American Liberty Gold

Obverse American Liberty Gold
Reverse American Liberty Gold

This was the first time in the mint’s 225-year history a $100 High Relief Proof Coin was struck. The coin features Lady Liberty depicted as an African American Woman wearing a star themed crown which is from the Statue of Freedom erected in 1860. This bronze statue, was designed by Thomas Crawford in 1857, stands 19 ½ feet tall, weighs a massive 15,000 pounds, and sits on top of the US Capitol building symbolizing freedom.

The mint issued this coin with following commentary, “Emblematic figures of liberty have graced American coins since the founding of the United States Mint 225 years ago. Our newest Lady Liberty is a modern rendition of this iconic figure that embodies the ideals of freedom and equality first set forth in our Declaration of Independence.”

Conceptualized by a team of four people from the US Mint, the obverse was designed by Artistic Infusion Program Artist Justin Kunz and sculpted/engraved by Medallic Artist Phebe Hemphill. Reverse was designed by Artistic Infusion Program Artist Chris T. Costello and sculpted/engraved by Medallic Artist Michael Gaudioso.

Released on April 6th, 2017, this coin was struck in 24K gold or .9999 fine gold with a face value of $100. The edge is plain which has 13 raised stars with raised lettering exhibiting “225th Anniversary” commemorating the United States Mint’s operations. High relief is created by making the diameter of the coin smaller, and thicker, which allows the design elements to be raised more than a coin struck under normal circumstances. This type of striking process produces superlative detail. This coin also won “2019 Coin of the Year Award” at the World Money Show in Berlin Germany. A total of 100,000 coins were authorized to be issued by The West Point Mint.