$50 Platinum Eagles

Obverse of 2003-W $50 Platinum Eagle
Reverse of 2003-W $50 Platinum Eagle

As a general rule (with a few exceptions), the $50 Platinum Eagles feature the lowest mintages of all the platinum denominations. This means that here are a number of dates with very low mintages, some even less than 10,000. For a small premium, a date like the 2006-W Burnished Uncirculated example has a tiny mintage of 2,577 examples. These are some of the rarest of all the modern U.S. coins. Though considered bullion coins, these low mintages will not be overlooked for long.

Proof coins may be ordered by the general public directly from the Mint, either as single coins or as a complete set of the four different denominations. Uncirculated coins are distributed by selected representatives, who then make them available to the secondary market based on the prevailing bullion value of platinum.

John M. Mercanti designed the obverse of the U.S. platinum bullion coins using the head of the Statue of Liberty. In keeping with the Mint's "American Eagles" theme, new reverses are developed each year - always with an eagle incorporated into the design.

The metal content of each denomination consists of 99.95% pure platinum.

Mintmarks appear on the reverse, but positions vary from year to year. U.S. platinum bullion coins have been struck at the following mints: Philadelphia West Point