totally agree! How many sets like this do you ever see these days? Not many for sure. EVERY coin in this set is gorgeous and has great quality. 1C TYPE 1. PCGS PR66BN. This coin not only has deep mirrors-it has crazy ORIGINAL colors. On its own this coin would spark a bidding war! We guarantee this coin will CAC. The current CU Value is $1,200. PCGS # 2345. 3CN PCGS PR66. Nicely mirrored. Light original golden brown toning. Very nice eye appeal. The current CU value is $700. PCGS # 3782. 5C PCGS PR66. Just like the 3CN, this coin has light original golden brown color. The mirrors are visibly reflective. The current CU Value is $1,275. PCGS # 3884. 10C PCGS PR67. Phenomenal everything! Deep and glass like mirrors from all over. Deeper but electric shades of navy/blue/tangerine/violet swirl on the obverse. The reverse is an even deep aqua blue. The eye appeal is bold and impressive! The current CU is $3,250. PCGS # 4783 25C PCGS PR66+ Super flashy mirrors and deep bold colors make for a neat looking coin! The mirrors are icy. Of course the colors match all the other silver coins! The current CU Value is $3,350.00. PCGS # 5587 50C PCGS PR67 CAM. Yes, this coin was CAC-and especially deserving of that lofty bean! Mega deep mirrors beam vividly from all over. The mirrors have amazing clarity, depth, and flash. A circle of bold navy/violet colors cover the peripheries like every other coin! On its own, this coin too would be fought over for its beautiful original and crazy deep flashy mirrors. The current CU is $14,500. PCGS # 86447 $1 PCGS PR67 CAM. Unbelievable quality and MONSTER eye appeal! This coin does match every silver piece in the set. The mirrors just could not be any deeper or more flashy. WOW-does Miss Liberty and the details ever stand out with thick frost and full strikes. Here is another coin that on its own would be highly fought after. The current CU Value is $28,500. PCGS # 87321 We are HUGE fans of matched original sets. We really think this set needs a good home that will keep it together. The total Collector’s Universe Value is $52,775. We can not stress enough how rare nay Matched Original toned and Cameo Proof set is from the 1880's. Once this set is sold, we doubt you will EVER see more like it again. Opportunity knocks loud here! Cert. Number 83234245 PCGS # 2345

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3884 PCGS 83234245 125 48 $1,200.00
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