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1943-S Lincoln Cent. MS-68+ (PCGS). CAC.

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Stack's Bowers Auction March 2021 U.S. Coins Auction Mar-2021 Virtually Pristine 1943-S Steel Cent Tied for Finest Graded by PCGS 1943-S Lincoln Cent. MS-68+ (PCGS). CAC. This beautiful example is nearly as made with a smooth, essentially pristine appearance. Fully struck with the lightest silvery tint to lustrous satin surfaces. Just right for a high ranked Lincoln cent collection on the PCGS Set Registry, this impressive condition rarity is also a strong candidate for a world class type set. The entry of the United States into the Second World War shifted the focus of the American economy toward the war effort. The production of Lincoln cents consumed a substantial quantity of copper, a valuable strategic metal in the production of ammunition, especially shell casings. The Treasury Department experimented with several different alternative compositions, including aluminum, plastic, pressed fiber (a material already being used in the production of coal scrip and OPA ration tokens), and even various forms of glass. Ultimately, zinc-coated steel was selected and all three mint facilities got to work coining hundreds of millions of steel cents, of which San Francisco produced the fewest at 191,550,000 pieces. Unfortunately, the two metals employed (zinc and steel) reacted with one another, especially in damp or humid environments, which caused the coins to quickly discolor, form spots of zinc corrosion, and even rust. In the end this metallic composition was only used in 1943, creating a one-year type (the famous off-metal strikings of the date notwithstanding). Today, steel cents are among the best known of all Lincoln cents and have been popular with collectors since the time of issue. While readily available in Mint State, most display the aforementioned spotting, marring what would otherwise be high quality surfaces. The 1943-S is scarcer than the 1943 and 1943-D cents in terms of total number of Mint State coins extant. This is the finest certified example of this San Francisco Mint issue that we have ever had the privilege of bringing to auction, and it is sure to fetch a strong price commensurate with its rarity and beauty. PCGS Population: 5; 0 finer. PCGS# 2717. NGC ID: 22E8. Click here for certification details from PCGS. Image with the PCGS TrueView logo is obtained from and is subject to a license agreement with Collectors Universe, Inc. and its divisions PCGS and PSA. Click here to see Coins in Motion.[“Coins]