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CHINA. Dollar, ND (1927). PCGS MS-67.

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Stack's Bowers Auction May 2022 Hong Kong World Coins Auction May-2022 Brilliant "Memento" Dollar with Cartwheeling Luster CHINA. Dollar, ND (1927). PCGS MS-67. L&M-49; K-608; KM-Y-318a.1; WS-0160. High six-pointed stars variety. Despite emanating from a somewhat common series, this example stands alone as the best example of the series, being untied with any other examples certified by PCGS. It immediately strikes one that this is no ordinary "Memento" Dollar, but rather a piece approaching the summit of beauty and RARITY. Sparkling and cartwheeling surfaces throw light in a vivid feast for the eyes that is in no danger of being interrupted by contact. Certain to be a popular lot, and perhaps set a new benchmark for the "Memento" type. Estimate: $20,000 - $40,000. Provenance: From the Kairos Collection. To view all items from the Kairos Collection, click here. Click here for certification details from PCGS. Image with the PCGS TrueView logo is obtained from and is subject to a license agreement with Collectors Universe, Inc. and its divisions PCGS and PSA. 極美車輪光開國紀念壹圓 孫中山像開國紀念壹圓銀幣。 "上六角星。 雖較常見,但仍是此系列中品相一流的作品,PCGS中無其他同分。此枚狀態超群,令人一見即為之驚嘆,絕對是非比尋常、舉世無雙的姣好品相。閃爍的車輪光幣面,悅人眼目,無任何接觸痕跡。備受歡迎的一枚,更可能刷新開國紀念幣的成交紀錄。"

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